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Archive for " November, 2011 "
Los Angeles Casting Calls (2009)
November 30, 2011

Los Angeles Casting Calls (2009)

The Playboy Casting Calls are so much fun and there are 100's of them.  It's the one place where we get to see the girls who we wouldn't normally have got to see; "Only for Playboy" as they say.  These are the girls from the 2009 Los Angeles Casting Calls, there are some real beauties and cute girl nextdoors.  As usual, most of the girls walk in thinking that they'll get to keep their underwear on, but the photographer's go in with the goal of trying to find a way to get each girl completely Naked.  Which girls will give in and show us what they've got?  To get to know each of the girls and also to get an idea of what happens at each Casting Call on WeHatePorn, just click on any of the Casting Call girls below

Los Angeles Cuties
Los Angeles Casting Call Cuties
Hot Blondes Pose at the LA Casting Calls
Super Hot Blondes Pose at the Los Angeles Playboy Casting Calls
The LA Casting Call Cuties from 2009
The 2009 LA Casting Call Babes Pose for Playboy
Two Cute Amateurs Pose for Playboy
Amateurs Posting at the Playboy Casting Calls in LA
The Los Angeles Casting Calls from 2009
The LA Playboy Casting Call Cuties (2009)
A Babe arrives at the Los Angeles Casting Calls
A Total Babe Arrives at the Los Angeles Casting Calls, we can't believe our luck!!
L A Casting Call Cutie
A Cutie Agrees to Pose for Playboy at the LA Casting Call
Zooming in on Can-Can Upskirts (Close Ups)
November 28, 2011

Zooming in on Can-Can Upskirts (Close Up...

The Cancan dance is an official celebration of Upskirts and Skirt Lifting Fun.  The dancer's can show high-kicking upskirts to the crowd and the guys can gaze at the sexy view.  With every upskirt, you want to take a closer look, so let's zoom right in to each of these French girls High-Kicking Cancan Upskirts.  Feel your heart flutter as you enjoy each girl's upskirt view close up and in Hi Res.  To see more on WeHatePorn just click on either of the Upskirts below

Can-Can Upskirts
Group Can-Can Upskirt
French Dancers Upskirted
Zooming in Up the French Dancer's Skirts
CanCan and Cabaret Upskirts
November 28, 2011

CanCan and Cabaret Upskirts

When girls dance the Can-Can on stage, we often get to see tame (but nice) upskirts with big bloomer panties.  However, sometimes the Can-Can Cabaret Dancers have a surprise in store for us; skimpy panties, cameltoe and even naughty oops slips.  If you'd like to see some Can-Can Upskirts just click on the dancers below.

Can-Can Upskirt Fun from France

Actress Lacey Chabert in a Bikini – Thirst
November 26, 2011

Actress Lacey Chabert in a Bikini –...

VIDEO: Actress Lacey Chabert is well know for her role in Party of Five and on the big screen in both Lost in Space and Not Another Teen Movie.  She's a cute Mississippi girl who has always been recognized as one of the most talented of her generation.  With her being a Beauty, the film directors tend to find Sexy Moments for her to act out, like the one below from the film Thirst (2008) where she swims around in a tight yellow bikini (see video below) and then does a spot of bikini sunbathing.  If you'd like to watch the video on WeHatePorn and see the photos just click on Lacey below

Lacey Chabert in a Yellow Bikini
Cute Actress Lacey Chabert Swimming in a Yellow Bikini
Sexy Lacey Chabert in a Yellow Bikini
Lacey Chabert in a Yellow Bikini
The San Diego Casting Calls (2008)
November 25, 2011

The San Diego Casting Calls (2008)

