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Blonde University Swim Coed in her Swimsuit

A blonde and blue-eyed university swim coed puts on her tight blue swimsuit and poses for some photos her her fans to enjoy.  You’ll also find underneath some bikini pics and one of her wearing a short white dress outdoors.
Blonde swim coed University coed in her swimsuit In her bikini on the beach Showing off some underboob Looking cute in a short white dress

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Blonde University Swim Coed Poses

This university coed is supercute and she knows it.  Her swimming keeps her in perfect shape, which means she’s more than happy to put on her tight swimsuit and pose for pics.  With swimmers like her, it’s no wonder that university athletics is attracting so many new fans.  To see some more hotties in swimsuits just click on any of the pics below.
Swimsuit coed poses Coed in her swimsuit by the pool Blonde athlete in a one-piece Girl nextdoor university coed in a tight red swimsuit

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Some College Gymnasts and Two Swimmers

Here we have six college gymnasts showing off in their tight leotards, some showing curves, others reveal tanlines.  At the end of the post there are two cute girl nextdoor swimmers, one of whom has pokies on display.
Two gymnasts pose Three gymnasts show their tanlines Curvy university gymnast Two swimsuit coeds Swimsuit coeds show pokies

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University Gymnast Shows Off her Leotard Cameltoe

Two smiling university coeds proudly pose in their gymnastics leotards, one of the two has some cameltoe on display for her fans to take a good look at.  To see more cuties in swimsuits and leotards, just click on either of the two pics below
Coed gymnast has some cameltoe Leotard cameltoe

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Trathletes In Tight Swimsuits – Let’s Zoom In

It’s photo day for the college triathletes, this is always fun, as the coeds put on some really tight swimsuits.  They’ve also brought their bikes to sit on for a bit, then as you are hoping we’re going to zoom in one one of their swimsuits for some extra entertainment.
Two triathletes in tight swimsuits on bikes Tight swimsuit triathlete Zooming in on a triathlete's tight green swimsuit

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Swim Team Coed Does a Handstand on Photo Day and Spreads her Legs

Every photographers favorite day of the year is the photo day for the university swim team.  The coeds happily don their tight swimsuits and pose in various positions during the photoshoot.  Sometimes the photographer will decide to make things even more interesting by asking the coeds to do handstands and spread their legs, with the camera being such high quality it means that such photos can be a goldmine to zoom in on.  Let’s have a look at a classic example below, close-ups included.
Swimsuit coed handstand Swimsuit crotch closeup Swimsuit coed spreads her legs Zooming in on a swim team coed who has her legs apart Coed swimsuit handstand Zooming in on her the crotch of her swimsuit, a closeup

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Zooming in on Swim Team Coeds

When it’s photo day for the university swim team, the coeds put on their swimsuits and pose for the camera in a variety of positions.  These days with photos being of such high quality, one can zoom in and enjoy quite a nice view.
Swim team coeds Swimsuit crotch zoom

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A Cute Swimsuit Coed Poses by the Pool

A supercute swimsuit coed poses poolside and uploads the photo to social media for her lucky fans to enjoy.  Maybe with enough encouragement she’ll start to be more daring in the near future.
A cute swimsuit coed

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Three College Gymnasts in their Leotards

Three fit college gymnasts pose in their leotards, showing off their fit curvy bodies in their figure-hugging outfits.  Which one is your favorite of the three girls?
Three college gymnasts in their leotards

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Alisa Kiss Star Wars Cosplay (Droid You’re Looking For)

Alisa Kiss is in for some fun cosplay, this adorable blonde babe is going to drive your senses wild with her Star Wars themed photoshoot.  She’s wearing a tight droid leotard / swimsuit and holding a lightsaber, she then shows off her moves with the weapon, while she’s got that in hands make sure you’re very polite with her.  To see more of her now on WeHatePorn simply give her pic below a click.

Alisa Kiss Star Wars Cosplay - Droid You're After Swimsuit and Lightsaber Tease

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Meet Madden looking hot in her sexy white bodysuit

There’s not many models that can carry off wearing a one-piece body suit but Meet Madden can, and she does it very well indeed. With her sexy blonde hair and leopard print high heels, Madden gives a hallway tease whilst standing in front of a tall mirror. As she stands playing with her hair in the first picture, she has that look on her face that says she’s definitely up for having some fun in this shoot and I can assure her that she won’t be the only one. Madden then turns to show off her sexy legs then turns a little bit more so we can see that juicy firm butt of hers. We then see her squatting down with the top half of her white leotard pulled down over her boobs and Madden pulling her blonde hair down just enough to cover each nipple. Finally, whilst squatting down, Madden spreads her legs and invites us to have a really good look at what’s in between them. For more stunning pics of blonde babe Meet Madden just head on over to her official site by clicking on any of her photos below. Prepare yourself for what you might find on there because Madden loves to tease and she can be quite raunchy with it too. Enjoy!

