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Sexy Zishy Girls

Zishy have been producing many new sexy photoshoots of their girls, which includes plenty of upskirt fun.  It’s time to have a look at their latest updates and enjoy the unique allure of the Zishy Girls, today we have seven of them for you to enjoy, to see them all now click on the image below.

Sexy Zishy Girls
Sexy Upskirts and Fun on Zishy

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AloneWithHazel Teasing in Red

VIDEO: Today AloneWithHazel is the Lady in Red, if you think of the famous song you’ll realize that Hazel could easily be described by the same lyrics.  This beauty wants to seduce and tease for you, to watch her now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Hazel Teasing in Red
AloneWithHazel Teasing in Red
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Group of Bikini Girls on UGotItFlauntIt

The legendary UGotItFlauntIt team have got together five of the hottest UK Girls in Ibiza for a super sexy photoshoot!  They took the girls off on a speed boat out to a secluded beach hoping that it would make the girls feel really comforable for the shoot and even more daring;  it worked!  As you’ll see from the preview pics the girls had a lot of fun in their bikinis getting soaking wet.  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on the bikini girls below.

Bikini Girls Having Fun on UGotItFlauntIt
A group of bikini girls having fun on UGotItFlauntIt
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RealGirlsGoneBad – Ayia Napa

When the British girls go to Ayia Napa the normal rules of conduct go out the window.  Once these girls get drunk and absorb the Ayia Napa atmosphere they’re willing to do almost anything, even in public places.  Some of these party girls will even agree to take part in naked wrestling competitions in the bars and clubs.  To see more of these real girls on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

RealGirlsGoneBad - Drunk Flashing

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Talia Upskirted on PantyLoving as she Works Out

VIDEO: Talia is doing a quick workout in a miniskirt. Make no mistake, she’s well aware of the closeup upskirt view which you have, but today she doesn’t seem too worried, probably because you’ve been throwing compliments her way so she’s in a good mood (make the most of it!). To watch the video now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Panty Loving Talia is Upskirted as she Works Out
Talia Shows Upskirt as she Works Out on Panty Loving

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University Strip Tease

UK university ball’s can be a lot fun; things happen that would never happy at any other time of the year.  Here’s a classic example of what the coeds are willing to do for these special occasions, this is the Dance Society of one UK university who got up on stage and performed a surprise strip tease.  The girls showed off their dancing skills and their hot bodies!  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

A Group of Girls Perform a Strip Tease at University
University Strip Tease on Stage

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Vickie Downblouse as she Plays the Piano

VIDEO: Is it that Vickie is concentrating so hard on playing the piano that she hasn’t realized the wonderful downblouse view she’s giving us.  Or maybe she has, maybe she’s showing off?  What do you think?  Well, by the end she strips down to her bra so it looks like this busty girl is proudly showing off her rather large assets on purpose.  To watch on WeHatePorn now click on the image below.

Busty Vickie Shows Busty Downblouse as she Plays the Piano
Busty Downblouse as Vickie Plays the Piano
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Alice in Wonderland – Bryoni Kate on Pinup WOW

Bryoni Kate is Alice in Wonderland today on PinupWOW.  She’s heading off on an adventure, what will she find?  It’s a crazy land so you never know something might happen which makes her lose her clothes, just a prediction, it’s the type of thing that happens in such weird and wonderful lands.  To see if she can keep her clothes on WeHatePorn click in her image below.

Pinup Girl Bryoni Kate is dressed up as Alice in Wonderland
Bryoni Kate Poses as Alice in Wonderland on Pinup WOW

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New Model Aurora on AP Studios

Here we have a brand new model posing for the first time on Northwest Beauties partner site AP Studios, meet the gorgeous Aurora, she’s a model with her own style and she’s looking forward to getting your attention; she wants to know if you think she looks pretty?  Aurora wears some sexy outfits and takes up some rather daring poses, she’s a natural in front of the camera.  To see more of Aurora now on WeHatePorn click on her just below.

New Model on AP Studios - Aurora
Aurora on AP Studios
Aurora Poses for AP Studios
New AP Studios Model Aurora
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Nextdoor Models Updates

WeHatePorn is fortunate enough a have a tonne of girl nextdoor fans who visit daily, many prefer the girl nextdoor-look to even some of the most beautiful women in the world.  There’s one site which understands this like no other, yes, you knew it already, Nextdoor Models is the place to find the girl nextdoor, they’ve kindly allowed us to share some of their recent updates (which keep getting better), they regularly get new models in and come up with creative and daring poses, some of the girls even agree to take it all off.  To enjoy their latest updates now click on the cute blonde below.

