20yo Blonde Coed Poses at the New Orleans Playboy Casting Calls

A supercute 20yo girl nextdoor arrives to pose at the Playboy casting calls in New Orleans.  She’s smiling as she wears a red bikini which she’s about to be asked to remove piece after piece.  She’s definitely an “Only for Playboy” type of girl who would normally never take her clothes off for anyone other than her boyfriend.  She’s clearly in great shape, has been keeping fit and working out to look her best for her big day with the Playboy Plus photographers.  There’s a 50 second preview video below her photo, press Play to get it started.  If you’d like to see her fully uncensored in the full HD video and hi-res pics (downloadable), just click on her image or on the casting call banner to head over to the official website.  Enjoy!

Blonde girl at the Playboy castings in New Orleans


Nude Casting Call