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Kari Sweets Cowgirl Video

The adorable Miss Kari Sweets is wearing her cowgirl outfit in this 1 minute 27  video, and she’s about to head out into the garden and do some rather daring things.  If her neighbors happen to have a glance over their fence then they’re going to be in for quite a pleasant surprise.  If Kari Sweets lives nextdoor to you then your house price will likely double, every time it’s a sunny day there’s going to be some eye candy out of your bedroom window.  If you’d like to watch her free video on our website then just click on the screenshot below.  Also, there’s her official site which has all of her most revealing media, to head there you’ll see a banner below the screenshot which is clickable.  Enjoy!
Kari Sweets Cowgirl Video

Kari Sweets Official


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Coed Amanda Strips for Playboy Plus

University of Nebraska coed Amanda is a girl nextdoor who like any other student at her college studies during the day and heads around the bars at nighttime.  “The more crowded a bar is, the better, especially bars on O Street like Dillinger’s,” says Amanda who is majoring in communications. “Most students go to house parties, but I prefer smaller parties after the bars close.”  Amanda is grew up in Spearfish, South Dakota, but now that she’s moved away to Nebraska all on her own she is looking for company. “I like a guy who carries himself like he knows who he is,” say the all-natural coed. “It’s a huge turn-on when someone doesn’t need constant reassurance.” Amanda is today posing for Playboy after attending a casting call, now she’s going to slowly strip out of her cropped sky-blue hoodie and blue denim miniskirt, which she’s already unzipped to grab your attention.  To see how much student Amanda dares to bare, just head over to the official Playboy website by clicking on any of her images below.
Coed Amanda in a blue miniskirt Coed strip tease Playboy coed does a strip A fun strip tease from University of Nebraska coed Amanda

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Girl Flashes You On Your First Date Out Together

Zishy girl Sofi was so pleased when you asked her out on a first date, that she’s really keen to make a good impression; to make sure you invite her out again.  After the initial conversation, Sofi Levchenko doesn’t waste time,  looks deep into your eyes and then starts to tease and flash you, showing you her bra and then showing you a panty upskirt.  She is confident that her method of seduction will work and that you’ll come back to her place afterwards.  You are hypnotized and don’t really have much choice in the matter.  To see what happens next click on any of photos below.
Blonde girl Sofi is meeting you for a date Your blonde first date really likes you She flashes her bra Zishy girl Sofi Levchenko

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Sexy Brooke Marks looks like she’s about to star in a futuristic Sci Fi movie

In a costume that wouldn’t look out of place on a Mad Max movie set, Brooke Marks is about to give one of her sexiest sets of pics we’ve seen in a while. She looks so gorgeous in her sci-fi outfit, especially when she leans forward to give an eyeful of cleavage and again as she seductively pulls her tattered miniskirt down. Later, Brooke stands completely naked apart from a few leather accessories and a very cool looking black sword to show off her smokin hot body! I’m not sure at this point what the Dr Spock ears are for lol but you won’t be paying too much attention those pointed ears when you see her standing there naked with the black sword nicely positioned between her legs. Brooke finishes by covering her most private parts to make me think it’s probably time for a cold shower. For more sexy cosplay by the beautiful Brooke Marks then hit the highlighted links or any of her pics below and check out her amazing site. Membership is optional to encourage Brooke to continue with her fine work or simply browse and enjoy the company of this sexy blonde babe. Live long and prosper!!

Blonde Brooke Marks posing in her futuristic sci-fi gear with a nice downblouse shot of her sexy cleavageShe's giving a nice close up of her sexy toned bodyNaked blonde girl standing with a stylish looking black sword between her legsShe's giving a cheeky glimpse of her sexy cute assNow she's giving a sexy pose in her leather accessories with her futuristic black sword covering her neatly shaved area Naked Miss Marks is covering herself between her legs

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Bottomless Bailey Knox gives a naughty bedroom tease

Easy tiger!…or perhaps I should say leopard, because it’s a leopard pattern that covers the bra that Bailey Knox is wearing and as our eagle-eyed visitors may have already spotted, that’s all she’s wearing too! In a stunning bedroom tease, Bailey goes from cute girl to naughty nymphomaniac at the click of a finger to which most of us would agree is an absolute pleasure to watch. With her scorpion tattoo on show, Bailey casually relaxes on the bed with her beautifully toned figure on display as well as her sexy bare feet but it isn’t long before the naughty nymph side of her makes an appearance as she lays on her back with her legs in the air and her hand placed neatly between them. After kneeling on the bed with her beautiful butt pushed out, she provides a glorious sight as she gives an “on top position” pose whilst caressing her boobs and smiling straight down the camera lens. This gorgeous babe never fails to disappoint and we’re absolutely delighted to have her on our WHP pages. For more wonderful pictures of Bailey just click on her pictures and you’ll be directed straight to the Bailey Knox website. You’ll have a great time browsing through her cute pics and vids and as you can see from these pics below, she’s all animal too. So be very careful!

