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March 09, 2012

18yo Mississippi State Cheerleader Poses for Playboy Casting Call

18yo Mississippi State Cheerleader Taylor Corley (AKA Taylor Stone) has been spotted in the Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls, even better she actually got completely nude for her Casting Call.  As soon as Playboy realized she was a real Mississippi State Cheerleader they quickly phoned her up and called her in for more revealing and naughty photo shoots which she amazingly agreed to.  Taylor and her friends were bored one day, so they thought they might as well go along and pose, just for a joke.  Millions are grateful that those girls were bored and that they decided to do this as a ‘joke’.  Here are Taylor’s own words Me and my best friend from back home found out about the casting call in Atlanta. We were bored one day, so we said, ‘Hey, let’s go and try it.’ It was a joke, I didn’t think anything of it. Taylor loves Cheerleading, she’s a fit and talented Cheerleader, her skills helped her to get into Mississippi State “The entire reason why I came here [Mississippi State] was for cheerleading. I was on an All-Star squad in Atlanta, and they recruited me from my gym,” Corley said.  Taylor finds Starkville to be very different to her home town in Atlanta “This is a very conservative place. I grew up in a big city where everything kind of flies,” Corley said. “It was a huge culture shock. I didn’t realize Starkville was this small. Everyone knows everything about everyone here. I came from a huge city, I was just in a completely different world, it was a very big change for me.” Playboy advised Taylor to use the name Taylor Stone so as people didn’t find out, but now the word is out around campus “I didn’t think people were going to find out, because I didn’t think I was going to end up on the cover. I didn’t think it would end up being all over campus.”

Mississippi Cheerleader Taylor Corley is caught Posing at a Playboy Casting Call

Mississippi Cheerleader Taylor Corley went along to pose at the Playboy Casting Calls in Atlanta

Mississippi State Cheerleader Nude in Playboy

Blonde Cheerleader Taylor was bored one day so went along to a Playboy Casting Call in Atlanta

Playboy renamed her as Taylor Stone so as she wouldn't get found out

She was renamed in Playboy as Taylor Stone so as she wouldn't get found out

Cheerleader Taylor

Blonde Mississippi Cheerleader Taylor

Cheerleader Taylor Corley AKA Taylor Stone

This Blonde Cheerleader's Real Name is Taylor Corley, in Playboy she's Taylor Stone

First, let’s take a look at Taylor Corley’s or should I say Taylor Stone’s Playboy Casting Call in Atlanta.  Incidentally, we did post her briefly on the site once before without realizing the full story >Atlanta Casting Calls<. This time lets take a much closer look and examine every inch of her body in all her 18yo Hot Cheerleader Glory (posing for a ‘joke’ because she’s ‘bored’).  If you’d like to view the photoshoot in Hi Res inside the Playboy site and download the Hi Quality behind the scenes video, it’s only $1 to gain access.  Click HERE to gain your username and password then once you’ve logged in navigate to Amateurs > Casting Calls > Atlanta.  There are 12 girls there of which Taylor is the 4th one down. Oh and could THIS (CLICK HERE) be Taylor’s ‘bored’ friend who attended the same Atlanta Casting Call as a ‘joke’?

Taylor arrives for her Playboy Casting Call in Atlanta

Taylor arrives in the Casting Call studio in Atlanta

Taylor is only 18

Taylor is only 18 years old

18 year old Cheerleader Taylor Corley

Taylor Corley is only 18

Taylor stripped off her clothes to reveal a tight bikini

Taylor is showing off her fit 18yo Cheerleader body in a tight bikini

Taylor at the Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls

Casting Call Cheerleader Taylor

Bikini Bottoms Close Up

A Sexy Close Up of Taylor's Bikini Bottoms

18yo Cheerleader Taylor shows off her Hot Ass

18yo Cheerleader Taylor has a Lovely Ass

Taylor is about to get Naked

Taylor can't believe she's just been asked to get completely Naked

Perfect Ass

Perfect 18yo Cheerleader Ass

Bikini Boob

Lovely Bikini Boob

‘Bored’ Cheerleader Taylor is now about to lose her Bikini for a ‘Joke’.  This has to be the best type of joke ever invented.

18yo Mississippi State Cheerleader Reveals All at the Atlanta Playboy Casting Call

Cheerleader Taylor Corley gets Completely Naked for Playboy at the Atlanta Playboy Casting Call

Cheerleader Goes Full Monty

Cheerleader Reveals All for Playboy

Enjoy every inch of Taylor's 18yo Cheerleader Body

What a treat, Taylor Reveals All, including her Naughty Bits

As soon as Playboy realized that they’d had a Real Cheerleader in they quickly contacted Taylor and got her back in for a number of more daring and revealing photoshoots, Taylor agreed and now it’s too late for her to change her mind.  If you’d like to find all of the other photoshoots (including videos) either login to the Playboy Girls site or Playboy Fresh Faces, then scroll through the alphabetical list of models until you see Taylor Stone, now click on her and choose which of her photoshoots you’d like to view, you’ll then be able to view the most naughty and daring photoshoots of all.  To gain your user/pass for just $1 just click HERE .  Below is a quick preview of Taylor’s Playboy photoshoots from after her Casting Call

Playboy quickly called Taylor back in for more photoshoots

Playboy called Taylor back in for some really naughty photoshoots

Playboy managed to convince Taylor into doing some really naughty photoshoots

Playboy convinced Taylor into some extremely naughty photoshoots

Another of Taylor's Naughy Photoshoots

Another of Taylor Corley's Naughty Photoshoots

Playboy make the most of this Cheerleader by getting her to be really Naughty

Playboy take the opportunity to make this Cheerleader get Really Naughty!!

18yo Taylor is about to get Really Naughty for Playboy

Playboy managed to get some really Naughty photoshoots out of this Cheerleader

As a special treat Taylor eventually agreed for the cameras to follow her into the shower and view every single bit all completely uncensored.  18yo Taylor should be a role model for all University Cheerleaders, let’s hope that many more follow in her footsteps and let’s also hope that Playboy keep phoning her back in as long as Taylor keeps agreeing and is ‘bored’ enough to want to take part in this type of ‘joke’

It's Party Time - Playboy get Cheerleader Taylor into the Shower

Party Time - Playboy have convinced 18yo Taylor into the Shower

If you’d like to gain full uncensored access to all of Taylor’s naughty photos and videos for just $1, first click HERE.  Once you’ve logged in, for Taylor’s Casting Call head to Amateurs > Casting Calls > Atlanta, then start to enjoy this Naked 18yo Cheerleader and while you’re there you might as well enjoy her friend Ashley too, >THIS FRIEND<. To see what happened when Playboy called Taylor back in for more naughty and revealing photoshoots (including videos).  You can access these either from inside Playboy Girls or Playboy Fresh Faces, just browse through the list of models and click on Taylor Stone or if you prefer as soon as you’re logged in click on this link http://members.playboygirls.playboy.com/pbff/sets.php?id=654.
Enjoy yourself, Taylor Corley is a legend, we thank her and appreciate her style of humor; an 18yo cheerleaders perfectly shaven pussy in Hi Res is definitely our kind of ‘joke’!!
Just one more quick sneak peek of some of Taylor’s most naughty pics inside the Playboy site

Taylor Corley's Pussy

Taylor Shows her Perfectly 18yo Cheerleader Pussy for Playboy

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