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Flatmate Coed Agrees to let you Paint her

You share a flat with volleyball coed Kendall, she’s a fun chilled-out girl who will often ask you to help her at the last minute with a college assignment.  She knows that she owes you a lot of favors, and it was just a matter of time until you decided to call one in; today is that day.
You and Kendall are both in the kitchen together, she is half-studying on her laptop, while you’re eating lunch at the table.  You’re an art student and so you make up a story that you need a life model to pose for you, and that you’re running out of time before the deadline.  She says only if she can keep her clothes on, but you tell her that it’s a requirement for your art assignment that you paint someone fully nude, you remind her how many times you’ve helped her with late assignments, so it would only be fair if she helps you too.  She said that since you help her so much, then she will go topless, as long as nobody else walks in.  You agree, but with the view that once she’s gets comfortable with topless,  she might agree to untie those stripey bikini bottoms.  You say that in case she has to go, you’ll take pics and then draw her from them later on, to which she agrees.  To find out how fictional art project went, and if you managed to fool Kendall into untying those bikini bottoms and getting fully naked, just click on any of the pics below and you’ll be transported to the official Playboy website.

Will she do you a favor and pose? Playboy coed Student on her laptop She agrees to pose Cute bikini bottoms You ask her to remove her bikini bottoms She loses her bikini bottoms

To find out how your fake art project went, if you managed to talk Kendall out of her bikini bottoms, just click on the banner below to enjoy the full uncensored photoshoot in the official Playboy website.  By the look of that last pic (above) though, your art project was definite success!
Playboy Official

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Petite Blonde JennyQ gives a classy performance for StasyQ

One of the most artistic, erotic websites that we promote here at WHP has to be the stunning StasyQ site. You can see instantly the quality and detail that goes into every one of their photo shoots and this shoot is no exception. Today’s model is the very sexy JennyQ who gives a terrific performance in this stylish white room, wearing a short black dress, skimpy black panties and red high heel shoes. Put all that together with her short wavy blonde hair and you can see that she fits in with the trendy decor perfectly. JennyQ starts by stretching her arms into the air whilst “inadvertently” exposing her super sweet tushy. She then stands by the window in a pose that shows off her sexy long legs just before the eventual removal of that seductive black dress. JennyQ then sits on the edge of a white table and shows even more artistry in the form of her fabulous back tattoo then finishes in style as she lays on the floor with her black panties just about covering her neatly trimmed precious parts. JennyQ is definitely one to look out for in the future but thankfully you can see more of her now and many more quality models over at StasyQ. Simply click on the pictures below and you’ll be there in no time. Be sure to check out all their content including videos, interviews and even a virtual reality section? Intriguing!

Petite blonde JennyQ posing in a short black night dress for StasyQ Jenny stretches her arms into the air and reveals her sexy firm assBeautiful blonde shows off her sexy long legs and red high heels JennyQ strips naked and poses by the windowBlonde hottie squats on the edge of the table and shows her artistic back tattooIn red high heels shoes, she lays on the floor and gives a nice view of her cute ass in black panties

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A wedding day special by MedinaQ at StasyQ

It’s a nice day for a white wedding and we can’t help but envy the lucky guy who’s going to marry the beautiful MedinaQ. In an stylish set of photos for the classy StasyQ website, MedinaQ is about to tie the knot but not before giving us a sneak preview of what she has in store for her wedding night! She looks radiant in her wedding dress but then becomes playful as she lifts up her leg to reveal her white stockings. She then lifts up her dress to show us her panties, then slowly lets the dress slip down for a nice glimpse of her sexy bum. To finalize the celebration of nuptials, our tattooed brunette lays naked and gives the groom a little taste of things to come! StasyQ have constantly been providing quality and class on their site and if you would like to see more of MedinaQ and other StasyQ babes then click on these pictures and feel free to browse or become a member. They have a standard membership or a VIP membership with plenty of special offers. Right, it’s time for a glass of champagne!

MedinaQ in her wedding dressShe looks radient all in whiteMedinaQ lifts up her leg to show her white stockingsBrunette lifts up her wedding dress and shows her sexy pantiesNext she slips out of her wedding dress to show her hot ass Sexy brunette lays naked by the window

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Check out the sexy long legs of AmelieQ at StasyQ

With legs that seem to go on forever, the sexy AmelieQ gives us a photo shoot to remember for the wonderful StasyQ Collection. In a truly elegant and artistic shoot we see Amelie looking fabulous as she lays casually on her bed and again as she stands tall to really show-off those amazing long legs. After squatting down by the window with a suggestive look on her face, we see her relaxing and stretching across a comfy looking armchair. The question on boobs or ass preferences will surely go out of the window in the final photo as Amelie lays on the bed to show off one of the hottest asses we’ve seen for a long time! The StasyQ website is overflowing with gorgeous girls like AmelieQ so click on any of these pictures below and go and enjoy the amazing quality they provide.


