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UGotItFlauntIt – Updates as More Coeds Strip for Cash on the Beach

During the summer vacations the UGotItFlauntIt camera crew find many new coeds on the beaches who are keen to take the ‘Flaunt It!’ Challenge and earn some easy cash on the beach.  The ladies want to let their hair down and do something daring, having a much-needed break from their lectures it’s also time to have some fun.  Here we’ve got some of the recent SFW updates from the UGotItFlauntIt website, they are all clickable if you want to see some more.  How much will the coeds dare to bare?  You never know.
Bikini coeds strip for cash UGotItFlauntit coeds having fun on the beach in their bikinis UGotItFlauntIt Challenge Girl in a yellow bikini poses on the beach Blonde student in glasses poses for cash Brunette in a wet t-shirt Bikini strip on the beach Coed needs money for books, agrees to pose for UGotItFlauntIt
U Got It Flaunt It

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Former Playboy Cover Model Michelle Poses for NorthwestBeauties

Once again Northwest Beauties demonstrate that they have the magic touch to bring in both the girl nextdoor type as well as professional models like Michelle (below), who’s a former Playboy cover model.  It’s not often a website has the power to bring in such a wide range of models, but clearly Northwest Beauties is a trusted brand with a reputation for treating their models very well indeed, as the models tend to keep on coming back in for more photoshoots, which are often progressively more revealing than the first.  This is Michelle’s first video on Northwest Beauties, to see more preview pics just click on any of the screenshots below.  If you would like to find out how much Michelle will dare to bare, there’s an option to download the full uncensored video for $20.  You’ll also see on the same page near the top, links to Michelle’s other videos with Northwest Beauties.
Blonde coed Michelle poses for Northwest Beauties Beautiful Playboy model Michelle Blonde model poses Now she's switched to a tight minidressMichelle teases for NorthwestBeautiesIt's time for some handbra fun
Northwest Beauties

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Jessica Zelinske Poses for a Playboy Casting Call in Chicago

Babe Jessica Zelinske works in a grocery store where she notices that the guys can’t keep their eyes off her.  Here Jessica is posing for a Playboy casting call in Chicago, wearing some pink bra and panties which may not be on for much longer.  After this photoshoot, Playboy called Jessica back in for some more hot photoshoots.   The last of the four pics below is the naughtiest one we can show, it’s only just about SFW as Jessica teases us with her panties.  To feast you eyes on the full uncensored casting call photos and video, along with the other photoshoots she later did for Playboy Plus, just click on any of the photos below.  It’s $1 to join, then once inside the website do a site search for Jessica Zelinske.
Jessica in her pink bra for Playboy Hot Playboy babe Jessica Zelinske Bra and panty casting call Naughty panty tease at casting call
To see what happens next, completely uncensored, just click on the banner below, where it’s $1 to join, then do a search inside the website for Jessica Zelinske.  Enjoy the show!!
Nude Casting Call Banner

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Blonde Coed Beth Poses for the Chicago Playboy Casting Calls

Blonde coed Beth Dubois studies management and marketing at College DuPage in Illinois.  The guys on her course get distracted by her, and they were especially pleased when they heard she was going to pose for Playboy.  In fact, after her casting call in Chicago, Beth then got called back in for a Coed of the Week photoshoot.  To see Beth’s uncensored pics and video in the Playboy website just click on any of the SFW pics below.
Blonde coed Beth poses for Playboy Pink bra and panties Casting call coed is about to strip for Playboy She's going to take those pink panties down for the Playboy photographer She's stripped fully naked apart from her high heels
To watch her take it all off, giving her college classmates a real treat, just click on the banner below.  It’s only $1 to join and view coed Beth’s revealing and uncensored photoshoot.
Nude Casting Call Banner

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University of Missouri Coed Lauren Albrecht Poses for Playboy

