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Cherry on Downblouse Loving

VIDEO: The heating is on too high, Downblouse Loving Cherry is too tired to turn it off so instead she loosens her clothes to help cool herself down.  You might as well take this opportunity to have a perv over her, enjoying the view.  To watch the video now on WeHatePorn just click on the cute blonde below

Downblouse Loving - Cherry
Cherry on Downblouse Loving
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The Girls of PAC10 Pose for Playboy

VIDEO: Many people have been writing in begging to see more of the PAC10 University Coeds.  This was after we published Laura Lynn from the University of Oregon and Layc Nichole from the University of Oregon, and last but not least Miss Hayden Hayes from the University of Washington. There are 13 PAC10 Coeds in total, and it is seen as one of the sexiest Playboy photoshoots of all time.  One of the things that people like is that these are clearly real coeds some who seem quite unsuspecting that they might be asked to get naked.  On WeHatePorn we have a video where we get to see a collection of the PAC10 girls behind the scenes, each video ends just before the Coed was dared to show something naughty.  To watch the video now click on the cute PAC10 Coed below

The Girls of PAC10 Pose for Playboy
PAC10 – Playboy
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The Denver Playboy Casting Call

VIDEO: You might remember the posts of the Denver Playboy Casting Calls.  Firstly here are all of the Denver girls >HERE< and then we took a closer look at Rachel the Swim Team Captain >HERE<. There’s so much to see in each Casting Call, so now let’s take a look at the first part (non nude part) of some of the behind the scenes videos from the girls of Denver.  In each video we’ve had to finish it just as the girl was starting to get a bit naughty, as that’s got to stay inside the Playboy site.  To watch the compilation video now on WeHatePorn just click on the Blonde Denver cutie below

Playboy Denver
The Playboy Casting Call in Denver
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University Coeds get Topless for Charity (and some get Naked)

These Naked/Topless Calendars from European Sports Teams and Coeds are becoming increasingly popular.  Each generation seems to get more comfortable with showing skin.  It’s time to take a look at some of the highlights of the recent batch of Naked/Topless Sports Calendars.  We’ve got Football/Soccer, Cheerleaders, Hockey, Netball and More!  To see the pics on WeHatePorn click on the University Soccer team below

Naked for CharityGirls Sports Teams get Naked and Topless for Charity
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Nextdoor Models Tina in a Bikini getting Soaked

VIDEO: The girls on Nextdoor Models understand the art of tease.  Let’s take a look at a video of a babe from Nextdoor Models called Tina.  Here she’s outdoors in a bikini, she is standing by a sprinkler trying to keep her hot body cool, she wants to perform a Non Nude Bikini tease, but as you’ll see she has a fun oops moment part way through.  To watch the video now on WeHatePorn click on Tina’s bikini bottoms below

Nextdoor Models Tina - Outdoor Bikini Tease by a Sprinkler
Girl Nextdoor Tina from Nextdoor Models Teasing in a Bikini
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Nextdoor Models Bridget gives a Close Up Panty Tease on Video

VIDEO: Nextdoor Models Bridget thought she was the only one in, so she closed her bedroom door for some private moments. Part way through the door opened, but Bridget decided her private moments would be better to share; more fun for her with the thought of all of you watching.  Bridget is a classy blonde girl nextdoor, one of the cutest on the Nextdoor Model site.  To watch the video now just click on Blonde Girl Nextdoor Bridget below.

Nextdoor Models - Bridget

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Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls

Atlanta is a hot spot for cute girls, this is evident in the Playboy Casting Calls.  We’ve already enjoyed Taylor the 18yo Cheerleader who was caught posing at an Atlanta Playboy Casting Call and her friend Ashley who posed at the same Casting Call with her.  Now let’s go back to the previous Atlanta Casting Call and see how cute the girls are.  Once again, we find ourselves with heart palpitations, especially when the girls agree to take their clothes off for one time only.  There are 10 girls at the Atlanta Playboy Casting Call, did the girls dare to reveal all?  To check the girls out now just click on one of the images below

Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls
The Atlanta Playboy Casting Call
The Girls of the Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls
Atlanta Playboy Casting Call Girls
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Brooke Lima Upskirt

It’s Brooke Lima’s birthday, she likes all of the presents that her fans sent in so much that now she’s decided to give us a present in return.  The present from Brooke is an Upskirt, do you want to unwrap it or shall we ask her?  If she unwraps herself completely she’ll be down to her Birthday Suit which would only be right.  To see the pics click on Brooke Lima just below

On Brooke Lima's Birthday she gives us an Upskirt Present
Brooke Lima on the Bed Upskirt Fun
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Alisa Kiss – Bikini Bath