The latest girl nextdoor updates from Nextdoor Models
The latest updates from Nextdoor Models


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Dancing in a Black Thong – Lana James on Playboy

Today we have a real coed, Lana James, she’s actually so into her college studies that she insists on remaining single until she’s finished, however she’s decided that since so many people are after her she’ll please them all by becoming a Playboy Cyber Girl meaning that all of her admirers can get to know her intimately well (she’s a girl who likes to make people happy).  You’ll see that Lana is actually a talented dancer, so Playboy decided to get her dancing for her photoshoot, Lana is wearing a pair of black knickers and a crop top (in true Jennifer Lopez – I’m Glad-style).  We’ve got the first 3 minutes (almost) of her dancing video, do you think she’ll remove her underwear at some point for Playboy Plus?  Some of the girls expect to keep their underwear, but Playboy are experts at making panties drop.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Playboy Cyber Girl Lana James Dancing
Lana James Dances for Playboy

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Video: Rochelle on Swimsuit Heaven

In case you didn’t know, the sexiest swimsuit website in the world also has videos.  Yes, they do, so let’s give you a four minute sample to feast on, regulars will remember Rochelle from other Swimsuit Heaven updates, now it’s time to enjoy a video of her showing off her hot swimsuit body.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Swimsuit Heaven Video - Rochelle
Rochelle Teasing in her Swimsuit on Swimsuit Heaven
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AloneWithHazel in a Pink Bikini

VIDEO: You might be surprised to see AloneWithHazel in a bikini at this time of year (in England) but keep in mind that she does have rather good central heating, and wearing a bikini (for a woman of course, mainly) can be a great way of tricking yourself that it’s Summer time.  More likely though Hazel’s fans have asked her to put a bikini on today to add some sunshine into their lives.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on Hazel’s screen grab just below.

AloneWithHazel Teases with a Pink Bikini
Hazel Teases in a Pink Bikini
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Zishy Galleries

Zishy have been updating like crazy with their unique sexy non nude genius, their site has now completely exploaded on the Internet and it’s not hard to see why.  Zishy have very kindly provided us with some of their latest galleries.  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on the cute blonde in the image below.


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Hayley Marie Upskirt – DownblouseLoving

VIDEO: Hayley Marie has just been working out, now she’s on the phone having a bit of a chat, fortunately Hayley has stayed on the floor which gives us the opportunity to go in for an upskirt video; let’s see if she spots us!?  To watch the upskirt fun now on WeHatePorn click on the upskirt screencap below.

Hayley Marie Upskirted on the Phone
Hayley Marie Upskirted
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Tibby Upskirt Workout on PantyLoving

VIDEO: You’re helping Tibby to workout, she needs advice.  She’s aware that you can see upskirt in this position, she’s not too happy about it and so wants to put on some tracksuit bottoms, but you convince her that they would restrict her movement, you say that it is vital this workout is performed in a short skirt.  Let’s hope that she doesn’t suss out what your game is, she keeps on asking you to move back a bit as she knows what an amazing view you must have. To look up Tibby’s skirt now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Sexy Oops Upskirt as Tibby Works Out
Oops Upskirt from Tibby as she Works Out
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Busty Coed Ava Milano Poses for Playboy

There are so many hot girls inside the Playboy Plus website it’s almost impossible to see them all.  This one is a classic from 2011 of Ava Milano who Playboy had just discovered at the Philadelphia casting call.  Ava had been intending to pose for Playboy for some time, but first she wanted to finish college, as soon as she finished her last exams she headed over to a casting call where she completely made the photographer’s day.  This busty coed has an amazing body with lovely feminine curves in all the right places.  She was a bit unsure about whether to pose as she knew she would be expected to reveal all for the cameras, but now she’s glad that she did, she says that a Playboy casting call is “the sexiest thing a girl can do”.  To enjoy more of Ava now on WeHatePorn click on the image of her ass below.

Busty Playboy Coed Ava Milano

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Zishy Upskirt and Swimsuit

In LA sometimes you get a warm day in the Winter, it’s one of those days today so Stacie has headed to the park to catch some rays.  She’s wearing a blue swimsuit and a white miniskirt, fortunately we’ve got Zishy there ready to snap any upskirts or other sexy moments.  It doesn’t take long until Stacie removes her skirt altogether to reveal her tight blue swimsuit. To enjoy her now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Upskirt Fun on Zishy
Upskirt Fun in the Park with Zishy
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Brooke Lima and her Umbrella

Brooke Lima is getting ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year), this time it’s going to be the Year of the Horse (for those interested).  Brooke has got into some traditional Chinese clothing and is ready to tease us with the help of an umbrella and a fan.  To see more of Brooke on WeHatePorn click on her photo below.

Brooke Lima Strips Nude with her Umbrella

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Alone With Hazel Oil Rub

VIDEO: AloneWithHazel is about to rub herself with some oil, she wants to know if you’d like to watch?  Hazel loves the idea of you watching!  This classy English blonde wants to tease and please you while the two of you are all alone, to watch Hazel now on WeHatePorn click the screenshot below.