Coed Lauren Albrecht is a business major from the University of Missouri.  She spends a lot of time in the library studying, so today she wanted to make her day more exciting by going along to pose for Playboy, also it allows her to tick it off her bucketlist.  The Mizzou coed says “All of my time is spent at the library studying and reading novels”.  Lauren has always been a keen reader, she’s a big fan of Stephen King, who is her favorite writer.  As well was a enjoying some scary stuff she also likes to read a romance novel now and again, a genre which she was introduced to by her mother.  Lauren says “I remember reading one of my mom’s romance novels and I didn’t know what fellatio meant. I was like, ‘Mom, what’s fellatio?’” asked Lauren. “I was grounded after that.”  To see Laurens uncensored Coed of the Month photos and Miami Playboy casting call video inside the members area, just click on any of her pics below.  Once inside the site (just $1 to join), do a site search for Lauren Albrecht and enjoy the show!
Coed Lauren Albrecht poses for Playboy Business major strips naked for PLayboy

To enjoy seeing Lauren take it all off, leaving nothing to the imagination for one time only, it’s just $1 to get a membership through the Playboy casting call website below.
Nude Casting Call Banner

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Coed Riley A Poses for Northwest Beauties

Coed Riley A is one of the best first-time models who’s ever posed for Northwest Beauties, she’s really positive, enthusiastic and upbeat.  She was ready to model straight away and seemed to know exactly the right poses to go for, without being instructed.  Riley A smiled throughout the photoshoot from start-to-finish.  The full uncensored video is 120 minutes in total, to visit the download page just click on any of the screenshots below.  Big thanks go to the legendary Northwest Beauties for finding these cute coeds and encouraging them to pose for us all to enjoy.
Coed Riley A poses for her first video on Northwest Beauties She strips topless Teasing in pink panties on NorthwestBeauties ENF topless girl

Northwest Beauties

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University Gymnast Coeds

University gymnastics is a sport with a large male following, and many women do have conspiracy theories as to why.  Could it be the tight revealing outfits i.e. leotards, which the ladies wear?  Interestingly, the university coeds are more than happy to show off their fit bodies in such skimpy outfits, in front of big crowds in the stadiums, also they regularly proudly post snaps of themselves online in their leotards, much to the delight of their fans.  Of course, perhaps these guys, the fans, are just sports enthusiasts, who are looking at the technique and the skill, and definitely the talent, it would be right to give them the benefit of the doubt, wouldn’t you say?  Or will this be another conspiracy theory which comes true?  To see more ladies in tight one-piece outfits just click on any of the pics below. 
Four blonde gymnasts wearing their leotards outdoors Three blonde gymnasts smiling in tight leotards University gymnasts celebrate Three university gymnasts pose Brunette coed shows off her fit body in her tight leotard Two university gymnast coeds pose in their tight leotards College gymnasts show off in their leotards Gymnasts poses in her hotel room

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Sexy Sports Fun – Mixture of College Athletes and Pros

Everyone loves sporty ladies, admired by both men and women, often in different ways.  Each person has their preference, while some like swimmers, others prefer volleyball players (especially in beach volleyball outfits).  Then there are those who like the gymnast coeds, ones who admire track athletes, others sports to note along these lines are golf and tennis pros/coeds.  In 2024 female wrestlers are seen as an attraction by many too, times and trends are evolving.  Here below we’ve got a selection of hot sporty ladies for you, something for everyone, feel free to reply and let us know who you prefer and which type of athlete you’d like to see more of?  Enjoy!
University track coed likes to upload selfies Track coed poses Beach volleyball cuties Blonde university gymnast in action Beach volleyball Swimmers having fun in their swimsuits Sprinter Track coed Track coed puts on her swimsuit and poses

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Cute Coed Chloe Poses for Northwest Beauties

Cute university coed Chloe has agreed to make another video for Northwest Beauties, she’s starting to quite enjoy all of the attention and compliments she’s been getting.  In the video she puts on a number of different outfits and teases, getting more daring with each video.  The video is 1-hour in total and can be downloaded, in case she ever has second thoughts, like a lot of the coeds do.  To head over to the download page now, where you’ll also find more screencaps from Chloe’s Northwest Beauties movie, just click on any of her pics below.
Cute brunette coed Chloe Coed in lingerie Cute girl agrees to pose for a videoGirl in lingerie - Shy brunette in lingerie on NorthwestBeautiesPosing topless in her panties Northwest Beauties girl Chloe on the floor showing offNorthwest Beauties