Sexy brunette AmelieQ posing on the bed for StasyQShe's showing off her sexy long legs for StasyQAmelieQ squats down by the windowHottie sitting acrioss a chair with a sexy look on her faceGirl stretching her long legsLaying on the bed and showing her gorgeous hot ass

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MiaQ poses in fishnet stockings for StasyQ

The wonderfully artistic Stasyq website treats us now to another stunning model with an equally stunning photo shoot. This gorgeous petite blonde is Miaq who is about to give us a very nice performance as she poses in some kinky black fishnet stockings. Along with a tiny white top and sports shoes. The playful Mia can be seen posing in numerous positions including a sexy pose while kneeling on a chair then having a great big cuddle with a giant teddy bear. She then takes off her fishnets to give us an amazing close up of her beautiful bottom, then stands completely naked as she quietly gazes out of the window. The Stasyq site is full of beautiful models like Mia so if you fancy having a browse then simply click on any image below and check out this legendary site. Enjoy!

petite blonde Miaq poses in fishnet stockings for StasyqMiaq showing her sexy ass in fishnet stockings for StasyqMiaq looking sexy as she kneels on a chair for StasyqMiaq enjoying herself as she plays with a big teddy bear for Stasyq Miaq gives a nice close up of her hot ass in a black thong for StasyqMiaq stands naked as she looks out of the window for Stasyq

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StasyQ presents the very sexy NatellaQ

Another stylish photo shoot now from the legendary StasyQ collection. Presenting the beautiful NatellaQ who gives a very professional and classy performance in a see through dress, white panties and trainers. She poses so elegantly throughout this shoot and looks so beautiful and charming at the same time. Once the dress comes off, Natella lays on the bed in just her panties, then gives a couple of wonderful pics of her amazing ass. To finish, she stands naked by the window to show us her fabulous figure. To see more of this gorgeous brunette and many other classy ladies then click on the StasyQ links or any of these photos and treat yourself to some quality time!

Beautiful NatellaQ in a see through dress for StasyQNatellaQ posing on the bed in just her white panties-StasyQNatellaQ lays on the bed and gives a sexy stare-StasyQNatellaQ kneels on the bed with a nice view of her ass -StasyQNatellaQ gives a nice close up of her hot ass in white panties-StasyQ
NatellaQ stands naked with a great view of her gorgeous figure for StasyQ

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SilyQ in a skimpy orange bikini for StasyQ

When it comes to skimpy bikinis, this little orange number is going to take some beating! Complete with black high heels, we see the incredibly sexy SilyQ strutting her stuff for the wonderful StasyQ website. In a classy set of pictures, SilyQ starts by standing by a wall to show off her succulent curves before turning around to show us her gorgeous body complete with a sexy tattoo under her juicy boobs! Then in an elegant pose, we see her kneeling on a table, running her fingers through her beautiful dark hair. Later in the photo set we see SilyQ leaning forward against the table giving a fantastic view of her hot ass along with her sexy ribbon tattoos (although we’ve a feeling the tattoos are the last things you’ll be looking at!!) And for the grand finale, SilyQ gives us a real treat with a splendid close up of her absolute perfect peachy bum. A sight to behold indeed! The StasyQ website is renowned for high quality photo galleries so feel free to click on an image and check out more of SilyQ and many more of her hot steamy playmates. Have fun!

SilyQ in a stylish pose for StasyQSilyQ sitting on a table in a skimpy orange bikini for StasyQSilyQ standing in her skimpy orange bikini for StasyQSilyQ kneeling on the table in a bikini and high heels for stasyQSilyQ leaning forward on the table showing her hot ass and tattoos for StasyQSilyQ giving a real close up of her sexy ass for StasyQ

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Sexy Leotard Dance

We’ve tracked down a really sexy video for you to enjoy, it’s of two girls dancing enthusiastically in black leotards, you’ll get to see them from many different angles, the girls really want to show off their moves and fit bodies for you, it goes on for just under 3 minutes.  To watch now on WeHatePorn just click on the screencap below.