AloneWithHazel Oil Rub
Alone With Hazel Oil Rub
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Beckie Poses for UGotItFlauntIt

This is blonde Beckie in Tenerife, she’s a Real Girl who’s just been approached on the beach, she’s just agreed to do a photoshoot in her red bikini, this should be fun.  You never can tell if a pretty lady on the beach will agree to pose, fortunately for us Beckie agreed to pose for UGotItFlauntIt and she even agreed to get topless.  To see more of Becki now on WeHatePorn click on her photo below.

Blonde UK Girl Becki Poses for UGotItFlauntIt in her Tight Red Bikini
Becki Poses in her Red Bikini for UGotItFlauntI
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Brenna on Swimsuit Heaven

Swimsuit Heaven have a new model called Brenna, here she is, as you can see she’s adorable!  Brenna is smiling in a tight swimsuit and getting into all of the poses that we love, her swimsuit allows us to enjoy the shape of her fit feminine body.  To see more of Brenna on WeHatePorn click on her photo below.

Brenna shows off her hot body for Swimsuit Heaven

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Kristy on Northwest Beauties – Video 14

Just when you thought that Northwest Beauties couldn’t get any better, they get Kristy in for another video and take things to another level.  Kristy is one of the fan’s favorites, if you take a quick look through her video screencaps you’ll see exactly why.  In this video she gets into some incredibly hot poses and puts on a variety of sexy lingerie and underwear, in some cases rather revealing, especially for Northwest Beauties. To see more of this cute model now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Kristy - Northwest Beauties - Video 14
Kristy on Northwest Beauties

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Workout Upskirt Fun

VIDEO: Morgan thinks that she’s put on weight over Christmas, if she has it doesn’t show, but if it gets her doing some sexy workouts then it’s got to be a good thing.  Looks like we’ll be getting plenty of upskirts from her in January, exactly what we need to give us a boost after the holiday season.  To watch her sexy workout now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Sexy Workout Oops Upskirt Video
Workout Oops Upskirt Video
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Becky Roberts Poses for Playboy

It’s great news that Playboy have invited in UK Model Becky Roberts for a saucy shoot.  They’ve got this cute blonde into some sexy lingerie, she’s slowly seducing her way out of it and showing you every part of her natural body.  What a treat it is to see all of Becky, just for fun she keeps her stockings and heels on.  To enjoy more of Becky now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Becky Roberts Teasing in Lingerie for Playboy
UK Model Becky Roberts Teases for Playboy in Lingerie

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Quiz TV Upskirt

Today it’s time for another Quiz TV miniskirt oops upskirt, this time of a cute blonde presenter.  You always know they’re going to have a hard time keeping the color of their panties secret when they show up in a skirt this short.  To enjoy now on WeHatePorn click on the cute blonde girl below.

Quiz TV Presenter Upskirt
Quiz TV Upskirt Fun

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Quiz TV Upskirt Oops

How many of you watch quiz TV? Perhaps more than one would expect, but not for the quizes.  Yes, there is another very good reason for watching quiz TV.  The director’s worked out that they could increase their numbers by hiring hot female presenters and now they’ve worked out that we all want to see a bit of upskirt and cleavage, if they give us what we want we will watch quiz TV all night long.  Sometimes the girls are deliberately giving us a nice view, othertimes perhaps the presenter is being careless or has been tricked about the height of the camera.   To watch some quiz TV upskirt fun now on WeHatePorn click on the cute TV presenter below.

Fun Oop Upskirt on Quiz Television
Oops Upskirt on Quiz TV

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Sexy Fun with Asi Somos on TV

What is the lovely latin lady Asi Somos up to today?  Those who are familiar with her will know that she’s great at coming up with any excuse to show some skin.  Today we’re in for some bikini fun, but that’s not all, to make it super sexy she gets the team to cover her in lotion.  Asi really knows how to get us watching her show, if she didn’t get her kit off regularly she’d have far less viewers.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Asi Somas Sexy TV Show
Asi Somas in a Bikini
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Dancing Flyskirt Fun from Brazil (Hot Asses)

In some countries e.g. Brazil, it’s quite normal that a cute girl wearing a miniskirt can decide to give all those watching some flyskirt fun, she can show her ass and upskirt as part of a dance, it’s all considered quite natural that she might choose to do that.  A couple of decades ago every upskirt was an oops, whereas now it’s all part of the show.  To watch the Brazlian booty shaking now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Dancing Girls show their Asses - Upskirt Time
Sexy Ass Upskirts from Brazil
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TV Show Upskirts

Happy New Year everyone!  How would you like to see in the New Year?  You can look up at the sky and watch the fireworks, or you can stare at beautiful girls in miniskirts and hope for upskirt fun.  Or maybe you are a multi-tasker who can do both; the choice is yours.  To watch a sexy upskirt video now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Beautiful Girls show Upskirt on TV
Beautiful Girls on TV