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July 21, 2011

Kicking Cheerleaders

High Kicking Cheerleaders make many a heart flutter. The Cheerleaders seem to think it’s perfectly normal to kick and stretch exposing their tight panties for all to see. These girls would never normally let you see up their skirts, but as soon as it’s Cheerleadering time the rules all change. If you’d like to see more high kicking cheerleader photos it would be a good idea to check out Candid Copia as the site is filled with Cheerleader photos that you won’t find anywhere else on the net; every Cheerleader Fan needs to check out Candid Copia, it’s regularly updated too so if you haven’t been there for a while you should get back and see the latest never before seen Cheerleader pics.

Kicking Cheerleader - Tight White Panties

Kicking Cheerleader – Tight White Panties

High Kicking Cheerleader - Tight White Panty

High Kicking Cheerleader – Tight White Panty

Cheerleader Cartwheel Upskirt

Cheerleader Cartwheel Upskirt

Cheerleader Upskirt

Cheerleader Upskirt

Flexible Stretching Cheerleader

Flexible Stretching Cheerleader

High Kicking Cheerleader Upskirt

High Kicking Cheerleader Upskirt

Cheerleader White Panties Upskirt

Cheerleader White Panties Upskirt

Kicking Cheerleader Upskirt

Kicking Cheerleader Upskirt

College Cheerleader Kicking Upskirt (Close Up)

College Cheerleader Kicking Upskirt (Close Up)

Flexible Stretching Cheerleader in Tight Panty

Flexible Stretching Cheerleader in Tight Panty

Tight White Panty Cheer - High Kicking Cheerleader

Tight White Panty Cheer – High Kicking Cheerleader

Streching Cheerleader - She must do Yoga

Streching Cheerleader – She must do Yoga (Upskirt)


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Maxwylium Said:

Cheerleading is a strenuous sport. I remember in high school a cheerleader sat on my lap because there weren’t enough seats in the class room. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad for our school.I was wearing thick corderoy pants and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties when she fluffed her cheer skirt before she sat down.As she sat she put her hand between my legs and stared rubbing my inner thighs and grinding her cute cheerful ass against my leg, slowly at first.She gave me my first hard on and felt my penis sliding down my pants leg as it stiffen.She was smiling, was grinding my leg a little harder and by then knew I was getting anxious.She ask me to give her my left hand,so I did without hesitation,she slid my hand underneath her cheer skirt and asked me to tickle her soft fluffy blond pussy,not to fast,at first and told me I was her first.She was stroking my throbbing hard penis through my pants leg and grinding my leg with her cheer pussy like it was her favorite pony,as I continued to tickle her now moist cheer bush.The drool started running down my leg and I felt the top of my thigh, she was grinding, get wet.She was quivering on my lap and gasping for breath for about 30 seconds, it felt like an eternity, leaned back against my chest and told me I was the first one to give her an orgasm and that we should meet in the library for lunch.My hard throbbing penis agreed in her hand.She felt the drool soaking through my pants, pulled her hand from my inner thigh and put her finger in her mouth and said,”Yum,I can’t wait to finish you off in the library.I pulled my hand from underneath her cheer skirt, placed my finger in my mouth and said,”Your my first and you have the sweetest cheery pie in the world”.Class was coming to a close and lunch was next on the schedule.When she stood up I felt her taught pussy give my leg a kiss.My pant leg was soaked with her juice and my drool and I had to cover up the wet area with my book bag.Needless to say we both walked to the library, my hard penis slapping against my soaking wet pant leg.She asked,” Does it hurt to walk that way”,I replied,”No pain,no gain”.”Oooo,I’ll fix that real soon”,she said in return.When we arrived at the library,we checked in with the librarian and she was going on her break.We didn’t need a library pass while on our lunch and the librarian said,”Try not to make much noise SAT’s are being taken in the conference room right next to the library”.We both said simultaneously,”O.K.”When the librarian left the library,we both put our book bags down and as I uncovered the wet area on my pants leg,the cheerleader said,”My orgasms look very sexy on you”.My now semi erect penis was now hard again and she could see all 10 inches of it bulging though my pants leg.She asked me,”Where should we go?”I told her,” The Vice Principal was on lunch patrol for the next hour and his office is vacant” She said,”That’s kinky”.I said,”I know”.We walked over to the Vice Principals office,right next to the conference room,opened the door went inside closed and locked the door behind us.She went down on me kissing my hard penis through the wet fabric and said to me,pulling her cheer blouse up,”You can play with my perky cheer titties if you like”,grinding them against my thick cordoroys.They poked out about 1/2″ and her breasts were a very firm C cup.As I gently indulged myself she reached down my pants and pulled my penis out the top and she said ,”Well peek-a-boo”,started licking, kissing and sucking the head.She looked up at me and asked,”Do you like my lipstick all over your penis head,it’s cherry?” “Yessss”,I said. She unzipped my pants, massaged my balls with one hand ,stroked the shaft with the other and continued her oral pleasure upon headily and before I new it I was cumming in her cheerful mouth.She didn’t let up and cum was running out of her nose as she tried to swallow all of my sweet seed.I was seated on the edge of the Vice Principals desk,reached over and handed her a couple of tissues.She said,”Thank you” and blew her nose.I looked up at the clock on the wall and only 15 minutes had gone by.She said “We still have plenty of time and I want you eat my furry pussy and fuck me in my cheerful ass,I’ll bring a condom tomorrow.”I said yes mam,helped her up on the desk,she pulled her cheer skirt up and I saw a view of heaven.Her pussy was still moist from the earlier encounter spreading her legs she said,”Have some cherry pie.”Using my thumbs I spread her sweet moist lips apart and licked,kissed and sucked her sweet cheery pussy.My lower jaw was dripping from her juices flowing and she then said,”Wet your fingers and thumbs with my pussy juice and finger fuck me like a 6 pack.” I said,”But first on your stomach.”She said,”Yes sir.”I slipped a finger into her pussy and a thumb into her ass and she let out the sexiest “Oooooo” I have ever heard.I spit on her asshole and asked her,”Are you ready for my meat?”Breathing heavily she replied,”Give it to me.”I tongued her asshole until it relaxed and dilated and I stuffed the head in.She said,”Give me it all.” I spit some more on the shaft and slid it on home,my balls tickling her pussy hair as I repeatedly slammed into her sweet cheer ass.She started to gasp for breath and I was panting and sweating,her ass and pussy were quivering around my finger and my penis and she said,”I’m cumming,I’m cumming”!I said,I’m getting ready to cum too.” She said,”Don’t cum in my ass I want to wear it on my boobies”. So I pulled my penis out of her now red ass,she turned around,pulled up her cheer blouse again and her nipples were so excited they were almost glowing.She rubbed her nipples against my penis head one at a time then motor boated herself with my penis and I came and came and almost passed out from euphoria.We still had 10 minutes left on the clock and she said,”I’m going to wear your cum home”.I said I’m not going to wash my face for a week”and we both went back to the library to get our books for our last class of the day.We kissed each other the smell of me on her, the smell of her on me and I said,”Dang we smell sexy”.She said,”Yes we goo.”

