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Gemma is a bit Bored, she doesn't know what to do?

Gemma is groundedGemma got caught smoking a cigaretteShe wanted to go out drinking with her buddiesGemma actually really likes you, but she isn't sure whether you feel the sameYou're keeping Gemma a company for a bit, but you intend to go out on the town
Gemma Massey
Gemma had wanted to go out drinking with
her buddies, but she's currently grounded
for getting caught smoking a cigarette
You say you're about to head off, but Gemma has a plan to keep you hereGemma was going to get so drunk tonight, she can't believe she got caught smokingYou say you'll stay for another 15 minutesWOW, you didn't expect this, ok, maybe it's worth sticking around with GemmaShe's letting you take photos up her skirt, stay here with Gemma for sure
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She says if you stay with her she'll let you take more photos up her skirtShe says if she stay for 2 hours then she'll perform a strip teaseIs Gemma just teasing you to keep her company, or does she want some more?
WOW, she's lifted her skirt right up!  Nice, she says if she stay for 3 hours she'll take her tights off and let you take some panty upskirt photos!!What a treat, Gemma is good to you, you're not going out on the town now that Gemma has become so fun!
You're keeping her company for a bit
before you head out on the town.
Gemma wants to find a way of
stopping you from going out so
as you keep her company for longer

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