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Shy Penn State Coed Poses for Playboy

Everyone loves it when one of the university coeds poses for Playboy, this time they’ve encouraged a shy business administration major from Penn State University to pose, and as you can see she’s agreed.  Sophia is a girl who likes to go out clubbing, but with being a student she’s on a strict budget, so she can’t go clubbing every week.  However, she’s still found a great way to have a fun time  “My apartment is where the fun is,” she says “Most of the parties happen at my place.”  So, it’s all about scoring an invitation to the legendary parties at Miss Adams’s place.  There’s another plus about going to visit this brown-eyed coed “My cooking is to die for!  My favorite thing to make is lasagna, or any other Italian dish.”  So now let’s see how much this delicious coed will dare to bare for Playboy today, will she dare to pull down her tight white panties for one time only?  To view her uncensored photos just click on any of the images below to be taken over to the official Playboy website, which is only $1 to join, then once inside do a site search for “Sophia Adams” and you’ll find her high-res uncensored pics.  Enjoy!!
Penn State coed poses for Playboy Coed strips for Playboy Coed teases with her white panties Coed pulling down her pantiesPulling down her panties Penn State coed pulls down her panties Sophia strips naked for Playboy Shy girl reveals all for Playboy Sophia Adams gets naked for Playboy Business administration major takes it all off for Playboy PlusPlayboy Coeds

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University Volleyball Coeds Pose

Which type of sports coeds are your favorite?  Today we’re going to look at some university volleyball coeds, both beach and indoor, to help you decide who you prefer?  All of them are very confident in their tight outfits and clearly love the attention that they receive.  Do you watch the volleyball yourself?  Which is your favorite team/player, feel free to answer in the replies.
Blonde volleyball player in her uniform and bikini Volleyball coed poses Beach volleyball player University volleyball coed in tight shorts Two volleyball coeds 20yo Argentine beach volleyball player Volleyball player poses in tight blue shorts Cute university volleyball player poses Blonde volleyball player Beach volleyball

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The WPL Productions Clip Club

Northwest Beauties partner website WPL Productions have a clip club where you can instantly gain access to many of their videos.  For $20 you’ll get three days of access to 30 of their full-length videos, there are two new scenes published every week.  Altogether that’s five hours of video for you to download and enjoy.  Below we’ve got lots of preview pics of the WPL Productions girls, take a look as see if any of them take your fancy.  If you’d like to start watching the videos inside the WPL Clip Club now just click on any of the screenshots below and you’ll be magically transported over to the official website.
Betsy on WPL Productions Angelique Kithos WPL Clip Club Girl Holly Blonde cutie on the sofa Hot blonde coed Busty blonde babe Topless girl poses Brunette coed goes braless Girl nextdoor teases in her turquoise panties WPL Productions hottie Strip tease Lap dance hottie Girl on the floor teasing Topless blonde relaxing on the sofa

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Shy Penn State Coed Poses for Playboy

Student Jo is a criminal justice major at Penn State University, after she graduates she wants to go to law school and eventually work in a large firm.  Playboy were looking for coeds to pose and so Jo she was feeling brave and to give it a go.  The photographers were surprised as this Penn State coed seems quite shy, so they were especially stunned with how far she went in the photoshoot, eventually revealing all and even getting into a rather naughty pose.  Jo decided to give all of her admirers on campus a real treat, many guys (and her female admirers) couldn’t believe their eyes.  Below we’ve got the SFW and censored photos, but if you’d quite fancy seeing the NSFW versions then feel free to head over to the official Playboy Plus website by clicking on any of the photos below.  It’s only $1 to join, then once inside the members area just do a search for “Penn State Jo” and you’ll see her in the results.  Enjoy! 
Penn State coed Jo poses for Playboy Coed shows her boobs for Playboy Plus Law student in a thong for Playboy Will she dare to pull down her panties? Jo Leigh pulls down her panties for Playboy Coed gets naked for Playboy Student gets into a naughty pose for Playboy

