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Dancing Girls on Romanian TV

Can Romania be a Latin country despite being in Eastearn Europe?  Well, they do speak a Latin language which makes it very easy for people there to learn Spanish, French and Italian, but their culture is similar to their Eastern European neighbors.  The people there have a wide variety of appearances; some look Eastern European, while others look like they could be from Spain, Italy, France or even Brazil.  One thing which they have in common with Spain, Italy and Brazil is that they have TV shows with sexy girls dancing around, let’s look at one of them to help settle this debate, to watch now click on the screengrab below showing sexy Romanian girls in stockings.

Romania TV Dancing Girls
Sexy Girls Dance on Romanian TV
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Dancing Upskirt Competition

Now this is an interesting video, some fit girls are on dancing machines in miniskirts, the camera seems to be allowed to get into all kinds of fun and exciting upskirt angles.  It is some type of competition, either an upskirt or a dancing competition; for us it can be an upskirt contest!  To enjoy the full video now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Dancing Upskirt Competition
Dancing Upskirt Contest

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Fun Upskirt Game

Today we have another fun one, some girls in miniskirts playing a game, they are all trying their hardest to win, we don’t care who wins we just want to enjoy the upskirt fun; upskirts are the true purpose of this game.  To watch the video now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Girls in Short Skirts Play an Upskirt Game
Fun Upskirt Game
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Upskirted While Standing on a Table

What’s happening here?  Well, not exactly sure, but ultimately some hot girls in miniskirts climb up onto a table, while rather wisely the cameraman stays at ground level looking up.  The best things in life are free, this video goes to prove it!  To enjoy the video now on WeHatePorn click on the girls in miniskirts below.

Girls in Short Skirts Standing on a table
Girls Upskirted as they Stand on a Table
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Brazilian Girls in Miniskirts Take a Bath

Another day on Brazlian TV, this time they get cute babes in microskirts to give us plenty of upskirt fun, then they send them to take a bath, the girls get themselves covered in soap (or something).  To watch the sexy Brazilian fun now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Upskirts and Foam Bath
Upskirts and Bath

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Embarrassed Girl Upskirted On Stage

Here’s a cute girl on a gameshow who’s being tricked into showing some upskirt oops, the camera zooms in close for a nice view, the girl seems to realize part way through that this is rather revealing for live tv.  She’s starts to get embarrassed.  To enjoy now on WeHatePorn click on the screengrab below.

Embarrassing Upskirt on Stage
Embarrased Girl Upskirted on Stage

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Quiz TV Show Upskirt Fun (HOT)

Those who watch Quiz TV deserve a bit of luck, they need something good to happen to brighten up their days.  As guys watch the beautiful Quiz TV presenters they dream of what they really want the girl to do.  Well, on this occasion those watching were in luck, the blonde Quiz TV presenter treated everyone watching to a superb upskirt!  To enjoy now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Amazing Quiz TV Upskirt
Quiz TV Upskirt

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Roos Van Montfort – Playboy Playmate Miss January 2014

One of the things we all love about Playboy is that they can get girls who would never have agreed to take it off for anyone else; for Playboy even the most Beautiful Babes are willing to reveal all.  The latest addition is Miss January 2014, Playboy Playmate Roos Van Montfort, she’s a high-class model from Holland, today she’s going to pose nude for the first time.  Roos is going to make your dreams come true!  To see more of Miss Van Montford now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Playboy Playmate Roos Van Montford
Roos Van Montford Poses for Playboy
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Brazil’s Sexiest Butt – Free 40 Minute Video

You’ve got to love Brazilian TV, if there was a way of subscribing to it we all would. In Brazil as you flick between the channels it never takes long to find something sexy, even on daytime television they regularly have events like this one; a best butt competition.  They have no shortage of willing hot babes who are happy to line up and show their hot asses for the cameras to zoom in on.  We’re delighted to have the full 40 minute video for you to enjoy, to watch now on WeHatePorn click on the hott butts just below.

