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Real Girls Gone Bad - British Wet T-shirt (Contest 57)
British Holiday-Makers Agree to take part in a Wet T-shirt ContestThese girls put on white panties and tops ready to go on stageThese real girls are in the right kind of moodThe club have some poles ready for some extra fun

Another group of British holiday-makers have
arrived at O'Neill's bar for what they think is
just a wet t-shirt contest, once they've got a few
drinks down them this is going to be a lot
more than that, the wet t-shirt contest will
last at most 10 minutes max then they'll
be encouraged to show a lot more.

British Girls Gone Bad
Those white panties and tops are going to get rather revealing once they get wetWait till these girls get naked, they all want to win and it's skin to winThose panties are getting wetO'Neill's Bar in Tenerife is where this takes place, best place to be in the Summer

These girls would never dream of doing this back home
in Britain. To see more
click >HERE< now

These girls will shortly be asked to start removing their clothes, most will agree
It always helps to give the girls a few shots of alcohol at the start of the contestOut come the boobs, these girls really want to win, but do they want to win enough to pull their panties down to their ankles?
All these girls thought this was just a wet t-shirt contest, fortunately they start to go with the flow
Out come the tanlines
These girls are enjoying themselves in front of the crowdBoobs out for the lads
Those panties will need to come down soon, let's see who really wants to win
By the end of this contest they'll see if they
can get the girls to do naked star-jumps to help
pick a winner, you'll be surprised how many
of these girls will agree to it, they don't realize
it's going to be posted on the Internet.


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