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Former Roller Skate Champion Jumps on her Trampoline in her Bikini for Playboy

Blonde coed Karen competed as a roller skater at the Olympics three times, she’s still a sporty girl, regularly heading out to jump on her trampoline in her bikini.   Today Playboy have paid her a visit, so since it’s a special occasion, she’s going to untie her bikini and then jump around in her birthday suit.  To watch the free SFW preview on, just click on blonde Karen below.
Blonde roller skater on her trampoline for Playboy

Playboy Plus Official


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Pinup WOW Girl Elle Accidentally Hoovers her Clothes Off

Beautiful red haired pinup girl Elle Richie is doing the housework around the Pinup WOW house when the very naughty Henry the Hoover decides he’s going to start vacuuming off her clothing, one piece at a time.  Elle can’t believe it, especially when Henry doesn’t stop at her underwear, eventually leaving her fully nude trying to cover herself up.  We’ve got the SFW pics here and if you’d quite like to view the full uncensored Pinup WOW story just head over to their official website by clicking on any of Elle’s photos below.
Elle Richie Pinup WOW girl Upskirt oops Hoovering her clothes off EUF Oops - Elle Richie has hoovered off her clothes Pinup WOW

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Cute Coed Kayla Pose for South West Amateur Video

Beautiful blonde girl Kayla is posing for Northwest Beauties partner website SW Amateur Video in a pink bikini.  Kayla is a classic beauty, like a Barbie doll, though with a more curvy figure.  The camera comes in close and Kayla enjoys the attention and the thought of all of you getting to see her.  To watch her free video now on just click on the screenshot below.  All of the SW Amateur Video full uncensored videos are available via Northwest Beauties, to head over there now just click on the banner below the video of Kayla.
Kayla posing for SW Amateur Video

Northwest Beauties

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Kari Sweets Cowgirl Video

The adorable Miss Kari Sweets is wearing her cowgirl outfit in this 1 minute 27  video, and she’s about to head out into the garden and do some rather daring things.  If her neighbors happen to have a glance over their fence then they’re going to be in for quite a pleasant surprise.  If Kari Sweets lives nextdoor to you then your house price will likely double, every time it’s a sunny day there’s going to be some eye candy out of your bedroom window.  If you’d like to watch her free video on our website then just click on the screenshot below.  Also, there’s her official site which has all of her most revealing media, to head there you’ll see a banner below the screenshot which is clickable.  Enjoy!
Kari Sweets Cowgirl Video

Kari Sweets Official


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Blonde Zishy Coed Jezebel in her Denim Shorts

Blonde coed Jezebel is outdoors with Zishy having fun around her neighborhood.  She is feeding ducks, washing cars and then has a nipslip oops moment which makes her laugh.  The oops moment puts her in the mood for a tease, so Jezebel starts to unzip her blue denim shorts, giving us a good peek at her thong panties.  It makes her feel very naughty showing her panties outdoors, to find out if she dares to bare some more then just click on any of her photos below to head over to the official Zishy website. 
Blonde coed Jezebel poses outdoors for Zishy Cute blonde with Zishy Blonde coed has a nipslip outdoors Bending over in her blue denim shorts Coed unzips her denim shorts Jezebel Madd shows her thong

Zishy Website Banner

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Video – StasyQ Hottie LovaQ Teases

Video of LovaQ teasing on StasyQ

Here’s a free preview video of LovaQ starting off a titillating tease for StasyQ.  To watch now on our site, just click on the screenshot above.


