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Five Hotties Pose for Playboy Plus

What we love about Playboy is that they have the power to get women who would not pose anywhere else on the Internet, in fact many ladies have it on their bucket list to pose for Playboy, even if they’d never take their clothes off online for any other website or brand.  Below we’ve got five gorgeous girls who have posed (and revealed all), inside the official PlayboyPlus website each of them strips down to their birthday suit.  First is Ali Rose in yellow panties and a blue bra, then Amberleigh West in her sexy lingerie, the comes Katya Clover is some classy unzippable shorts (which will soon be coming off), next is busty girl Ally Johnson who’s sitting on the bed wearing grey bra and panties, then last but not least is Carlye Denise who’s going to tease in stockings and black panties, by the end of her photo shoot she’ll only be wearing the stockings and nothing else.  To head over to the official website and watch these hotties undress (including videos), then just click on any of their images below.  Enjoy!
Ali Rose poses for Playboy in her bra and panties Amberleigh West in her underwear Katya Clover on Playboy Ally Johnson in her bra and panty for PlayboyPlus Carlye Denise in her black panties for Playboy

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VIDEO: Ally Johnson Playboy Shower

After we published pics of Ally Johnson in the shower on Playboy Plus, a lot of you asked for a sneak peek of the video, so today we bring you the first part of Ally Johnson’s shower video.  This Playboy amateur is a bit special and you can tell that this is definitely an ‘Only for Playboy’ girl.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on Ally’s image below.


 Video of Ally Johnson in the Shower

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Ally Johnson in the Playboy Shower

Playboy Amateur Ally Johnson has been back in the Playboy Mansion, this time they sent her to the shower.  Ally still had her clothes on when she entered the shower, she soon realized that to get properly clean they’d need to come off.  To see more of Ally now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Ally takes a Playboy Shower
Playboy Shower with Ally Johnson
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Ally Johnson in her Underwear for Playboy

Playboy Amateur Ally Johnson is a girly-girl from Minnesota.  Despite being a girly-girl, you’ll be surprised to know that she does like football (Vikings) and even screams at her TV when they’re playing, but the rest of the time she’s definitely a girly-girl who likes to go to the spa, get manicures and pedicures, and go shopping.  Ally had done some modelling before, but this is her first time posing nude.  She sees Playboy as a way to express her femininity; any excuse to get her to strip naked is a good one as far as we’re concerned!  To watch Ally Johnson now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Playboy Amateur Ally Johnson
Ally Johnson Poses for Playboy Plus