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Upskirt Prank Videos 2

After yesterday’s upskirt prank videos, we’ve had a lot of people write in asking for more, so here we go, today we’ve got another five upskirt pranks for you to enjoy!  Remember, they’re only for the sake of comedy, you’re not allowed to find them sexy or you’re a perv 😉  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Sexy Upskirt Prank
Upskirt Prank
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Upskirt Prank Videos

Some people look down on those who enjoy an upskirt, but upskirt fans prefer to keep looking up (skirts).  There are certain occassions where upskirts are perfectly acceptable e.g. Cheerleaders, also apparently if the upskirt is for the sake of comedy then it’s comedy genius.  We thought it was about time we added some comedy to WeHatePorn and tracked down five comedy upskirt videos (one is not an upskirt but it’s closely related).  To see them now click on the image below.

Sexy Videos of Upskirt Pranks
Videos of Upskirt Pranks
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Amy Green on Playboy

Most of you will know Amy Green well, we know her from a number of our favorite sites, all of the best sites want to get Amy in.  You’ll be delighted to hear that now it’s the turn of Playboy to get their lenses focused on this gorgeous blonde UK girl.  Here we’ve got together screen grabs from the first half of her Playboy video so as you get a good idea of the mood and where she’s going.  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on Amy below.

Blonde UK Model Amy Green
Amy Green Poses for Playboy Plus

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Hazel Teases in her Thong

VIDEO: Let’s finish the weekend with more of AloneWithHazel, it’s hard to ever get enough of this beauty, we’re always left wanting more.  Hazel is wearing a sheer dress, take a close look to see if she’s wearing a bra or not, she’s got a pink thong on and once her dress comes off she’s going to be teasing us with that thong and her hot smooth ass.  To watch Hazel now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Hazel teases in her sexy thong
AloneWithHazel Teases in her Thong
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White Panty Upskirt Fun with Hazel

VIDEO: It’s no secret that everyone here loves an upskirt, so I’m sure nobody will have any objections if we get under AloneWithHazel’s desk and enjoy some white panty upskirt fun, in fact Hazel is in the mood by the look of it.  To look up Hazel’s skirt now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

White Panty Upskirt Fun with Hazel
AloneWithHazel Upskirt Fun
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Strip Tease Videos

To start off the weekend we’re got 3 sexy strip tease videos for you, there’s nothing quite like a watching a seductive strip tease to get you into that weekend frame of mind.  We’re not really sure of their origin, they were sitting in a YouTube account waiting for someone to watch them, hopefully if we give them plenty of views it will encourage the creators to film some more.  To watch the videos now on WeHatePorn click on the blonde below.

Sexy Strip Tease Videos
Strip Tease Videos
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Playboy Plus Updates – October 2013

There’s only one website which almost any girl will agree to take her clothes off for, you guessed it Playboy has the power and the glamour to make a nice girl reveal all on the Internet.  As always they’ve been maintaining their high-standards, in this article you’ll find some of their recent updates, each one is taken from a full gallery where the girl goes on to reveal all.  To see more of Playboy’s recent updates on WeHatePorn click on the hottie below.

Leanna Decker Poses for Playboy Plus
Leanna Decker on Playboy
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5 New Videos on Northwest Beauties

Northwest Beauties is on fire right now, churning out so many super sexy videos that it’s hard to keep up with them.  Here are five of their most recent videos, each image is linked to a preview section for the video so as you can get a good idea of how naughty each girl is willing to be.  There’s nothing else quite like Northwest Beauties on the Internet, so make the most of this legendary site while it’s producing such high quality videos which will leave your heart racing.  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Latest Northwest Beauties Video Updates
The latest videos on Northwest Beauties
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Sexy Updates October 2013

Have you been keeping an eye on the latest updates on the sexiest sites on the Internet?  We have and we feel it’s our job to save you the time and give you a glimpe of what’s been going on recently in each website, each of the images is linked to the website where it came from, so you can easily navigate around the sexiest sites on the web and see if there’s anything which takes your fancy.  This task of checking around the sexy sites is one of the best jobs ever! 😉  To enjoy the updates now click on the update collage below.

Sexy October 2014 Updates
Sexy Updates October
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Upskirt While on the Phone – UK Girl Talia

VIDEO: We love it when Talia is on the phone deep in conversation as she relaxes on the sofa, especially when she’s wearing a short skirt.  You never do know, sometimes there’s an upskirt opportunity to be discovered.  To try to get a glimpse up Talia’s skirt now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Talia gets Upskirted on PantyLoving
Upskirt Fun on Panty Loving
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Real Girls Gone Bad in a Wet T-Shirt Contest

Now here’s something a bit different, if you click on any of the pics or links you might find it a bit more revealing than normal, however it does fit in very well with the WeHatePorn theme.  There are many different types of wet t-shirt contest:- some which literally are wet t-shirt contests, others where boobs get flashed and there are even some where all the clothes are expected to come off.  Today we’re going to look at what happened when a group of good girls showed up in O’Neill’s Bar in Tenerife.  It’s clear that they thought this was the literal wet t-shirt contest and had no idea what would really be expected of them.  To put it into perspective, the wet t-shirt contests in O’Neill’s bar often end up with naked star-jumps to decide the winner.  These girls would never dream of doing this back home in Britain, but when under the influence of alcohol, 100’s of cheering clubbers and a highly persuasive DJ things can change.  To see more of the contest now on WeHatePorn click on the wet t-shirt contest image below.