We decided to delve into the archive of Casting Calls, back to December 2008 in San Diego.  My oh my, what a lucky day that was!!  Take a look at the nine girls below, this is one of the best Playboy Casting Calls ever.  They're all nice pretty girls, most of who were reluctant to take it all off.  As the girls were reluctant to remove their underwear, they were told that the Casting Call's were Skin 2 Win, so to stand a chance of winning they would need to show as much as possible.  This did the trick as they are a competitive bunch.  Feast your eyes on the girls below, in some cases we've been allowed to give you a sneak peek as to what happens next in the Casting Call.  Also, make sure you watch the Behind the Scenes videos, one of the girls below, Danielle, surprised everyone present in her video, you've just got to see how much she enjoyed her chance to show off to the world. To take a look at the girls and have a sneak peek on WeHatePorn just click on one of the images just below

The Girls of San Diego

The Girls of San Diego

A Sneak Peek of Ashley's Casting Call

Girls of Houston 2011 – Playboy Casting Calls
November 23, 2011

Girls of Houston 2011 – Playboy Ca...

The Houston Playboy Casting Calls have started (November 2011), so far there are four Cute Wannabe Models live on the site.  All four of the girls had wanted to be fashion models and would never do porn, however they couldn't miss the opportunity to pose for a Playboy Casting Call.  The girls have said that they will go as far as their underwear, but no further, however the Playboy Photographers are masters at making these girls feel comfortable and talking them out of their underwear.  Since it's a Special Occasion and for One Time Only, maybe the girls can be talked into revealing all rather than staying Non Nude.  Which of the four girls do you think will give in to the pressure of Playboy and reveal all?  To see more of the girls on WeHatePorn just click on one of the three images below

Playboy Houston - 4 of the Girls from the Houston Casting Call

The Girls of Houston Playboy Casting Call

Ashley agrees to reveal ALL for One Time Only

Rose from Northwest Beauties
November 22, 2011

Rose from Northwest Beauties

VIDEO: Anyone who hasn't seen one of Rose from Northwest Beauties videos is missing out.  Rose has been kind enough to allow Northwest Beauties the pleasure of making a number of videos of her.  Rose has the Modest Girl Nextdoor look, she's not the type of girl who will just rip all of her clothes off. She's a nice girl who goes to church every week, this is really daring and naughty for her, so the photographer has to take time to make her feel comfortable.  Once Rose gets into the right mood, you never know what might happen!  To watch some of one of Rose's videos on WeHatePorn just click on one of the pics just below

VIDEO: Northwest Beauties Model Rose
Rose Models for Northwest Beauties
Northwest Cutie Rose
A Beauty from the Northwest called Rose

North West Beauties

Elisabeth Hasselbeck gives us The Upskirt View as she learns to Ice Skate
November 21, 2011

Elisabeth Hasselbeck gives us The Upskir...

VIDEO: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is an American TV Presenter. Back in 2001 she was a contestant on Survivor and currently (since 2003) she is co-host of daytime talk show The View.  Here's a video for you to enjoy, Elisabeth wanted to learn how to Ice Skate, she very kindly put on a minidress and pantyhose, which was perhaps not so smart given that she was likely to be falling over.  Elisabeth does very well at the beginning, but with many hundreds of thousands of people praying that she would fall over, eventually she did, and more, she ended up doing the splits, then falling right over flat on her face and giving us a superb pantyhose upskirt view from behind.  Elisabeth certainly did give us The View, and we're not going to forget it :-) To watch the full video on WeHatePorn just click on Elisabeth below

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is about to give us The View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is learning to Ice Skate in a Minidress, White Boots and Pantyhose

Elisabeth gives us The View

Non Nude Hayden Panettiere looking Hot in a Red Bikini on the Beach
November 21, 2011

Non Nude Hayden Panettiere looking Hot i...

Say "Hello" to Hayden Panettiere's "Hello Kitty" Bikini as she catches some Sun on the beach.  This well-known Super Cute Actress isn't afraid to show off her Hot Bikini Body on the beach, much to the delight of her army of fans. To see more on WeHatePorn just click on Hayden below

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Candids

18yo Haley Poses at the Orlando Playboy Casting Call – Did she stay Non Nude?
November 20, 2011

18yo Haley Poses at the Orlando Playboy ...