Meet Madden looking gorgeous as she stands in her sexy white bodysuitBlonde girl showing off her sexy legs and high heels in her white leotardShe's looking in the mirror while at the same time showing her sexy buttTopless girl squatting down with her blonde hair just about covering her nipplesShe's squatting down in her her white bodysuit with her legs spread

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Playboy Girl Blake Blossom in a Red Swimsuit

Playboy blonde Blake Blossom is wearing a tight red swimsuit as she enjoys having your attention.  She loves posing for the camera and finds it liberating to be herself. “Female empowerment, for me, is embracing individuality,” she says. “I’ve had strong women guide me my entire life and tell me to make my own way in this world. Finding a place where you can be at peace is really important!”  We’re certainly happy with her career decisions.  To enjoy Blake’s uncensored photoshoot just head over to the official Playboy Plus website by clicking on any of her red swimsuit pics below, there’s a HD video as well in which she fully removes her swimsuit leaving nothing to the imagination. 
Blake Blossom in a red swimsuit for Playboy Swimsuit girl shows her legs Blonde girl in a leotard on the floor

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Swimsuit Heaven Girl Showing Off And Teasing

Swimsuit Heaven always bring you the best sexy swimsuit moments for your eyes to enjoy. This cute blonde girl in a tight blue swimsuit agreed to a hot photoshoot in some woodland in where she gets into some daring poses which really get the imagination fired up. To see more of this photoshoot and more just head over to the official website by clicking on any of the four pics below.
Swimsuit Heaven Girl Swimsuit tease Blonde sports girl doing pressups Hot ass

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Celebrities Swimsuit Oops On Splash TV Show

A 3 minute video containing sexy swimsuit oops moments from the TV show splash, which is just an excuse to get hot celebs into tight revealing swimsuits.

Celebrity swimsuit oops on Splash

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Swimsuit Heaven – Adriana in a Green Leohex Swimsuit

Adriana in a green Leohex on Swimsuit Heaven
Leohex swimsuit SwimsuitHeaven gallery Adriana gallery on the beach in a thong one-piece

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Hailey Baldwin/Bieber in a one-piece swimsuit working out

American model and media personality Hailey Bieber is with her friend Sara Sampaio at Venice Beach, California, for a workout. Hailey is wearing a tight swimsuit while Sara is looking supercute wearing a striped bikini. Hailey is known for featuring in adverts for Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and Ralph. She is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin.
Both Sara and Hailey are enjoying their workout on the sand and swinging on the bars. Their tight skimpy swimwear means that there is always plenty on show, including tanlines peeking out now and again. The girls take a risk of an embarrassing oops wardrobe malfunction as they swing upside down on the bars. Everyone watching gets a real eyeful. If you’d like to see more of Hailey or other celebs just click on any of the pics.

Hailey Baldwin beach workout Hailey Bieber in a blue swimsuit Hailey lifts some weights and shows her ass Now showing tanlines upside-down Happy girls laughing in swimsuits Girls show their asses, oops Sexy girls in swimsuits outdoors Oops asses Getting undressed from her swimsuit outdoors

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Marina Nelson in a red leotard for Playboy Plus

Marina Nelson is with Playboy Plus posing in an empty cafe in Cologne, Germany. She’s wearing a red leotard and some blue jeans as she floats around the cafe. She says “I’m originally from Ukraine, it’s a beautiful country with mountains, nature, [good] food, and of course, beautiful women!” Marina is a girl who loves her career, she is a full-time model. “I’ve worked as a model since 2013,” she adds. In this post we have a sexy one and a half minute video of the SFW part of Marina’s Playboy photoshoot, you’ll get to see her tease and take her jeans off, but not the red leotard itself.  To watch now click on any of her pics below.  Here we’ve got four photos of Marina Nelson in her one-piece, from before the photoshoot gets NSFW. Can you resist her charms?