A group of cute British girls in a wet t-shirt contest in O'Neill's bar
Pretty girls join a wet t-shirt contest
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Upskirt Fun with Veronica Weston on Zishy

Zishy invited beautiful Veronica Weston to go shopping and of course she agreed; every girl loves going shopping, especially with Zishy.  Veronica is wearing a Summer dress and she’s looking forward to giving us some upskirt fun and a peek at her rather skimpy tight white panties.  Zishy know exactly how to get the best out of these girls, more photographers should realize that if you take a girl shopping she’ll be over the moon and do anything you ask.  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on Veronica just below.

Upskirt Fun with Veronica on Zishy
Veronica Gets Upskirted on Zishy
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Rochelle on Swimsuit Heaven

When you see a cutie in a swimsuit does it make your heart skip a beat?  If so this means we can safely diagnose you with what’s known as a swimsuit fetish.  Not to worry now, we’ve got some medication ready for you, we’re going to prescribe you to spend some time on the Swimsuit Heaven website.   To see more now click on Rochelle below.

Rochelle teases for Swimsuit Heaven
Cutiest Swimsuit Girl
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Casandra in her Bra and Panties on Nextdoor Models

VIDEO: Nextdoor Models have found a cute Argentine girl nextdoor for a sexy video.  In Argentina the girl who lives nextdoor will often be a real beauty, their girl nextdoor’s are of an incredibly high calibre.  Many do have a fiery latin temperment so always be careful with your words and make sure you buy them lots of flowers.  To get to know Cassandra now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Argentine Cutie Casandra Poses for Nextdoor Models in Orange Underwear
Casandra on Nextdoor Models
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Playboy Playmate Raquel Pomplun

Raquel Pomplun is the Playboy Playmate of the Year for 2013, in this video you’ll see exactly why, she’s one of those girls who when she walks into the room it’s impossible to take your eyes off her.  Playboy Plus have interviewed her so as you can get to know her a lot better; she’s a fun and lively girl with plenty to say for herself.  Raquel says that her favorite part of her body is her ass, I’m sure a lot of you will agree with her on that, but she does have other nice parts too no doubt.  To watch Raquel now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Playboy Playmate Raquel Pomplun
Raquel Pomplun on Playboy Plus
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Ania Downblouse and Upskirt on DownblouseLoving

VIDEO: Ania is relaxing listening to music on the sofa, as you can see there’s plenty of cleavage on display so it would be nice if she stays there a lot longer.  In the second half of the video she’s lying down enjoying more music, she’s giving us a rather hot upskirt view, well to be more precise her skirt has risen up leaving her ass and thong on display; super sexy moments!  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Downblouse and upskirt from Ania
Ania shows downblouse and upskirt
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Naughty Magicians on Pinup WOW

VIDEO: A magician spots a pretty girl in the crowd and has an idea for some naughty fun, she invites the girl up and starts stripping off her clothes using her magic wand, however it doesn’t take long until the girl starts to humiliate the magician back by stripping off her clothes.  Both these girls are now desperate to humiliate each other in front of the crowd, they soon get down to their bra and panties, how far will this go?  To watch the strip magic show now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Magician Strip Tease on Stage
Naughty Magicians Strip on Stage
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Blonde Kaylin in a Tight White Swimsuit

Swimsuit Heaven like to keep things sexy, they are very strict about not going over the non nude limit, but sometimes the teases get very naughty indeed, often when you’re not expecting it.  Today we’re going to examine one of their latest photoshoots, this is with a cute Aussie girl called Kaylin who’s wearing a tight white Asics swimsuit.  Kaylin is a fun girl who’s smiling from start to finish, the swimsuit is rather revealing and Kaylin at times makes it even more so.  This supercute blonde even does a very naughty and revealing tease with the crotch area of the swimsuit, she had to be very careful not to show too much.  To see more of Kaylin now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Cutie Blonde Kaylin Poses for SwimsuitHeaven in a Tight White Swimsuit
Kaylin on Swimsuit Heaven
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Zishy Bikini Girl – Natalie Moore