Hot Brazilian Girls Show their Asses
Best Butt Competition Brazil
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Real Girl Danni Poses in her Bikini for UGotItFlauntIt

This is Danni who’s currently working in Magaluf, that’s how UGotItFlauntIt found her.  Danni agreed to do a photoshoot in her bikini, she says it’s her first time but you wouldn’t have guessed as she’s a natural.  This girl is adorable, even more so when she throws that winning smile.  How daring do you think she was for the photoshoot?  We’ll give you a good idea, to see more of Danni now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Real Girl Danni on UGotItFlauntIt
Real Girl Danni Poses for UGotItFlauntIt
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Playboy Playmate Miss December – Kennedy Summers

Playboy Miss December is always a hot one, they like to warm us up from the cold weather outside, as you’ll see this Playboy Playmate is a real beauty, Kennedy Summers is from Berlin, Germany, she’s a great example of just how hot the girls there are.  Kennedy is wearing just a sweater and a pair of thigh-highs, she’s going to move that sweater around and who knows maybe you’ll get lucky and see something naughty (but nice).  To see more of Kennedy on WeHatePorn click on her photo below. 

Playboy Miss December 2013 – Kennedy Summers
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AloneWithHazel Strip Tease

VIDEO: It’s been too long since we last enjoyed one of AloneWithHazel‘s wonderful strip teases, she’s kindly allowed us to show one of her most recent updates so as you can get an idea just how amazing her website now is.  To watch Hazel now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

A Sexy Strip Tease from AloneWithHazel
AloneWithHazel Strip Tease
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Lauren on AP Studios

Today we’re going to enjoy the latest update from Northwest Beauties partner site AP Studios, below you’ll see their new girl Lauren, she’s a lot of fun, she would pretty much pose for free as she loves it so much.  Lauren has a great laugh with the cameraman, she can’t stop giggling, she enjoys getting naked, it makes her feel rather naughty.  To see more of Lauren now on WeHatePorn click on one of her images below.

Lauren Teases on AP Studios
Lauren Poses for AP Studios
Lauren gets drunk and naked for AP Studios
Lauren gets drunk on AP Studios
Lauren gets totally nude for AP Studios
Lauren gets Nude for AP Studios
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Real Girls Gone Bad – Wet T-Shirt Contest

It’s time to check back in to O’Neill’s Bar in Tenerife, they regularly have the most amazing wet t-shirt contests for the holiday-makers (mostly British girls), but these are not just wet t-shirt competitions, that’s just how they start out; by the end the most daring girls can often be found doing naked star jumps on stage (all to win some free drinks).  Most these girls will never have entered a wet t-shirt contest before, but since they’re on holiday with their friends and they’ve had a few drinks (a lot of drinks) then they get involved.  It is fair to say that most the girls didn’t know they’d be asked to do anymore than wear a wet t-shirt and maybe flash their boobs, that’s what makes it even more exciting when these girls are encouraged to reveal all.  To see more of these girls on WeHatePorn click on one of the three wet t-shirt images below.

O'Neills Wet T-shirt Contest in Tenerife
Real Girls Gone Bad – Wet T-shirt Contest in O’Neills Bar
Wet T-shirt Contest - Girls Strip on Stage
Real Girls Gone Bad
O'Neills Bar Girls on Stage in a Wild Wet T-shirt Contest
Girls get wild and crazy on stage in Tenerife
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Blonde Kenze on Zishy

Zishy have got blonde cutie Kenze Thomas in for some fun, they’ve actually managed to talk her completely out of her clothes, it must have been the Zishy-Effect; they always know how to bring the best out of their models.  Did you know the only reason the Zishy guy started up his site was because he was made redundant from his previous job.  We would all have really missed out if his wonderful site had never started up.  To see more of Kenze’s sexy photoshoot now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Blonde Girl Kenze Poses for Zishy
Kenze Thomas Poses for Zishy
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Lucia on UGotItFlauntIt

London girl Lucia was out with her friends holidaying in San Antonio, Ibiza, when the UGotItFlauntIt team spotted her and asked her how she’d feel about posing for a photoshoot in her bikini, as you have by now deduced she agreed.  You can see that Lucia is really enjoying this photoshoot, she knows exactly the poses which you want to see. 