Sexy Bailey Knox lays on her back in just her leopard patterned braShe shows off her wonderful figure as she lays on the bedBare footed girl lays on her front and looks into the cameraNaughty girl nextdoor spreads her legs and touches herself intimatelyNext she kneels on the bed with no panties onNaked girl plays with her boobs with a cheeky smile on her face

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Meet Madden in tight denim shorts

Sexy Meet Madden delivers another jaw dropping display now and treats us to some wonderful photos for her Meet Madden website. In the tightest of denim shorts, Madden can be seen working in the garage and uses the garage step ladders to maximum effect! At first we see Madden casually leaning on them in her tight white top that really shows off her gorgeous petite body, then as she lifts up her top we get a sneaky peek at her perfectly toned tummy. Later as she turns and stands on the ladder we can see her incredibly tight ass in those shorts that makes us wonder how the heck did she get them on in the first place!! The final two pics show her looking very sexy in her bra before she stands in just her shorts whilst holding her succulent breasts. Madden never lets us down with her photo shoots and is certainly one of our favorite girls. Make her one of your favorites too by clicking any of these pics and go over to the Meet Madden website where you’ll find many more galleries of the gorgeous Madden.

Meet Madden looking sexy in a white top and tight denim shortsMeet madden lifting up her top to show her toned tummyMeet Madden showing her tight ass in denim shortsMeet Madden pulling down her shorts to show her sexy assMeet Madden standing in her bra and opening her denim shortsMeet Madden holding her breasts in just her denim shorts

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Sexy Brooke Marks dressed as an Indian girl

Blonde babe Brooke Marks shows off her love for American football here as she dresses as an Indian girl in support of one of the Florida State teams. Dressed in full red Indian gear, including a brown tasseled top, brown mini skirt, furry boots and pigtails, she really does look the part as a cute Indian girl. She clearly enjoys dressing up in this attire, but certainly wastes no time in stripping it all back off again! Brooke starts to tease us by hitching up her mini skirt to show her pink panties, then turns around to show off that famous sexy bum! Later we see her standing in her bra and panties for you to admire her gorgeous body, then leaves us drooling over the final pic where she slowly pulls down the front of her pants while her pigtails just about cover her boobs! A fine picture indeed! To see Brooke dressed in other kinky outfits (or nothing at all!) then click on these pics and make your way to the Brooke Marks website now. Enjoy!

Brooke Marks looking sexy as an indian girlBrooke Marks lifting up her skirt to show pink pantiesBrooke Marks turns around to show her sexy bumBrooke Marks smiling as she pulls down her skirtBrooke Marks standing in bra and pantiesBrooke Marks in pigtails pulling down her panties

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Nikki Sims looking tasty in the kitchen

Here’s another mouth watering set of pictures to really sink your teeth into! Nikki Sims looks cooking marvelous as she poses in the kitchen for her Nikki Sims website. The ever popular Nikki serves up some delicious treats here while wearing a white t-shirt and panties. The kitchen really started to heat up as Nikki showed off her naughty side with these steamy pics, like squatting down for us to see her panties or turning around to show off her perfect peach! Picture five will surely get the juices flowing as Nikki looks up at the camera with her legs wide open to give us a wonderful view indeed! The final course sees her laying on her back and pulling up her t-shirt to show us her sexy bra and panties. Now if you’re still hungry for more then click on any picture below and check out the Nikki Sims website. She’s got a few tasty desserts waiting for you to tuck into! Bon Appetite!