Marina Nelson Beautiful brunette Girl in a red leotard Playboy girl pulling down her blue jeans
Playboy Plus Official

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Celebrities in Swimsuits – Olivia Culpo, Rebecca Judd and Vanessa Hudgens

Over the decades swimsuits have got more and more revealing, we’re now at a the point where the only way they can get more revealing is if they go transparent. Celebrities (singers, models, actresses etc) like to keep up with the trends, so that means when they head to the beach they want to be photographed in a trendy swimsuit or bikini, which almost always means it’s going to be a revealing one. We have three examples for you below, they are:- American media personality Olivia Culpo, Australia model Rebecca Judd and last but not least American actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens. All three celebrities confidently show off their hot bodies in tight one-piece swimsuits, pure eye candy for all of you to enjoy. To see more of the ladies just click on any of their pics below. Who’s your favorite? Let’s hope they all keep up the good work and the eye candy keeps on coming.
Olivia Culpo in a one-piece swimsuit Celebrity in a swimsuit Rebecca Judd takes a selfie Vanessa Hudgens in a swimsuit Actress Vanessa Hudgens on the beach

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Meet Madden takes a bike ride down to the lake

It’s such a beautiful day that Meet Madden decides to jump on her motorbike and ride down to the lake in her orange bikini and short denim hot-pants. When she arrives she opens up her shirt to show that underneath her bikini top, Madden has quite a delicious sized bust. She then turns towards the Sun while at the same time giving us a great shot of her hot ass in those hot pants. Later she sits on her bike in just her two piece-bikini to really show off that amazing body of hers then sits on the decking by the lake with a beautiful smile on her face. Madden then thinks about jumping in the lake which is good for us because while she’s making her mind up, she gives us one last amazing view of her firm sexy butt. For more sunshine fun with our beautiful blonde just click on her pics below and head onto the Meet Madden site. Whatever the weather, Madden will certainly have you feeling hot under the collar!

Meet Madden arriving at the lake for an afternoon of fun in the SunShe's turning to show her sexy ass in short denim hot pantsMadden is enjoying the Sun as she sits on her bike in just her sexy orange bikiniBlonde girl sitting on the wooden deck in her sexy two piece bikiniShe's standing on a wooden fence and giving a fantastic view of her sexy ass in her bikini bottoms

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Beautiful Bailey Knox shows off her sexy body in her skimpy black bikini

Bailey Knox returns with a mouthwatering set of photos as she shows off her fabulous figure in a really sexy two-piece black bikini. Beautiful Bailey, with her infectious smile ever present looks absolutely stunning as she stands in her bikini with her famous scorpion tattoo adding that extra sting. She then lowers the bikini bottoms just enough to show us that she’s also been working on her bikini line then removes the bottoms altogether to show that she has a perfectly shaped bottom herself. Brunette Bailey then opens up her bikini top while at the same time giving a very nice close-up of that scorpion tattoo again (and I’m sure that you’re all having a really good look at that scorpion). Bailey finishes off with two awesome photos of her fully naked with her dainty hands just about covering her sacred parts. Bailey Knox has an amazing site full of gorgeous photos like these and a few raunchy ones in there too. You can easily access theses galleries by clicking on any of her beautiful pics and you’ll be directed straight to them. Whatever your mood, Bailey will brighten your day and put a smile on your face too. Have fun!

Sexy Bailey Knox posing in her black two piece bikiniShe's smiling as she pulls down the front of her black bikini bottomsNow she's showing her sexy hot ass and back tattooShe opens her bikini top whilst giving a nice close up of her neatly shaven partsSexy Bailey is standing naked, covering herself with her handsNaked Bailey Knox squatting down and covering her precious parts with her hands

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Brooke Marks gives a marvelous micro bikini tease by the pool

Well we’ve seen some skimpy bikinis on these pages before but this little number will definitely take some beating. This highly revealing swimwear is being demonstrated by our beautiful Brooke Marks as she goes for a dip in the pool and she certainly has the figure to carry it off. Brooke dips her toes in the water to check the temperature then takes the plunge and gives a sexy pose while she’s in there. Next she gives a super handbra pose then it’s out with the inflatables as she sits in her rubber ring for some fun time. Finally and with a cheeky look on her face, Brooke floats on the water with her legs wide open with her bikini bottoms removed (not that she really needed them on anyway). For more revealing fun with gorgeous blonde Brooke Marks just click the pool pics below and drift over to her official site. There’s plenty more where this came from.

