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Real Girls Gone Bad – Wet T-shirt Contest

Let’s get back over to Tenerife into O’Neill’s Bar for another wonderful Real Girls Gone Bad wet t-shirt contest, over there there’s never a shortage of drunk UK girls willing to get on stage and dance in white knickers and a crop top for the crowd, first the girls get wet, then a lot of these girls will lose their tops and some will even dare to pull down their panties.  It’s always a party on Real Girls Gone Bad, to see more now on WeHatePorn click on the cutie below.

Real UK Girls Party

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Girl Getting Undressed and Dressed on TV Show

Yet more sexy happenings on the Toc Show, this time we have video of a super cute girl pulling her trousers down showing off her ass in a thong, then putting on some denim shorts, this is our kind of show, if only there were more like this.  To watch this now here on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Hot girl removes her shorts on TV

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Sammy Brushing Up On Downblouse Loving

VIDEO: Sammy is brushing up out in the yard, she’s got plenty of cleavage on display but she’s focused on the task at hand so isn’t thinking about that.  You can stare wherever you like as cute UK girl Sammy does all the work, to enjoy the fun now on WeHatePorn click on the screen-cap below.

Sammy Brushes Up on Downblouse Loving, enjoy the cleavage view


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Real Girls Gone Bad Bar Crawl

It’s always a party here on WeHatePorn, especially when we do our Real Girls Gone Bad updates!  Let’s enjoy some more drunken fun with shameless UK girls on their holidays in the Spanish Isles.  The majority of these girls see stripping as a vital part of having fun on their nights out, there are a few shy ones who need encouragement but they soon copy when they see their friends topless and naked.  There have been so many wonderful updates on the Real Girls Gone Bad website that it’s well worth checking out, especially the uncensored photos and videos inside the members area.  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on the party girls below.

Real UK Girls on a Bar Crawl

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Three Girls Lift their Skirts on TV Show (Close Ups)

You’ll be pleased to see we’re back with the Toc Show again, there is so much fun there which fits in perfectly with our WeHatePorn theme.  The presenters of the show like to encourage the girls to lift their skirts and show their cute knickers, it’s a real treat especially when the camera zooms in to give us a perfect view.  To enjoy now press Play below.

Girls Lift Their Skirts Up on Live TV

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Cute Girls Show Their Knickers on a TV Show

Shall we watch some cute girls lifting up their skirts?  It’s not an offer you’d expect many to decline, on the Toc Show show stuff like this happens every week with hot girls more than happy to lift their skirts and show their knickers to millions of people.  They really need to make more TV shows like this!  To watch this now on WeHatePorn click on the screencap below.

Cute Girls Lift Up Each Others Skirts

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Paige on Northwest Beauties – Video 19

Good news everyone, Paige is back on Northwest Beauties for her 19th video, she poses in five sexy lingerie outfits showing off her fit feminine body from all the best angles.  How far will she dare to bare today?  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on the pic below.

Paige on Northwest Beauties

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Swimsuit Heaven – September 2014

It’s time we get our swimsuit fix and there’s no better place than the super sexy Swimsuit Heaven website to adore beautiful girls in tight swimsuits.  Once you log into their site there’s actually a chance you’ll be there all day as there’s so much female sexiness to be discovered.  Eventually we managed to drag ourselves back here with samples of their recent updates (September 2014) to share with you.  As always their photos have a magnetic effect on your eyes, you’ll find yourself glued to them.  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on the hot classy blonde below.

Swimsuit Heaven Updates September 2014

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Girls Get Wet on a TV Show

Today we bring you more from the amazing Toc Show.  They always have sexy ideas for their super-cute girls, this time their hotties are going to get wet, one is prepared in a bikini top and the others have plenty of cleavage on display.  For over 7 minutes of entertainment on WeHatePorn click on the cute girls below.

Super cute girls get wet, one is in a bikini top, they're washing a car and getting soaking wet

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Girl Lifts Her Skirt and Shows Cameltoe

Sometimes we find a total gem of a sexy moment, and this video has captured it, it’s what happened on the Toc Show in Chile, a total babe willingly lifts up her skirt and allows the camera to zoom right in on her skimpy knickers, they are so tight that there’s clear cameltoe, she keeps the wonderful view on display for ages, normally this stuff only happens in dreams.  You can see by the expression of the other presenters that they’re enjoying every Second of this, they can’t believe their luck.  This beauty soon turns round to give us a view of her super cute ass. To watch the fun now on WeHatePorn click on the screencap below.

Girl lifts up her skirt on live television and shows the camera her cute cameltoe panties

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Mocha Girls Dancing and Teasing

Do you know who the Mocha Girls are?  They’re an all-girl band from the Philippines who love to sing and dance.  Anyway, let’s get straight to the point so as you can see what we’re talking about, here we’ve got some of their super sexy videos for you to sit back and enjoy, watching these is surely good for your health.  To watch the girls now on WeHatePorn click on one of their images below.

