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Jessika would never pose nude or toplessShe had always modelled in fashionShe has just found out that she can still make more money by doing Upskirts and Teases, she is amazed and agreesJessika is fine with upskirts and teases and thinks it is all quite funnyHer fans are delighted to discover she is willing to get upskirted and tease, they cannot believe it as everyone thought she was a strict fashion model
Jessika has only ever done fashion modelling before
but today she was asked if she was willing to go further
She was told there would be a lot more money available
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Jessika finds the concept of getting paid for upskirts quite amusingShe says she would do this in every photoshoot now that she knows she will get paid double-rateShe says that sometimes she gives a oops upskirt just for fun especially to a guys who she likes, she loves to see their reactinIt is fantastic that Jessika has agreed to give us a Tease and an Upskirt, enjoy!Upskirt Fun
Jessika said she was definitely not willing to get
nude or even topless, but she hadn't realized there
were other options such as Upskirts and Teasing
When she discovered she could make a lot more
money from giving an Upskirt or 2 and Teasing
with her shirt, she started laughing and said
"This is easy money, why didn't you tell me this before?"

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All of Jessika's fans were delighted when they
heard she was willing to give a Tease and Upskirts
They have been desperate to see the photoshoot
and here it is. In fact, as it turned out Jessika agreed
to got a bit further, if you want to see what happened
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