Sexy Leotard Dance

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Bethany Dempsey In BodyPaint for Sports Illustrated

We’ve found another sexy video to share with you, this is of celebrity Bethany Dempsey in just bodypaint for Sports Illustrated, yes, you worked it out, that means she’s actually naked even if she doesn’t really believe she is.  Examine her bodypaint closely and press Pause as much as you like.  To watch her now on WeHatePorn click on the screencap below.
Sports Illustrated Bodypaint Celebrity

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Abbey Clancy Bodypainting

Here’s a super sexy video of UK celebrity, model and TV presenter, Abbey Clancy, who’s married to the rather tall footballer Peter CrouchAbbey has fallen for the bodypaint trick, she doesn’t believe that she’s naked, she thinks the bodypaint counts as clothing, the experts at Sports Illustrated have done a excellent job, first at convincing her to do this and second by painting on a bikini which is so revealing.  This is the only time you’ll ever get to see Abbey Clancy naked as she’s not the type of girl to do stuff like that on the Internet.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the screen-cap below.

Abbey Clancy Nude Bodypainting for Sports Illustrated

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Pinup WOW Galleries

Today we’re very lucky to have another six superb Pinup WOW galleries to share with you all.  Yes, it’s time to enjoy some of the hottest UK babes teasing and having creative oops moments which leave them looking rather embarrassed about the situation.  To see more now on WeHatePorn just click on the hottie in a short skirt below.
Pinup Wow Galleries

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Sexy Girl Diary

It’s time for some proper entertainment with the Sexy Girls Diary.  Our regulars will already know the Sexy Girls Diary, they create videos of cure French girls dancing in their underwear for you to sit back and enjoy.  Here we’ve got a lovely selection of four different videos for you to absorb.  To see them now on WeHatePorn simply click on the cutie below.
Sexy Girls Diaries

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Pinup WOW Galleries

Another great day here, we’ve got a fun selection of Pinup WOW galleries for you to feast on.  Yes, you guessed it that means UK babes teasing and sexy oops moments in all kinds of creative scenarios; Pinup WOW are completely unique with their style!  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on the hottie below who’s knickers are falling down.
Pinup WOW Galleries

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Pinup WOW Galleries

Today we’ve got some wonderful new Pinup WOW galleries for you all to feast on, that means hot UK babes teasing and having oops moments which will leave them embarrassed and you smiling.  To enjoy more of the girls now on WeHatePorn simply click on the image below.
Pinup WOW Galleries

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Sexy Girls Diary – Videos

Regular followers may remember this total gem we stumbled across back in the Summer of 2013 known as the Sexy Girls Diary, well the good news is that they’ve been creating many more of their unique sexy videos which they are perfectly happy to share with everyone.  Let’s start with four of them now and in the coming weeks we’ll have even more.  To watch them now on WeHatePorn click on either of the images below.
Sexy Girls Diary Sexy Girls Diary Videos

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Zishy Girls

As a special treat we’ve collected together a titillating selection of irresistible updates from the outstanding one and only Zishy website.  There’s something so sexy about the Zishy girls with the way they have fun and tease which you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet.  To see more of these cuties now on WeHatePorn click on the brunette below.

The latest Zishy girls for December 2014

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Brazilian Girl in Spiderman Bodypaint

You will all know that wonderful things regularly happen on Brazilian TV, today we’ve found another sexy gem.  They’ve convinced some hot blonde babe to go wear some spiderman bodypaint, the video is a real treat for everyone especially those who are fans of cosplay and or bodypaint.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the screencap below.

Brazlian girl on TV in spidergirl bodypaint

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University Sports Team Naked for Charity

VIDEO and PHOTOS: Here are some good students doing their best to raise money for charity, it’s a girls sports team from a well-respected UK university.  The girls have kindly volunteered to strip naked for the greater good, they are raising money for Breast Cancer UK by showing off their fit bodies for a charity calendar.  It’s very brave of them to do this, but as you’ll see below the girls have no reason to be shy as they are all perfect in every way.  We would strongly recommend you reward the girls by helping them raise money for their chosen charity, to order the calendar now just head over to their order page >HERE< (it says on their page that anyone can order from UK or aboard).  To see more of them now on WeHatePorn click on one of the two images below.

University Sports Girls Get Totally Naked for Charity

University Girls Sports Team Strips Completely Nude for Charity

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Pinup WOW Galleries – October 2014

Have you been keeping up to date with the latest updates over on the one and only Pinup WOW?  You’re in for a treat with the recent galleries from their magnificent website, some of the most imaginative shoots you’ll find on the Internet with the most lovely UK glamor girls slowly stripping off for the camera.  If you’re a fan of classy girls and cosplay (i.e. everyone here) then you’re going to love this update, to see more now on WeHatePorn click on the futuristic hottie below.