Natalie Moore is from Maryland so when Zishy asked her down to bask in the Californian Sun she didn’t hesitate to agree.  They went down to Playa Vista and turned many heads on the basketball court.  Natalie is looking so cute in her bikini, for a bit of fun she starts to lower the bikini bottoms to give us an even nicer view.  After the photoshoot as Natalie was being driven home in the Zishy-Mobile she decided to remove her bikini and dry herself with a towel, fortunately Zishy still had a camera handy and mananged to grab a naughty snap.  To see more of Natalie now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Natalie Moore pulls down the back of her bikini bottoms for fun
Natalie teases with her bikini bottoms on Zishy
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Northwest Beauties Updates (9 Videos)

It’s that time when we visit the legendary Northwest Beauties website to take a sneak peak at their latest updates.  You will no doubt all agree that Northwest Beauties is one of the most amazing sites on the Internet, it’s completely unique; there’s nothing like it!  To take a look through their latest updates now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

The Latest Updates from Northwest Beauties
Northwest Beauties Updates
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Room Service for Brooke Lima

Brooke Lima is relaxing in a hotel room awaiting some room service, makes one wonder what type of room service she’s after?  Maybe you would like to pop in and help her out.  To see more of Brooke’s photoshoot now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Brooke Lima is waiting for room service on the bed
Brooke Lima Smiling
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Giulia Borio Poses for Playboy

Playboy Plus have got hold of Italian stunner Giulia Borio, she’s posing today in a sweater, bra and panties for her Milano Beauty video.  Giulia is an elegant beauty in her sheer lingerie, let’s see if this Italian babe is willing to take it all off for Playboy?  To watch Giulia now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Milano Beauty Giulia Borio
Giulia Borio Posing for Playboy
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Gabi in a Swimsuit for Playboy

We’ve already had the pleasure of meeting blonde Gabi once before HERE.  If you’ve seen her before you will remember that she’s an effortless beauty!  She’s back again and she’ll hopefully be back many more times in the future.  Today she’s teasing in a floral swimsuit and sun glasses, it’s the perfect day in LA so Playboy and Gabi are making the most of it.  It’s hot in the Sun, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Gabi starts to remove her swimsuit sooner or later.  To watch Gabi now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Blonde Beauty Gabi Poses in a Swimsuit for Playboy
Gabi Posing in a Swimsuit for Playboy
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Lucia and Friends on UGotItFlauntIt

There’s been a lot going on over on UGotItFlauntIt, they’ve had a busy Summer on the beaches of Europe convincing real girls to pose, most for the first time.  Let’s meet Lucia & her friends, they are from London and are staying in San Antonio.  The UGotItFlauntIt cameras bumped into them on Bora Bora beach and sweet-talked them into posing.

London GIrls Get Topless on the Beach for the UGotItFlauntIt website
Lucia and her friends get topless for UGotItFlauntIT

A group of girls from London give the cameras some handbra fun
Handbra Fun on the Beach
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Upskirted Watching TV on the Sofa

VIDEO: Jodie is chilling out watching TV on the sofa, she’s in a world of her own and is putting some upskirt on display.  She’s normally quite careful when wearing a skirt, but this time she’s let her guard down and is giving us a wonderful view of her panties.  To enjoy the upskirt fun now click on Jodie below.

Upskirt Fun on the Sofa
Sofa Upskirt
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Sporty Shallana Marie Posing for Playboy

This is Shallana Marie from Denver, she’s great fun!  Shallana is always smiling and laughing, she’s a sporty girl who would play sport everyday if she could.  This is her first time posing, she’s definitely an only for Playboy girl; she would never dream of doing this otherwise, in fact she didn’t even know she’d be expected to show some skin today.  To watch her now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Playboy Cyber Girl Shallana Marie
Shallana Marie – Playboy Cyber Girl
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Purely Scientific Cameltoe Experiment

Purely for the good of science an experiment is being performed to see if a white swimsuit becomes too revealing when wet, two girls have kindly volunteered to help us find the answer. Judges will have to decide once the swimsuits are wet if there’s too much pokies and cameltoe on display for the swimsuit to be allowed, or if the amount of pokies and cameltoe is within known decency limits.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Girls in Wet White Swimsuits Reveal More Than They Planned
Swimsuit Cameltoe Experiment
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ENF: Giant Girls Lose Their Clothes

Now this one is a bit different, two fully clothed girls suddenly start to grow and grow.  The girls are becoming giants, but there’s one issue, their clothes aren’t growing with them, which means that in no time at all we’ll have two ENF (Embarrassed Nude Females) girls standing there towering above the city where they live.  Click on the image below to watch the video on WeHatePorn now.

Embarrassed Girls Lose their Clothes
ENF Giantesses Lose Their Clothes
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Flight Attendant Upskirt

Have you ever been on a long flight while watching cute air hostesses walking up and down, then your imagination has started to run wild?  Maybe this is what you were dreaming about, or at least the start of the fun; this blonde flight attendant gives a super sexy upskirt show, with such a great view you hope the flight goes on a lot longer.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Upskirt Fun with an Air Hostess
Air Hostess Upskirt