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Student Amy Marie Poses for Playboy Student Bodies

Hazel-eyed nursing student Amy is a down to earth girl who enjoys watching football, going to the gym and riding horses.  She’s also a social girl who likes to chill with her friends.  The all-natural coed likes to take care of people, and she’s certainly taking care of us by agreeing to strip off for Playboy Student Bodies today.  The brunette says “Guys grow up with their mothers taking care of them when they are ill, so when a sexy woman their own age takes on that role, it’s a huge turn-on”.  Amy is currently studying at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana, she has more helpful skills as well as her nursing, she one who likes to please. “A group of us from school went to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break this year. One club had stripper poles and bars long enough to do body shots. By the end of the night, men were asking me what time my shift was over!” she confesses.  We are all wishing we were there to enjoy watching her Spring Break performance, but at least her uncensored revealing bikini strip tease is available for viewing (videos and photos), inside the Playboy website for only $1, just get yourself a password then once you’ve logged into the member area do a search at the top right for her name.
Amy put on quite a show during her last Spring Break vacation in Ft. Lauderdale Ivy Tech Community College Coed University coed Bikini strip tease Bikini tease from Amy Marie Student Bodies Amy Marie strips for Playboy

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Top 25 Sexy Websites You Might Like

People often write in and ask which are the top sexy websites we’d recommend to them, so we thought it was a good time to give you an update on the Top 25 Sexy Websites which you might enjoy checking out.  If you do decide to join any of them then you’ll be helping out both the models and the sites, enabling them to keep up the good work of keeping us all well entertained.  In the websites below you’ll find coeds, babes, hotties, swimsuits, pinup, stockings, tease, downblouse, upskirt and much more.  If you think we’ve missed any sites out then please write in the comments below, also let us know which are your favorites.


Northwest Beauties


Kari Sweets

Stasy Q



Pinup WOW

Downblouse Loving

Swimsuit Heaven

More Than Nylons

Kates Playground

Spin Chix

Bopping Babes

Upskirt Jerk

Phil Flash

Sneaky Peaks

Mr Skin

Angles ‘n’ Babes


Brooke Lima Strip Poker

Only Tease

FTV Girls

Met Art

Only Silk and Satin

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Coed Agrees to Strip Off her Bikini for UGotItFlauntIt for Money

This cute and shy brunette coed has been spending her money a bit too quickly while away on vacation, so when the UGotItFlauntIt camera crew made her an offer to strip off her bikini for cash on the beach it was very tempting indeed, and as you will see below she’s agreed to go ahead with it.  First she thinks it’s just about getting topless, but then she gets offered some more to lose her black bikini bottoms too, it’s a generous offer, she thinks about it, gets hold of her bikini bottoms, but will she be willing to pull them down in public?  To find out now just head over to the official UGotItFlauntIt website by clicking on any of her photos below.
Coed gets offered cash to remove her bikini UGotItFlauntIt offered this girl money to remove her bikini She agrees and strips to undress, she needs more spending money for her vacation Strip for cash on the beach Will she dare to pull down her bikini bottoms in public?

U Got It Flaunt It

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Three University Coeds Pose for Playboy

Today we have three university coeds for you who have all decided to reveal all for Playboy, of course, we’ll can only show you the safe for work photos here, the first two coeds don’t do many such photos, whereas the third girl does quite a long tease before things get NSFW.
The first coed is Jamie, a marketing major from Ohio State University, who is a real life fresh-faced girl nextdoor, she says ““I love Playboy and I’m happy to continue modeling for the company”.  Next is blonde coed Taryn from New Orleans University who is another marketing major.  The campus sits by Lake Pontchartrain, so it’s always tempting for the students to skip class and go to have fun by the lake.  Taryn says about herself ” I love to get in my bikini and spend the day Jet Skiing and getting a great tan. I also love Vegas.”  Last but not least, we have Lamar University student Cristal who hopes to get her masters as a nurse practitioner.  On her taste is guys she explains “Passive guys don’t do it for me, you need to be aggressive, tap me on the shoulder, grab me, flip me over and say ‘let’s go to dinner.’”  If you would like to see each of these three students strip down to their birthday suits for Playboy then just click on any of their photos and you’ll be taken over to the official website where they have the uncensored photos and videos for you to enjoy.