VIDEO: Alisa Kiss would like to take a bath, she said that it would be OK for us to follow her and watch her get in the tub.  Surely if she wants to get properly washed she’ll have to lose that bikini?  Do you think she’ll lose it?  To watch the video now on WeHatePorn click on Alisa Kiss below

Alisa Kiss taking a Bath Bikini

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Houston Playboy Casting Call Videos

VIDEO: Houston has so many gorgeous Cuties, so we just had to delve into their Casting Calls once again.  Today we’ve found 3 sexy girl nextdoors from the December 2009 Houston Playboy Casting Calls.  We’d also like to remind you that there are plenty more Houston Casting Call girls on the site; for a video of the Jan 2012 Casting Calls click HERE, if you’d liked to take a closer look at Chloe from the same Houston Casting call click HERE, or how about studying Charlie’s smooth body HERE, or let’s take a look at the full Houston Casting Call line up HERE.  Now let’s go back to then 2009 Houston Casting Calls, here is Jenna; she is a real girl nextdoor as you’ll see HERE!  Jenna is the first girl in the video below, the comes Colleen and last but not least is cutie brunette Brittany.  There are also another 7 girls in that Houston Casting Call all of whom you’ll no doubt love to see in the Playboy site.  To enjoy the video now on WeHatePorn just click on one of the three Houston girls below

The Playboy Houston Casting Calls Houston Playboy Casting CallsHouston Casting Call - Smiling Cutie

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Alone With Hazel Eating a Banana

VIDEO: What does Alone with Hazel do when she’s Alone?  She does many things all by herself, one thing in particular that she enjoys is to grab a banana, slowly unpeel it, and then start licking it and eating it seductively.  Hazel has kindly given us permission to share this video with you.  To watch the video on WeHatePorn now just click on Hazel below

Alone with Hazel is Alone with a Banana
Hazel is all Alone with a Banana
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Drunk Upskirt on the Sofa

VIDEO: Steph wants you to fix her laptop, you’ve popped round to get it sorted.  Steph has had a lot to drink, which makes it more entertaining.  She doesn’t mind showing you Upskirt, she says that she’ll let you have an even better look once you’ve fixed her laptop.  Sounds like fun!  To watch the video on WeHatePorn now just click on Steph below

Drunk Upskirt on the Sofa

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Heidi Harper Upskirt Fun

VIDEO: Heidi Harper has gym membership, that’s how she stays in such great shape!  She wants you to join the gym to so as you can go there with her.  She needs to work out now, she wants to teach you how it’s done.  You’re quite happy to learn from her, especially while she’s wearing that miniskirt.  To watch Heidi’s workout video now on WeHatePorn just click on Heidi below

Heidi Harper Upskirt Workout Video
VIDEO: Heidi Harper gets Upskirted as she Works Out
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Kristy of Northwest Beauties

VIDEO: Excellent News, Northwest Beauties have managed to get Kristy back in again for a 40 minute video.  In the video Kristy gets into a discussion about ‘Over-Heating’ which is highly relevant considering that everyone watching her video is also Over Heating.  To watch a preview of the video now on WeHatePorn just click on Kristy below

Kristy - Northwest Beauties
Kristy from Northwest Beauties
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Strip Tease from Alisa Kiss

VIDEO: Alisa Kiss is back, she’s alone in her house right now and wants to make the most of the opportunity by performing a Sexy Strip Tease.  To watch the video now on WeHatePorn click on Blonde Alisa below

Alisa Kiss - Strip Tease
A Sexy Strip Tease from Alisa Kiss
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Alone with Hazel in the Bathtub

VIDEO: You’ll be pleased to know we’ve managed to get our hands on another of Alone with Hazel’s Hot Videos.  Here she teases the camera before stepping into the bathtub, this English girl really knows how to drive you wild; exactly what the doctor ordered for the weekend.  To watch the video now on WeHatePorn just click on Hazel below

Alone with Hazel in the BathtubEnglish Blonde Cutie Alone with Hazel Steps into the Bathtub

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18yo Mississippi State Cheerleader Poses for Playboy Casting Call