Brooke Marks showing off her sexy figure in her micro bikiniShe's dipping her foot into the pool in her sexy bikiniBlonde girl standing in the pool in her sexy micro bikiniSmiling Brooke giving a wonderful handbra pose in the swimming poolCute girl nextdoor relaxing on an inflatable in the poolNaughty blonde girl spreading her legs on her inflatable rubber ring

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Bailey Knox cleans her pool in her skimpy American bikini

With the Sun shining, it’s time to jump into the pool but not before it’s cleaned out and that’s exactly what Bailey Knox is doing but in the tiniest of two piece bikinis. Bailey Knox also shows her love of America at the same time and if this is what she wears when cleaning out her pool, then she can come around and clean my pool anytime (it’s just a shame I don’t have one). Bailey certainly has the figure to carry off such a risque outfit and I’m almost certain that her famous scorpion tattoo has gone largely unnoticed thus far which is completely understandable under the circumstances. It must be hotter than we think as Bailey removes the bikini top and slowly pulls down the bottoms then goes on to give a beautiful handbra pose. She then finishes in style by stripping naked to give a standing pose with her right hand only just covering her crown jewels. Now I don’t know about you but I could just dive straight into that pool to cool down after such a hots set of Bailey Knox photos, however if you want to dive straight into Bailey’s official site to see what other beautiful galleries she has then all you need to do is click on any pic below and you’ll be directed straight to it. If you think this is risque, then you’re not going to believe what else she gets up to. You’ve been warned!

Bailey Knox looking super hot in her tiny American BikiniGorgeous brunette cleaning the pool in her sexy bikiniSexy Bailey cleaning out the pool in her skimpy two piece bikiniBeautiful Miss Knox standing topless by the pool with her bikini bottoms pulled downSexy girl nextdoor giving a beautiful handbra pose by the poolNaked girl covering herself up by the pool

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Gorgeous Meet Madden looking hot in a revealing green swimsuit

The blonde babe with the super hot figure is back! Yes it’s Meet Madden and today she will be posing in a sexy green one piece swimsuit with a pair of kinky ankle boots to add that extra bit of spice to this amazing photo shoot. Looking into the camera, Madden turns to show off her shapely long legs then later she sits on the edge of the bath tub and lifts up one of those legs for a very naughty pose indeed! Having displayed the legs, Madden then wants to get her beautiful big boobs on display too by leaning forward for a delicious cleavage shot with her swimsuit straps pulled down over her shoulders. Finally, Madden gives the pose of the shoot with a real sexy shot of her gorgeous body as she peers through her beautiful blonde hair with those come to bed eyes! I certainly wouldn’t mind Madden giving me the kiss of life if she was a life guard down at the beach, in fact I’d quite happily throw myself back into the water for the chance of a second one! For more exciting galleries of the majestic Meet Madden just click her pictures below to check out her fantastic site. Have fun!

Meet Madden posing in her sexy green swinsuit and high heeled bootsShe bends over the bath tub to show off her sexy long legsSmiling blonde girl Madden squats down by the bath tubMeetMadden lifts up one leg for a naughty revealing leg spreading poseShe leans forward for a nice downblouse cleavage shotNow she shows off her wonderful figure and pulls down her swimsuit over her big boobs

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Brooke Marks plays with her Star Wars figures on the bed

Instead of a Galaxy Far Far Away, we are so thankful that the beautiful Brooke Marks belongs firmly to this galaxy and we hope that she’s here for many years to come. She does however have a fond association with Star Wars memorabilia as you can see straight away as she poses in her R2D2 swimsuit! In a Galactic bedroom tease we see our gorgeous blonde babe sitting on the edge of the bed with that adventurous look on her face before pulling down the swimsuit with her blonde hair gently resting on her boobs. She then strips naked and has fun with her Star Wars figures on the bed with her cute ass on display then gives an even better look of it with her tan lines on show too! Brooke finally ventures over to the Dark Side by standing towards us with her fingers touching her nipples and a very small Death Star nicely placed to protect her modesty and I’m sure upon seeing this, a few Light Sabers will be going off too!! For more Intergalactic fun with the ever loving Brooke Marks just click on her pictures below and make your way over to her official site. If you have any problems…use the force!!

Sexy blonde poses in her Star Wars swimsuitBrooke Marks sits on her bed and shows off her sexy figure in her swimsuitShe pulls down her swimsuit with her hair just about covering her boobsSexy blonde girl strips naked and has fun with her Star Wars figures on her bedNaked Miss Marks turns to show her super cute assKinky girl nextdoor stands naked with her fingers touching her nipples

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Bailey Knox gives an erotic performance on a red leather sofa

And now for some quality time with our beautiful Bailey Knox as she gives a wonderful performance on her red leather sofa. Wearing a tiny black bikini, she goes on to perform various poses that are extremely pleasing to the eye! Bailey starts off this erotically charged photo shoot by laying on the sofa as she tugs away at her kinky bikini. She then kneels up and pulls the bikini apart to reveal her gorgeous boobs with the addition of pink flower petals attached to each nipple! Two steamy pictures later are followed by her kneeling on the sofa again but this time with a nice close up of her juicy firm ass! Finally, Bailey takes us to another level as she removes the bottom half of her bikini and covers her shaven precious parts with her hands! A captivating photo shoot I’m sure you’ll agree. Head on over to the Bailey Knox website for more amazing galleries of this brunette babe by clicking on her pics below. She’ll be there to greet you along with pictures, videos and naughty live cam shows! What more could you ask!!