18yo Haley is not the type of girl who would normally pose on the Internet, but she heard the name Playboy so she was happy to queue up and have a Casting Call in Orlando.  One of her buddies did warn her that she would be asked to remove some of her clothes, but Haley tried her best to keep them on.  Would you like to find out if the photographers managed to talk Classy Girl Haley out of her clothes?  Is she Non Nude or Naughty

Cute 18yo Blonde at the Playboy Casting Call in Orlando

Haley's Vital Stats

A Peek Inside the Only Tease Dressing Rooms
November 19, 2011

A Peek Inside the Only Tease Dressing Ro...

Sometimes the Only Tease photographers are so excited before the shoot, they just can't control themselves so they barge straight into the changing rooms and start taking pics of the girls as they get dressed and put their makeup on.  Also, after a photoshoot, sometimes they follow the girls straight back into the dressing room to at least prolong the onset of withdrawal symptoms.  Each of the girls will react in a different way, some look at bit shy and embarrassed, while others enjoy the continued attention and use it as an opportunity to show off to the camera.  To see some of the photos on WeHatePorn just click on either of the cuties below

Spying on the Only Tease Girls as they get Dressed in the Changing Rooms
Let's Spy on the Only Tease Girls as they get Dressed and Undressed
The Only Tease Girls Having Breakfast
Watch the Only Tease Girls having Breakfast and then follow them into the Dressing Rooms
Upskirts – Panties Under Pantyhose
November 17, 2011

Upskirts – Panties Under Pantyhose

Any Upskirt Fan will tell you that there are many different flavors of Upskirt.  Some Upskirt Addicts are real connoisseurs, they'll be able to tell you 30 different types of Upskirt off the top of their head; everyone has their favorites.  Today let's take a look at one type known as "Panties Under Pantyhose", the great thing about this type of Upskirt is that it appeals to Panty, Pantyhose and Upskirt fans all at the same time.  To see more of these photos on WeHatePorn just click on either of the Upskirt pics below

Pantyhose Upskirt Fun

Blonde Shows Pantyhose Upskirt

VIDEO: A Downblouse Under the Christmas Tree
November 16, 2011

VIDEO: A Downblouse Under the Christmas ...

VIDEO: Scottish Blonde Girl Georgie is setting up her Christmas tree, she's trying to find out what you're doing for Christmas, she says you'd be welcome to come around and see her on Christmas Day.  You're tempted, especially given the presents that are on display as Georgie leans forward under the tree. To see the video just click on Georgie below

Christmas Tree Downblouse Fun
Christmas Tree

Downblouse Loving

NN Galleries – Candid, Party, Drunk and Girlfriend
November 16, 2011

NN Galleries – Candid, Party, Drun...

Another 5 NN Galleries, just make a selection below to see the full gallery;  you'll find Drunk, Kissing, and Party.  There will be a lot more of these coming soon on top of all of the usual WeHatePorn features

Non Nude Lickings

Handbra Fun

Hacked Girlfriend Pics (10 Galleries)
November 15, 2011

Hacked Girlfriend Pics (10 Galleries)

There are Billions of photos in Facebook, MySpace and Emails; some of them very Sexy!  Sometimes they get hacked, below are 10 galleries full of Sexy Photos of Candid Girlfriend's that have been hacked out of one place or another.  To see any of the 10 full galleries just choose the girlfriends below and click on them, then you'll get to see the full gallery.

ExGf's Exposes

Girlfriend Downblouse

19yo Gymnast Shawn Johnson at the Pan American Games
November 14, 2011

19yo Gymnast Shawn Johnson at the Pan Am...