Lucia poses in her bikini on Bora Bora Beach for UGotItFlauntIt
Lucia Posing in her Bikini for UGotItFlauntIt
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Kicking Cheerleader Upskirts

You love upskirts, it’s no secret, don’t be shy, let’s spend some time indulging your fantasy.  We’ve sent our upskirt experts out looking for the best new upskirt pics, they’ve come back to us with a collection of kicking cheerleaders, some in skirts and some who didn’t bother to wear a skirt, there are some super sexy moments taking place, fortunately for us someone was there with a decent camera at the right place and time.  Most these cheerleaders were cheerleader panties on top of their normal panties, but sometimes they have an oops where their real panties pop out as they high-kick.   Enjoy the upskirt fun!

Kicking Cheerleader Upskirt Fun
Kicking Cheerleader Upskirt

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Sexy Water Polo

Many of the sexiest things were never meant to be sexy, women’s Water Polo fits into the ‘It Wasn’t Meant to be Sexy’ category that we all love.  Here we get to watch fit girls climbing out of the pool in their tight wet swimsuits, their red-blooded fans will have no idea of the score, but they’ll be noticing every sexy detail of these sporty ladies hot bodies.  To watch the sporty fun now on WeHatePorn click on the cute swimsuit girl below.

Sexy Water Polo Girls in their Swimsuits
Sexy Water Polo Girls in Swimsuits

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Raquel Pomplun – Playboy Playmate of the Year 2013

Raquel Pomplun is back again for Playboy Plus, she’s the Playboy Playmate of the year for 2013, that means she’s rather special indeed, especially when you think about the wealth of beauty which Playboy have available.  Today this American Dream is wearing a lace bra, garters and a pair of blue denim shorts.  Raquel unbuttons her shorts and slowly starts pulling them down.  Raquel is a lot of fun, even more so when her clothes come off.  To see more of Raquel on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Playboy Playmate Raquel Pomplun
Raquel Pomplun on Playboy

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Upskirt Oops While Cleaning

VIDEO: Sometimes sexy things happen when they weren’t meant to; it can be very sexy indeed!  Today we’re going to enjoy some upskirt oops from Lexi who’s keeping the Downblouse Loving house very clean.  Let’s hope she’s too busy with the cleaning to worry about whether we’re looking up her skirt.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on Lexi below.

Upskirt Oops from Lexi as she Cleans
Lexi Upskirt Oops
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Cyierra in a Blue Tornado Swimsuit on SwimsuitHeaven

Are you ready for some of the latest eye candy from the amazing Swimsuit Heaven website?  Well they’ve rather generously allowed us to publish some outstanding photos of the adorable Cyierra showing off in her Blue Tornado swimsuit.  Make sure you’ve got someone nearby to restart your breathing.  To see more of Cyierra now on WeHatePorn click on her image below. 

Cyierra in her Blue Swimsuit
Cyierra Poses in her Swimsuit for Swimsuit Heaven
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Kelsey Poses for SandlModels

Kelsey is back for her 2nd video on SandlModels, if you missed the first video you’ll want to watch that too, Kelsey is a gorgeous girl, she’s looking even more tanned and toned than last time, it looks like she’s enjoying the attention and her new fans.  To see more of Kelsey now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Kelsey on SandlModels
Kelsey Posing for SandlModels
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Hazel Nightshirt Tease

VIDEO: Have you ever wondered what AloneWithHazel wears when she goes to bed?  Hazel feels most relaxed of all in a nightshirt, if you were with her now she’d give you a sexy tease, but since that’s not possible then she’s made a video especially for you. To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the lovely Hazel just below.

Hazel Teases in her NightShirt
AloneWithHazel Teasing in her Nightshirt
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Sexy and Funny Videos

We’ve got together a collection of sexy and funny videos for you, these will keep you entertained, they’re super sexy and might make you laugh at the same time.  All the women involved have a great sense of humor; exactly the type of girls that we love on WeHatePorn.  To watch the videos now on WeHatePorn click on the screengrab below.

Sexy ENF and Prank Videos
Sexy and Funny Videos

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Brooke Lima Miniskirt Fun

We know you all love the adorable Brooke Lima and her addictive Strip Games, so when we saw her latest update we knew we had to show you it.  Brooke is looking as cute as ever, she’s in a hot mini-mouse outfit with a polkadot miniskirt, it doesn’t take long until she starts to lose the outfit and gives us a handbra tease.  To see more of this photoshoot now on WeHatePorn simply click on Brooke Lima below.

Brooke Lima Miniskirt Strip Tease
Brooke Lima Miniskirt