Ohio State University coed Jamie Coed is going to reveal all for Playboy Blonde New Orleans coed Lamar University coed in a miniskirt That skirt is very short, will sure distract the guys in the library Lamar University coed lifts her skirt Lamar University coed poses for Playboy Plus She's going to tease the guys on campus Will she dare to do a full strip tease? Playboy Coeds

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Indiana University Coed Poses for Playboy to Tick it off her Bucketlist

Another coed has agreed to strip for Playboy, meet today’s sporty brunette from Indiana University named Brooklyn.  She says that her campus has a lot of distractions which can make studying quite difficult. “All week long you can play beer pong at a house party, have laid back drinks at a lounge or one too many at the bars!” explains the health administration major. “I like to put on something sexy, pre-game with my friends and end up on the dance floor.”  Brooklyn is a tall brunette with green eyes.  She has really high standards with guys. “I look for someone who stands out in a crowd,” She also likes a guy to have a sense of humor “He also has to make me laugh and have a nice body.”  Today she’s going to reveal all for Playboy for one time only, leaving nothing to the imagination, to tick it off her bucket list.  We can confirm that that includes pulling her panties down too.  We can’t show those images here, but to enjoy seeing her fully uncensored just head over to the official Playboy website by clicking on any of her photographs below.
Coed in her bra and panties Slim brunette poses for Playboy Will she dare to lose her thong? Tall slim coed Brooklyn Playboy Coed from Indiana University She's agree to lose her bra She down to just her thong, will she dare to remove it? Playboy Coeds

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Blonde Psychology Major Kristy Teases for Playboy

Coed Kristy is a busty, blonde and blue-eyed psychology major from The College of New Rochelle.  She’s a confident girl who the guys really like, she’s not afraid of expressing her sexuality. “Boys fall for me fast. I have a way with men,” says Kristy “I’m very personable, and guys feel comfortable when they’re able to talk to a girl about their feelings. They’re drawn to me because I’m bubbly, and always have a good time.”  Kristy may deceive some, as while she’s super sweet on the outside, on the inside she’s carefully and quietly studying the men around her. “As a psych major, I have a tendency to study men and the way they carry themselves. I look at the way they’re dressed and the way they speak,” so if you’re interested in a chance with Miss Morgan then it could be a good idea to act confident and wear some nice clothes.  Today with Playboy Kristy starts in a short blue denim miniskirt, after giving a quick underboob tease, then she lifts up miniskirt to reveal her tight white panties and cameltoe.  Next, after removing her skirt completely, she then starts to untie her white panties giving the viewers of Playboy Plus a titillating panty tease.  To find out if this confident beauty reveals all just head over to the official Playboy website by clicking on any of the four photos below.
Kristy Morgan poses for Playboy Coed in a miniskirt shows underboob Blonde babe poses for PlayboyPlus Coed gives a cameltoe panty tease

Those are the SFW pics of Kristy, if you’d like to see the NSFW stuff that happens next then just click on any of the images above and then you’ll be taken to the official website were it’s just $1 to get access.

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Indiana University Student Aryka Poses for Playboy

Indiana University nursing student Aryka doesn’t get as much attention as some would expect, she tells Playboy “I’m surprised that college guys don’t ask me out! Maybe they’re too scared,”  would you be brave enough to ask her out?  The petite blue-eyed coed admits that there have been some attempts, but they haven’t normally impressed her. “One guy said ‘you’ve made me so nervous that I’ve totally forgotten my standard pick-up line,’”  but she is not a fan of pick-up lines anyway, and prefers a confident guy who’s ready to have a wild night, “The foam party! Nothing is sexier than being slippery and wet. You have to experience that at least once,” she laughs.  One suspects that a lot of you readers would like to sign up for that sponge bath with nurse Aryka?  To see how much she’s willing to reveal for Playboy Plus today just click on any of her photos below and you’ll be taken to the official website where you can enjoy her fully uncensored photos and videos.
Aryka Lynne poses for Playboy Playboy coed in white panties Will she pull her panties down? Indiana University coed poses for Playboy Plus Girl pulls her panties down
As you know we have to stick to the SFW images here, but if you’d quite like to see the naughty stuff from Aryka’s photo shoot then just head over to the official website by clicking on the banner below.
Playboy Coeds