19yo Artistic Gymnast Shawn Johnson competes in the Pan American Games.  She won a gold medal in the 2008 Olympic Balance Beam, and she was a Floor Exercise silver medalist, in 2007 she was all around world champion.  She also recently won the eighth seacon of Dancing with the Stars.  Anyway, so you get the idea, she's very talented, one of the best at what she does, but I'm sure your just after the opportunity to gaze at her in a leotard for a bit, so just click on her photo below to get started

Gymnast Shawn Johnson
Gymnast Shawn Johnson at the Pan American Games, October 2011
Cute Girls in Photobooths Flashing
November 13, 2011

Cute Girls in Photobooths Flashing

It's becoming increasingly common to have a Photobooth at celebratory events, such as weddings, significant birthdays and anniversaries.  Groups of drunk girls head straight for them and attempt to outdo each other by going for the most daring pose, which as you'll see below often means cleavage, handbras, boobs, bums, upskirts and other fun sexy moments.  The party girls just care about doing something more crazy than their buddies, they don't realize that the operators of the machine will sometimes upload them to the net, the girls are too drunk to bother reading the small-print inside the booth.  To see more on WeHatePorn just click on either of the images below

Party Girls in Event Photobooths
Drunk Party Girls in Event Photobooths Flashing and having Fun
Pretty Blonde Students Showing off in a Photobooth
Cute Blondes having fun showing off in an Event Photobooth
GAMES: Strip Poker and Strip Blackjack
November 12, 2011

GAMES: Strip Poker and Strip Blackjack

Do you prefer of Strip Poker or Strip Blackjack?  We've just added 10 games onto WeHatePorn.com for you to enjoy, there are plenty of girls to choose from in a variety of outfits.  Do you think you're good at Poker/Blackjack?  Test your skills against the girls, but don't underestimate them, some of them will surprise you will their talent while others will end up showing you all of their talent ;-)  Just take your pick below and start playing

Play Strip Blackjack with Lynn

Strip Poker with Shea

Play Strip Poker with Jamie Lynn

Strip Blackjack with a Police Officer

Play Strip Blackjack with Penny

Strip Poker with Lynn

Strip Blackjack with Ashley

Strip Poker with Vixine

Strip Blackjack with Melanie

Halloween Blackjack

Video: Stretching Upskirt
November 11, 2011

Video: Stretching Upskirt

VIDEO: Mai is in such a rush to get her exercise done that she starts working out in front of you, despite the fact she's giving a Hot Upskirt view.  She knows that you won't mind, actually she can tell that you quite enjoy it.  To watch the video on WeHatePorn just click on Mai below

Stretching Upskirt
Stretching Upskirt Fun
Barelegsheaven.com November Update
November 10, 2011

Barelegsheaven.com November Update

Even though it's cold and rainy outside, doesn't mean you can't enjoy Bare Legs all year round! Enjoy and visit www.BareLegsHeaven.com to see more.

Bare Legs Heaven

Sexy Legs
The Orlando Playboy Casting Call
November 10, 2011

The Orlando Playboy Casting Call

The Orlando Playboy Casting Calls have just taken place, this is one of the Hottest sets of girls you'll have seen out of any of the Playboy Casting Calls, ever!  Let's take a look at the line-up, there's a nice selection of babes there for you to choose from; some are Babes and others have that cute Girl Nextdoor look, who is your favorite?  You never do know how far these girls will dare to go at their Casting Call, some thought they would get to keep their underwear/bikinis, while others expected to get topless, but not many realized they'd be asked to reveal all.  You'll find some of the girls just below, to see the full line up on WeHatePorn.com just click on any of the girls below

The Orlando Casting Calls

Orlando Casting Call Girls

Blonde Babe Orlando

Playboy Casting Call in Orlando Florida

Blonde Casting Call Girl

Orlando Casting Call Cutie

Would you like to see the Fun Part?