18yo Mississippi State Cheerleader Taylor Corley (AKA Taylor Stone) has been spotted in the Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls, even better she actually got completely nude for her Casting Call.  As soon as Playboy realized she was a real Mississippi State Cheerleader they quickly phoned her up and called her in for more revealing and naughty photo shoots which she amazingly agreed to.  Taylor and her friends were bored one day, so they thought they might as well go along and pose, just for a joke.  Millions are grateful that those girls were bored and that they decided to do this as a ‘joke’.  Here are Taylor’s own words Me and my best friend from back home found out about the casting call in Atlanta. We were bored one day, so we said, ‘Hey, let’s go and try it.’ It was a joke, I didn’t think anything of it. Taylor loves Cheerleading, she’s a fit and talented Cheerleader, her skills helped her to get into Mississippi State “The entire reason why I came here [Mississippi State] was for cheerleading. I was on an All-Star squad in Atlanta, and they recruited me from my gym,” Corley said.  Taylor finds Starkville to be very different to her home town in Atlanta “This is a very conservative place. I grew up in a big city where everything kind of flies,” Corley said. “It was a huge culture shock. I didn’t realize Starkville was this small. Everyone knows everything about everyone here. I came from a huge city, I was just in a completely different world, it was a very big change for me.” Playboy advised Taylor to use the name Taylor Stone so as people didn’t find out, but now the word is out around campus “I didn’t think people were going to find out, because I didn’t think I was going to end up on the cover. I didn’t think it would end up being all over campus.” To view a lot more of Taylor on WeHatePorn just click on any of the images below

Mississippi State Cheerleader Poses for Playboy

Taylor Stone AKA Taylor Corley reveals all at her Atlanta Casting Call

Taylor stripped out of a Bikini at her Casting Call

Taylor Agreed to Go Full Monty at her Casting Call in Atlanta

Playboy couldn't believe their luck, getting a Real Cheerleader, they asked how she'd feel about letting them follow her into the shower

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Ladies of Longboarding – Topless Calendar

Longboarders are well known for their ability to pull off a trick, so when it was time to raise money for a good cause, their trick was to pull off their clothes.  It worked a treat, with lot of money being raised, let’s take a look through the good work of the Ladies of Longboarding, just click on the Longboarders below to see the pics on WeHatePorn

Longboarding CalendarNaked Longboarding Calendar for Charity
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Skirt Up as she Chats on the Sofa

VIDEO: Elise is chatting to her buddy on the phone as she lies back on the sofa.  When she’s relaxed and happy she doesn’t mind if her skirt rides up to reveal her white panties.  She says she’s planning a big night out next week too when she’ll be dressed up as a sexy sailor in a miniskirt; let’s hope there are plenty of cameras there.  If you’d like to watch the video now on WeHatePorn just click on Elise below

Skirt Up on the Sofa
Elise has her Skirt Up on the Sofa
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Holly Shows Off her Talent as she Plays the Piano

VIDEO: UK Blonde Girl Holly is playing the piano when she has a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, which is more specifically known as a boob slip or nip slip.  She’s rather embarrassed and keeps trying to lift her top back up again.  She wants to show off what she knows on the piano, so she keeps on trying despite the oops moments.  To watch the video now on WeHatePorn just click on Holly below

Holly from Downblouse Loving Playing the Piana
UK Blonde Holly has a Wardrobe Malfunction as she Plays the Piano
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Tammy in a Blue Leotard Teasing

Tammy Taylor likes to keep fit, she is most comfortable working out in her tight blue leotard, though she knows it brings lots of stares and doesn’t understand why.  She asks you “Why do you think everyone stares when I’m wearing this leotard in the gym?” to which you reply “It looks very trendy and of high quality!”  she smiles and seems pleased with your BS answer.  To enjoy Tammy in her Tight Blue Leotard now on WeHatePorn, feel free to click on one of her leotard pics just below

Leotard Tease
Tammy Teasing in her Blue Leotard

Sexy Blue Leotard
Tight Blue Leotard
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Uplifting Photos

It’s time for some truly uplifting pics; 3-way pun intended.  Here is a collection of sexy snaps of females having their skirts uplifted, which will uplift your mood and possibly uplift something else.  There’s quite a variety of uplifting moments, mostly in bars and clubs, there’s also a group of coeds who’ve taken their pyjama bottoms down (some accidentally pulled their knickers down too), it’s more of a down-pull than an uplift, but I’m sure you won’t mind.  To see the photos now on WeHatePorn just click on either of the pics below

Clubbing Upskirt Game
A Drinking Game that Involves Upskirt Fun
Dress Lifted Up in a Club
Clubbing Skirt Lift
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When Party Girls Meet Photobooths

Event Photobooths have taken off in a big way, now it’s just a matter of going through the millions of photos from Weddings, Birthdays and other celebratory events to find all the drunk ladies who decided it was an ideal opportunity to show off their special talents i.e. flash the camera.  Here we have a mixture of cleavage, boob flashes and skirt lifting, there’s quite a variety from all kinds of different events.  The Real Fun happens inside the Photobooth!  To take a look at all the pics on just click on one of the two Photobooth pics below

Blonde Flashing in the Photobooth
Flashing her Boobs in the Photobooth
Blondes Showing Cleavage in a Photobooth
Cleavage Blondes showing off their talents in a Photobooth