Videos of the Mocha Girls Dancing

Sexy Videos of the Mocha Girls

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Alone With Hazel Bubble Bath

VIDEO: Would you like to watch AloneWithHazel in the bubble bath?  You can admit it, almost everyone wants to watch Hazel in the bathtub it’s a perfectly natural desire.  Hazel rather likes the idea of you watching her take a bath, so she’s decided to make a nice video for you to feast your eyes on, she uses the bubbles to tease you.  To enjoy her now on WeHatePorn click on the screengrab below.

Alone With Hazel Takes a Bubble Bath

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Real Girls Gone Bad on a Pub Crawl

It’s time to check out the latest drunken fun from the Spanish Isles.  It’s September now, still Summer and the UK girls are still swarming out here.  There’s parties everywhere you look, these girls get so wasted that they’re up for almost any sexy game that gets thought up in the bars and clubs.  It’s time now to enjoy the party and absorb the atmosphere, let’s see what happens during the latest events attended by the Real Girls Gone Bad crew, they are the only ones who can be relied on to be there filming and taking photos of these drunk girls doing things they’d never dare to do back home.  To enjoy more now on WeHatePorn click on the flexible cuties below.

Real Girls Kicking Upshorts

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Busty Downblouse from Lexi as she Cleans the Sink

VIDEO: Busty girl Lexi is too busy cleaning the sink to realize that there’s a camera staring directly at her cleavage allowing us to enjoy every moment of the action. This hot UK girl is well known for the wonderful downblouse view she allows, she’s a regular in the Downblouse Loving house and a fans favorite.  To watch the clip now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Busty UK Girl Lexi is Cleaning Up Showing Downblouse

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Kari Sweets Soccer Star

The official website of the hottest girl on the internet Miss Kari Sweets has been releasing some stunning HD photoshoots with never seen before photos.  When it comes to Kari Sweets everyone is a fan, we all love to be seduced by her tease as she shows off her gymnast body and super cute ass.  Kari Sweets wants to show off her talent today, she can win any game of soccer simply by showing some skin to distract the opposition, she should be used as a super-sub in the World Cup Final, all the opposition would want to swap shirts with her at the end of the game.  To enjoy more now on WeHatePorn click on cute Kari Sweets in the image below.

Kari Sweets has a lot of talent, she will now perform a demonstation

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Sexy Prank – Touch Me Right Now

Today for something a bit different we’re sharing a video from television of a rather sexy and funny prank, this hot lady pretends that she is desperate for the attention of the chaps near by her, some say it’s not possible while others find the offer simply irresistible.  It’s quite possible that even after the guys found out they were the subjects of a prank that they were still rather pleased with their experience.  If Kylie Minogue did this prank on you would you be angry with her?  😉  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the legs below.

Super Sexy Prank Video from TV Show


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Playboy Updates September 2014

We’ve just logged into the Playboy member area and sampled their latest sexy babes who’ve been revealing all for the high class magazine.  As you might know, Playboy get the girls who nobody else can, they get fashion models, celebrities and nice girls, Playboy is the only way you can get these girls to reveal all on the Internet, we’d be lost without them.  One of the best things is that for some reason they allow us to have full uncensored access to their members area for just $1, they probably will eventually realize they need to increase that, but for now it’s a bargain and you get to treat yourself to all their classy beauties leaving nothing to the imagination in their members area.  To see the latest girls now on WeHatePorn click on the beauty below.

September 2014 Playboy Updates

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Drunk UK Girls on a Bar Crawl

Real Girls Gone Bad are as always coming up with cracking new updates, there’s been no shortage of drunk UK girls for them to film, regularly stripping in bars and clubs while away on vacation.  It’s always a party in the Spanish Isles, every single night there’s crazy stuff going on, if you ever go there make sure you’ve always got a camera handy.  Let’s take a look at one of the latest nights out which Real Girls Gone Bad have kindly managed to capture and share with us, to see more now on WeHatePorn click on the party girls below.

Drunk UK Real Girls Partying and Stripping


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Girls Dancing on Stage in a Club – Pantyhose Upskirts

There are so many sexy things that happen in nightclubs, if only it was possible to always be there at the right times. Thankfully these days people are quick to pull a camera out so as the moments can be both remembered and shared.  Here we’ve got hot girls dancing on stage as they get showered with water, it’s not long until we get to enjoy some pantyhose upskirt action, the girls seem to know how to please the crowd, by the end of the first minute one of the girls makes it clear to the crowd that she’s commando under her pantyhose, especially as her pantyhose is getting soaked, she clearly wants to treat everyone to a revealing upskirt show.  Make sure you watch all the way to the last minute when the commando girl embarrasses her friend by lifting her skirt right up.  Wishing you were there?  Not to worry, get close to your screen and you will feel like you’re there as someone had an HD camera in the front row. 😉  To enjoy now on WeHatePorn click on the miniskirt screengrab below.

Dancers Upskirted on Stage in a Club