Amy Green on Downblouse Loving
November 08, 2011

Amy Green on Downblouse Loving

VIDEO: You'll be pleased to know that Amy Green can now be found on Downblouse Loving.  First you get to watch her putting makeup on close up. Next Amy needs to pick some clothes for her holiday and she would like you to help her, you're more than happy as it mean you get to gaze at her as she leans forward by the bed; lovely Downblouse/Cleavage on display.  She's trying to find out how you're getting on with your GF; it seems like Amy's into you! To enjoy the view on WeHatePorn.com just click on Amy below

Amy Green - Downblouse Loving
Amy Green Downblouse Fun

Downblouse Loving

Melissa Debling Teasing in Stockings
November 07, 2011

Melissa Debling Teasing in Stockings

We've all heard of Mel B and Mel C, but I have a feeling that you'll prefer Mel D.  The D after Melissa's first name actually stands for Debling, despite what many think, Melissa is a size F.  Below you'll find Melissa posing in a bright pink skirt with stockings.  The photographer encourages glamour babe Melissa to remove her clothes, to see how much skin she dares to bare.  Either click on her image below to see more of Melissa on WeHatePorn or click HERE to see all of Melissa Debling's photoshoots (including the most revealing parts)

Cutie British Babe Melissa Debling

Venus Spa is back for Season 3
November 07, 2011

Venus Spa is back for Season 3

VIDEO: We've just received some fantastic news; Venus Spa is back for a 3rd season and they've given us permission to post Episode 1. As always these hot actresses are busy working out in tight outfits showing off their cleavage and other Sexy Bits.  Any excuse for us to gaze at these actresses as they work out is a good one. Make sure you don't allow the babe's to distract you too much from the story, as it is actually quite good too, but sometimes it can be hard to concentrate with these hot babes demonstrating their flexibility. ;-) Just click on the image below to watch the video now on WeHatePorn

Venus Spa Season 3
Venus Spa is back for Season 3

Babes having a Pillow Fight on the Bed
November 06, 2011

Babes having a Pillow Fight on the Bed

When Babes have a Sleep-Over, they just love to have a pillow fight.  Check out these four babes as they lose control on a bed, every girl is desperate to win the pillow fight.  Sometimes if a girl is losing, to take revenge she will start to rip one of the other girl's clothes off.  If you'd like to see what happens next in this pillow fight just click on the photo below or to go direct to the site click HERE

Pillow Fight Fun

The Hottest Cameltoe Site on the Net Argentina Me Gusta
November 05, 2011

The Hottest Cameltoe Site on the Net Arg...

WeHatePorn prides itself on bringing you Sexy Non Nude Moments.  One category that fits perfectly within this is Cameltoe, in fact we've had a lot of people writing in asking us which cameltoe sites we can recommend.  One of the best out there has got to be Argentina Me Gusta, there you can enjoy many a Tight Clothed Beauty Showing Hot Cameltoe in HD.  In case you weren't aware, Argentina is home to some of the hottest women on the planet, and Argentina Me Gusta brings these women and their cameltoe direct to your screen for you to treat yourself on.  To see more just click on the image below

Argentina Me Gusta

University Athletics Team gets Topless for a Sexy Calendar
November 03, 2011

University Athletics Team gets Topless f...

Many Sexy Calendars are now being made around the world.  At certain Universities it's the tradition to get the sports teams to pose naked or topless.   Notice how they ignore the Role Playing Society, Bridge Team and Chess Club; they always pick the Sports Teams when it comes to Naked/Sexy Calendars.  I'm just fine with that!  Look carefully for the embarrassed faces of those who are only there due to the pressure from their peers

Sporty University Girls Pose Topless for a Sexy Calendar
Hot University Girls Get Topless for a Fun Calendar
VIDEO: Drink Spill Downblouse Fun
November 01, 2011

VIDEO: Drink Spill Downblouse Fun

VIDEO: Oops, you've just spilled a drink...but not to worry, Tina is very helpful, she knows you're not good at cleaning up after yourself so she's come to give you a hand.  She'll try to get one up on you at the same time, but that's fine as long as she doesn't realize that her blouse is a couple of buttons low.  As she tells you off you focus on the Downblouse Cleavage Fun, she can tell you off all day if she gives you a view like this!  To watch the video on WeHatePorn just click on the image below

Tina Downblouse as she Cleans up a Spilled Drink, time for some Cleaning Cleavage

Kari Sweets Nap Time - Ultimate Collection

Northwest Beauties Girls - February 2017


Real Girls Gone Bad

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