Nikki Sims in a white t-shirt in the kitchenNikki sims sitting on the kitchen surface in a white t-shirtNikki Sims squatting down to show her panties Nikki Sims turns around to show off her gorgeous bottomNikki Sims looks up at the camera with her legs open wide Nikki Sims lays on her back and lifts t-shirt to show bra and panties

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Kari Sweets teasing in sexy bra and panties

Fun loving Kari Sweets shows us once again why she’s always in big demand with these terrific pics for her Kari Sweets website. In these quality photos, we have Kari posing in a pink and purple bra and panties that really helps us to appreciate her fabulous figure. Her beautiful smile also shows us just how much she’s enjoying herself and how she loves to be seen in such provocative poses. Do not be fooled though by her sweet and charming looks, because underneath that charm is a very sexy girl indeed, as you can see as she slowly pulls her panties down or opens her legs whilst gazing at us with that passionate look. In the final picture she will leave you speechless, with an amazing view of her absolute perfect bottom that never fails to lift our spirits! By clicking on any of Kari’s pictures you can go and treat yourselves to the many more galleries she has on the Kari Sweets website. Enjoy!

Kari smiles as she pulls at her braKari pulls down panties to show her sexy bumKari opens her legs while squatting downKari looking sexy as she sits on the floorKari lays on her back and slowly pulls her panties downKari giving a close up of her delicious bottom

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Sexy Videos from YouTube

We’ve been spending time getting together a nice selection of sexy videos from TV for you.  You’ll find a nice variety here, from hot babes playing twister to sexy girls trying on underwear.  Make sure you check them out now as these types of videos have a habit of going missing.  To watch the videos now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Sexy Videos from YouTube

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The Denver Playboy Casting Call

VIDEO: You might remember the posts of the Denver Playboy Casting Calls.  Firstly here are all of the Denver girls >HERE< and then we took a closer look at Rachel the Swim Team Captain >HERE<. There’s so much to see in each Casting Call, so now let’s take a look at the first part (non nude part) of some of the behind the scenes videos from the girls of Denver.  In each video we’ve had to finish it just as the girl was starting to get a bit naughty, as that’s got to stay inside the Playboy site.  To watch the compilation video now on WeHatePorn just click on the Blonde Denver cutie below

Playboy Denver
The Playboy Casting Call in Denver
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Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls

Atlanta is a hot spot for cute girls, this is evident in the Playboy Casting Calls.  We’ve already enjoyed Taylor the 18yo Cheerleader who was caught posing at an Atlanta Playboy Casting Call and her friend Ashley who posed at the same Casting Call with her.  Now let’s go back to the previous Atlanta Casting Call and see how cute the girls are.  Once again, we find ourselves with heart palpitations, especially when the girls agree to take their clothes off for one time only.  There are 10 girls at the Atlanta Playboy Casting Call, did the girls dare to reveal all?  To check the girls out now just click on one of the images below

Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls
The Atlanta Playboy Casting Call
The Girls of the Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls
Atlanta Playboy Casting Call Girls
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Alone with Hazel Tease

VIDEO: When Hazel’s Alone late at night she likes to switch on her webcam and tease her fans.  Alone with Hazel regularly talks to her members and tells us what’s she’s been doing during the day.  Sometimes her fans ask her to wear particular items or to do naughty things, though she’s quite shy, she is getting more and more daring every day.  To watch a Hot video of Hazel teasing on her sofa on WeHatePorn just click on Hazel below

Alone with Hazel
Alone with Hazel Teasing
Hazel Teasing
Hazel Teasing Alone
Hazel Teasing on the Sofa
Hazel WebCam Tease on the Sofa
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Playboy – The Real Girls of Victoria’s Secret

Five Sexy Victoria’s Secret employees slip out of their clothes for Playboy.  These are not models, they are Real Girls who work for Victoria’s Secret; Adrienne, Destiny and Joey works in Sales, while Debbie is a Bra & Makeup Specialist and Kimberlee is a Brand Representative.  All of the girls are over the moon to have the opportunity to pose for Playboy today, so they might be willing to show a bit more skin than they normally would. To meet the girls now on WeHatePorn just click on one of the images below

Real Victoria's Secret Girls Pose for Playboy
Playboy – The Real Girls of Victoria’s Secret
Victoria's Secret Cuties
Real Victoria’s Secret Cuties
Blonde Victoria's Secret Cutie
Blonde Victoria’s Secret Girl Poses for Playboy
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Sacramento Playboy Casting Call

Who wouldn’t want to live in Sacramento; wonderful weather, great location, high standard of living and by the look of it, plenty of Classy Girls.  There have been so many Playboy Casting Calls, you can always find one that you haven’t viewed, here we have the Sacramento Playboy Casting Call which WeHatePorn has recently discovered (to our delight).  These are the girls who would never do porn; they’re too hot and classy for porn.  This is the only way we were ever going to get to see them naked, for an ‘Artistic’ Playboy Casting Call (as they see it).  To meet the Sacramento Casting Call Girls now on WeHatePorn, just click on one of the Sacramento images below