Topless Bailey Knox posing on a red leather sofaBailey pulls her black bikini apart to flash her gorgeous boobsShe kneels on a leather sofa in a sexy poseBeautiful brunette bends over on a red leather sofa and shows off her sexy bodyShe gives a nice close up of her sexy hot assNext she lays on her back and touches herself intimately

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AP Studio presents Monica for Northwest Beauties

This is an amazing find by AP Studios for the Northwest Beauties website. Today they are presenting Monica who had such a fun time whilst shooting this video. Monica poses in various outfits including this sexy black and pink swimwear that really shows off her beautiful body. We also see her playing on the bed in a tight white see through mini dress and she also shares numerous lingerie poses too. It’s hard to believe that this is Monica’s first ever video because she looks so natural and confident throughout. Northwest Beauties have a special on at the moment so if you would like to see Monica’s first three videos at a reduced price then click on any of these stills below and head on over. Also while your there, you can have a sneak preview at the many other gorgeous girls they have, you’ll be spoiled for choice!!

Monica looking sexy in black and pink swimwear for Northwest BeautiesMonica plays on the bed in a tight white see through dress for Northwest BeautiesMonica posing in sexy lingerie for Northwest Beauties

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Video – A bikini contest with lots of gorgeous women

There are many bikini contests which take place around the world, some of them can be very classy and with very beautiful ladies participating. Here’s a great example, many gorgeous ladies get on stage and walk a runway in tight bikinis and swimsuits, the camera goes in for a lot of closeups, front and back for maximum eye candy and enjoyment. It’s a 30 minute video in total, make sure you have the pause button handy, especially during some of the closeups. To start now press Play below. Enjoy!!
Beautiful girls in a bikini contest

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Video – Ari Dugarte Bikini Try On Haul Bloopers

Here’s some eye candy for you, Venezuelan bikini model and social media star, Ari Dugarte, is well known for her “Try On” videos, this here is her Try On Haul blooper video. She has a quarter of a million subscribers on YouTube and 275,000 followers on Instragram, you can see why, these videos are addictive and leave you wanting more. If you don’t know here already, there’s a fair chance you’re about to become addicted. Click on the image below to open the page with the free video.

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Kari Sweets in the sexiest bikini ever

The wonderful Kari sweets has given us some amazing photo shoots over the years but this one will take some beating! In one of the sexiest bikinis we’ve ever seen Kari will undoubtedly blow you away with these astonishingly raunchy set of photos. Where do we begin!! In the first picture we see Kari standing in this revealing red bikini that barely covers her neatly trimmed bits! and which leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination! Moving on we see how this skimpy swimwear really complements her stunning body which Kari loves to flaunt. We then see her holding her bum cheeks with a couple of real close up pics of her incredibly cute ass and if that’s not enough then the final picture should leave you in a complete daze as she opens her legs with the sexiest look on her face in an unbelievable pose. If you can handle any more then click on Kari’s pics and check out her many other steamy outfits on the Kari Sweets website. You may need a cold shower after!!

Kari sweets posing in the sexiest red bikini everKari Sweets looking sexy in a red bikiniKari Sweets showing off her gorgeous bodyKari Sweets holding her cute ass cheeksKari sweets give a close up of her sexy ass in a red bikiniKari Sweets sits with her legs spread in a sexy red bikini

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FSU coed Kandi from Party All Star strips off for Premium Wins

This is hot blonde FSU coed Kandi from PartyAllStar, she wants to make good use of her Summer vacation by posing for some hot pics to make some spare cash; sounds like an excellent idea! Kandi is wearing a zipper leotard, so this is going to be really easy for her to unzip it and take it off, but she’s going to do it slowly to tease us. Premium Wins have taken 90 photos (3000 x 2000 pixels) of her taking it off and getting fully naked, they’ve made them available to download on the official site (linked via the images below). This is named the Kandi – Summer Blonde zipset. Enjoy!
Kandi Justine poses in a swimsuit for Premium Wins Blonde FSU hottie Kandi unzips her swimsuit PartyAllStar girl Kandi strips off