Glamour Girls in Pinup WOW Galleries

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Playboy Playmate Stephanie Branton

Playboy get the girls who nobody else can, ladies who are too classy to pose nude on the Internet for anyone else, girls like Stephanie Branton who are only willing to pose for Playboy.  These girls know it will improve their status, they won’t be looked down on for taking it off for this well known brand.  That’s good for us, as we want girls like Stephanie to show us what they’ve got for whatever excuse is necessary.  This blonde babe is the Playboy Playmate of the month for September 2014, she’s from Newfoundland in Canada.  To see more of this beauty now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Playboy Playmate Stephanie Branton

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Eye Candy (Avenue) Pics

The wonderful Eye Candy Avenue site have been kind enough to share some of their super-cute pics with us, so we’re posting them up for you to enjoy and to remind you just how cute their girls are.  You’ll find two pics of Jamie and one of Soraya.  To see more now on WeHatePorn just click on Jamie below.

Latest Updates from EyeCandyAvenue


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Eye Candy Avenue – Josie and Friends

If you are a fan of models who are fresh, natural and sexy then you’re going to enjoy today’s update from Eye Candy Avenue.  Most of their models have never modeled before and can’t be found elsewhere on the Internet.  These all-natural girls are edgy, soft and fun, today we’ve mainly got photos of super cute Josie Ann, you’ll also see adorable Soraya and lovely Lauren.  If you’d like to enjoy more now on WeHatePorn click on Josie’s pink panties just below.

Eye Candy Avenue Girls
Eye Candy Avenue Website – Full of Sexy Girls Teasing

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Zishy Girl Galleries

Due to popular demand we’re bringing you even more galleries from the superb Zishy website.  If you can’t get enough of the Zishy girls teasing then these should keep you going for longer, first decide which one you’d like to see more of then give her a click.  To enjoy more of the girls now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Latest Zishy Galleries
Zishy Galleries

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Pin Up WOW Galleries

The time has come to enjoy the latest updates from Pin Up WOW.  Today we have a magician showing off her naughty tricks on the perfect subject, an actioneer who allows the crowd to bid on her clothes, an explorer in the jungle looking for exotic birds and plenty more too!  To see all of the galleries now on WeHatePorn just click on the naughty magician below

Magician and her Naughty Tricks on Pin Up WOW

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Naked Wars on MySpace

A number of years back Naked Wars started out on MySpace;  it was a hidden nudity tournament for all 18+ MySpace users.  The idea was that you got naked, covered yourself a bit, then took a self-pic and uploaded it to MySpace.  One day all of the photos mysteriously vanished, but fortunately some people still had copies.  Let’s take a look at some of the MySpace Naked Wars Self-Pic cuties below; some are more daring that others, you can see who the most creative ones are, maybe you like that or perhaps you just want to see as much nudity as possible.  This tournament was a big hit with the girls as it gave them an artistic excuse to get naked; many cute girls love to take it all off just as long as it can be justified in a non-slutty fashion. To see more of these cute self-pics on just click on either of the girls just below

Naked Wars on MySpace - Girls upload daring Self-pics to try to win
Naked Wars on MySpace – Cute Girls Upload rather daring self-pics to MySpace to try to win the Naked War
Naked Wars on MySpace - The Hidden Nudity Tournament
A Tournament of Hidden Nudity on MySpace
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Believe it or not, the day you have always dreamed of has really arrived, Kelly Brook is now Totally Naked, with a bit of lipstick smeared on her skin to make sure it looks like Art

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Playboy Houston Casting Call – Jenna

Amateur Photographer Jenna arrives at the Playboy Casting Calls in Houston and ends up Posing for the First Time due to a Misunderstanding

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Playboy Los Angeles Casting Calls

Three Cute Girls at the Los Angeles Playboy Casting Call are asked if they feel comfortable losing their Bras and Panties for One Time Only. This is their big chance to pose for Playboy, will they agree?

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Naked Calendars from the UK – Bristol, Oxford and Newcastle

Naked Calendars from UK Universites to raise..errrr….funds. These Girls are not just Sporty they are also Good Sports

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The Girls of Pin Up WOW

The Girls of Pin Up WOW – These are Classy Ladies who often have a spot of bad luck, but the cloud does have a silver lining as we normally get to see some skin