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Cute Coed Angela Puts on a Show for Northwest Beauties

Sometimes there’s a coed who’s not really enjoying her studies so much, and she dreams of having a life as a model instead.  Here’s Angela who has agreed to make a sexy video for Northwest Beauties to see if she makes the grade, she would love to be a model rather than having to read books all day.  Northwest Beauties always know how to find the girls who nobody else can; the real hometown girl nextdoor.  To see more preview screen caps and be taken to the official download page just click on any of the screenshots below.  How much skin will Angela dare to bare?  She clearly loves the attention and the thought that all of you will be watching her.
Angela poses for Northwest Beauties Coed strips for NorthwestBeauties Sexy girl teasing Student Angela is teasing for her fans

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University of Washington Coed Joi Poses for Playboy

Playboy were searching for sporty coeds to pose for the Girls of PAC 10 at the University of Washington when they met Joi.  She’s a tall brunette who is addicted to sports. “UW fans are a loud crowd, and either game would be worth going to,” says Joi who dreams of one day being a sportscaster. “I know the game. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball and fast-pitch softball, so I’m aware of rules and regulations. I love watching sports, even if I’m home alone.”   As always with Playboy, it’s skin-2-win, we’ve got the SFW(ish) photos below, then if you’d like to see how much she is willing to reveal, just click on any of her pics and you’ll be taken to the official website where you can see Joi fully uncensored.
University of Washington coed Joi Hollie Student nipslip Coed flashes her boobs Coed on her bed in panties Athlete topless in just her panties Athlete flashes her boobs

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University of Miami Student Poses for Playboy

University of Miami coed Alexandra studies Marine Science & Biology and is today posting for Playboy Plus.  The blue-eyed brunette student prefers to party off campus, “I’ve had some wild nights there, then woke up the next morning and just laughed!” she says.  Because Miami is hot, she will often go to lectures in her bikini, which also has the added bonus of distracting some of the guys in class, helping to ensure she can beat them in the exams.  Below we’ve got three SFW photos of Alexandra as she poses outdoors in a miniskirt, long socks and crop top with her bike, in the third pic she removes her denim miniskirt to reveal what’s underneath.  To see the NSFW photos and find out how far this sexy coed is willing to go for Playboy, just click on any of her photos to be taken to the official website.

Coed in a miniskirt with her bike University of Miami student poses for Playboy Student removes her denim miniskirt in public

To find out how far Alexandra is willing to go, just click on the banner below to head over to the official website.Playboy Coeds

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Blonde Coed Ashley Poses for Playboy

Meet blonde coed Ashley from Colorado State University, she’s always had it on her bucket list that she wants to pose for Playboy, and today she’s got the chance to make her dream come true.  Ashley tells us about college life “The party scene is pretty intense, and people mostly party every night of the week,” says the sporty coed. “Unfortunately, I don’t have time to go out that often because I have to study, but I do love to go dancing.”  This green-eyed lovely is studying to become an electrical engineer, she sees it as the perfect career.  Today she’s having a break from her studies to do a strip tease for Playboy Plus, let’s see how much Ashley will dare to bare. “I’ve never been very obscure about my body so posing nude feels very natural”.  This is her first time taking her clothes off on camera.  We’ve got the SFW pics here for you, if you’d quite like to enjoy the uncensored ones too then just click on any of her photos below and you’ll be taken over to the official website.
Coed Ashley poses for Playboy Colorado State University coed poses for Playboy Blonde student strips for Playboy Plus Playboy Student Bodies girl strips
To see what happens next, how much skin she dares to reveal, just click on the banner below and you’ll be taken over to the official website where you can feast your eyes on the NSFW photos and videos.
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