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Sam T from Only Tease

Sam Tye from Only TeaseSam is your Study PartnerYou both have something in common in that you're very easily distractedIt's not looking good for the exam tomorrowThere won't be any studying today
Sam Tye
You popped over to Sam's place to
do some studying together as you
both have an exam tomorrow
You really should be studying with greasy nerd insteadSam and you will both fail tomorrow's examYou didn't know that Sam liked youSam finds you rather attractiveYou've now completely forgotten about tomorrow's exam
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Sam is trying to hint that she likes youSam wants to have some fun, no more studyingThe only studying you're doing is up Sam's skirt
Sam is so pretty, you can't believe you've pulled herSam wants you to sit next to her on the bed
You and Sam aren't ideal Study
Partners as you're both very
easily distracted. Thing's
are not looking good for the
exam tomorrow, but that's
the last thing on your mind

Sam Tye

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