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We like to do all the work for you so as you can sit back, relax and see which sites have been updating without having to go to every page to check.  Below we've got 30 updates from the best tease sites/models and softcore websites, each one of the photos is linked to the site itself where it came from in case you'd like to see more of the girls.  Remember that to keep your favorite girls posing it's well worth joining the sites whenever you can, to encourage them to keep up the good work, show them some love if there's any way you can.  If you know of any other sites/models we should be sharing here please let us know in the comment section below.  Enjoy all of the gorgeous girls below and if you'd like to see more of them uncensored just click the girl you want more of and you'll be transported to the website where we found her. 

Alisa Kiss gets naked Talia Paris poses for Playboy Belle Poses for WPL Productions British Girls Gone Bad Real Girls Gone Bad Only Tease Girls - Behind The Scenes Nikki Sims strips outdoors Nextdoor Models Mirela and Loanela on UGotItFlauntIt Madden upskirt Best list of Softcore websites and models Lilii poses for Playboy Lex Nai Lana and friends on UGotItFlauntIt Laina teases on Zishy Katie on Swimsuit Heaven Kari Sweets all green Kathryn poses in her bikini for UGotItFlauntIt Elena on UGotItFlauntIt in a wet t-shirt Ross on DownblouseLoving Girl in a nice dress teases on DownblouseLoving Demetria and Merissa - UGotItFlauntIt Carlotta Champagne Snow Raver Brooke Marks in Sheer Underwear Bailey Rayne - Playboy Bailey Knox Star Wars Anabell on UGotItFlauntIt Alone With Hazel Updates Alluring Vixens



Noelia on Gaston’s Girls – Her 2nd Video For The Site

Noelia on Gaston’s...

Have you ever been to Argentina before? It's well worth going there just to see the women, even an average girl there would be seen as hot in most other countries. That's why we're so lucky to have our friends Gaston's Girls out there approaching cute girls who've never modeled before and talking them into posing for us to enjoy. This is Noelia, she's an Argentine girl nextdoor, her facial expressions tell us that she knows she's hot and she enjoys teasing. To see more of cute blonde Noelia now on WeHatePorn just click on her image below.

Argentine cutie Noelia


Real Girls Gone

Ayia Napa Party Girls

Ayia Napa Party Girls

We're keeping you up to date with the latest hot nights out in Ayia Napa involving British party girls who are out there right now.  You can tell there's clearly a lot of fun being had out there, both for the girls and for all those watching, this new update is essential viewing for everyone fan of Real Girls Gone Bad.  To see more now on WeHatePorn just click on the smiling girl below.

Ayia Napa Party Girls



Bailey Knox Star Wars Strip Tease – Kylo Ren

Bailey Knox Star Wars St...

Bailey Knox is having fun in a Kylo Ren costume, she's a big fan of Star Wars!  If you want a chance with Bailey make sure you know your Star Wars first.  Bailey is even wearing a cute pair of Star Wars panties today, let's hope that the force will be strong enough to pull those all the way down.  This is a pretty revealing shoot from Miss Knox, at the end she is fully nude and trying her best to cover her naughty bits.  To see more of these pics now on WeHatePorn just click on cute Bailey below.
Bailey Knox Star Wars Strip Tease


Downblouse Lovi

Downblouse Loving Updates

Downblouse Loving Update...

There's currently a useful discount for anyone who would like to join the legendary Downblouse Loving website, it's half price so well worth taking advantage of if you're a fan of their girls and unique videos.  If you've never checked out their site before now is a good time, you can either stream or download the videos.  If you enjoy downblouse, upskirts, cleavage and panties then you're going to love the site.  We've got some screencaps taken from their latest videos, to see more now on WeHatePorn click on the pic below.

Downblouse Loving Updates and Discount


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