Video: Vancouver Playboy Casting Calls

VIDEO: At WeHatePorn we like to track down Classy Girls and bring them to You! On the Internet it’s easy to find sluts taking it all off (and doing a lot more), but it takes a lot more time to track down the nice classy girls who have somehow been enticed into showing some skin or doing something a little bit naughty.  This is why we love Playboy; they go around the USA and Canada allowing girls to queue for their Playboy Casting Calls.  These girls queue as if it was X-Factor or American’s Got Talent.  It’s not just sluts queuing either, it’s cheerleaders, students, business women, sports women, you name it!  Most of them would even be willing to pay to take it all off for Playboy.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the girls from the Vancouver Casting Calls, we’ve already had a look at some of the girls HERE, this time we’ve put together a compilation from some of the Behind the Scenes videos of the Vancouver Girls.  At the point where each girl’s clip ends, this is where she was asked to start taking her underwear off, to discover if she agreed or stayed Non Nude feel free to head over to the Cyber Club (less than $3) by clicking HERE and then go to Casting Calls > Vancouver and chose a cute girl to enjoy.

The Casting Calls are the best thing on the Internet for surfers who are looking for Classy Girls taking it off.  If you sign up it will take you weeks to look through all the girls in there and download the Hi Res videos, there are regular updates too of new Casting Calls

See the Playboy Casting Call Girl's go Full Monty
See the Playboy Casting Call Girl’s go Full Monty


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