Sacramento Casting Call Girls

Sacramento Playboy

First Time Casting Call Girls

Casting Call - Sacramento

The Girls of Sacramento

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Three Amateur Girls from the Atlanta Playboy Casting Call

The Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls were great fun!  We already have one of the girls here on WeHatePorn 20yo Ashley from the Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls. Now let’s take a look at three more Atlanta Amateurs.  Below we have 18yo Taylor, 20yo Ashley B and 27yo Andrea.  Who’s your favorite?  We love them all!  Would you like to find out how far each of the girls dared to go at their Casting Call?  To see more of the girls on WeHatePorn just click on one of the three cuties below

Taylor from Atlanta

Ashley B from Atlanta

Blonde Andrea from Atlanta

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VIDEO: Houston Playboy Casting Call Girls

VIDEO: The Houston Playboy Casting Calls have turned out fantastic, with a nice selection of cutie Girl Nextdoor Amateurs (first timers).  Each of the girls has a photoshoot and a behind the scences video, below is a compilation video from the Houston Casting Calls, it’s to give you a taste for the girls.  To watch the video now on WeHatePorn just click on the blonde cutie below

The Girls of the Houston Playboy Casting Calls

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TV Show 12 Corazones – Sexy Strip Teases (10 Videos)

There have been many Super Sexy TV Shows, but 12 Corazones has got to be right up there with the best.  So far I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but I do like what I see, lots of cuties stripping, pole dancing and doing other sexy things.  In the videos we head straight to the best bits.  WeHatePorn has only just become aware of 12 Corazones, we’ll be sending out our Internet Research Geeks to discover what else has been happening on the show so as we can bring it to your screens in the near future.  To watch the videos now on WeHatePorn just click on the 12 Corazones babe below

12 Corazones

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Talia Kristin – Coed of the Week from Santiago Canyon College

Talia Kristin is Playboy’s Coed of the Week, she studies Business Marketing at Santiago Canyon College.  Talia is just finishing up her studies, she’s looking forward to doing some snowboarding before starting work as a Marketing Manager.  To see her photos now on WeHatePorn just click on one of the 2 images below

Talia Kristin - Coed of the Week

Coed of the Week Talia Kristin

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Pants Off, Dance Off (9 Videos)

Pants Off, Dance Off (PODO) was a reality dance contest shown on Fuse in 2006.  The contestant’s dance and perform a strip tease, they disrobe down to their underwear and sometimes go further.  As each contestant dances and strips to a music video, interviews, soundbites and photos reveal stories about the ‘Pancer’.  Here we’ll take a look at the dancing and stripping skills of 9 of the female contestants.  To watch the videos on WeHatePorn click on the image below

Pants Off Dance Off
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Chloe at the Houston Playboy Casting Call

Cutie Chloe has arrived for her Casting Call in Houston; she’s about to pose for the first time.  Chloe is a local Hair Stylist, she enjoys her job, but she has always dreamed of being a model; today Playboy will make her dream come true, and who knows, some of the girls get invited back to pose again.  To see Chloe’s Casting Call on WeHatePorn just click on one of Chloe’s pics below

Chloe's Casting Call in Houston

Chloe's Vital Statistics

Chloe from Houston

Chloe's Casting Call

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Sporty Charlie Poses at the Houston Playboy Casting Calls

As Charlie was queuing for today’s Playboy Casting Call in Houston, the girl next to her said “There’s a rumor that all of the girls are being asked to remove their panties”.  Charlie laughed it off and didn’t believe it “It’s artistic, there’s no way they’d make us do that”.  As fans of the Playboy Casting Call’s know, the rumor is true that a lot of the girls are asked to remove their underwear, if they refuse they are told “It’s Skin-2-Win” and a lot of these girls are very competitive. If you’d like to see what happened in the Casting Call on WeHatePorn just click on one of the images below

Charlie didn't know much about what would happen at today's Casting Call

Charlie did win her T-shirt

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The San Diego Casting Calls (2008)

We decided to delve into the archive of Casting Calls, back to December 2008 in San Diego.  My oh my, what a lucky day that was!!  Take a look at the nine girls below, this is one of the best Playboy Casting Calls ever.  They’re all nice pretty girls, most of who were reluctant to take it all off.  As the girls were reluctant to remove their underwear, they were told that the Casting Call’s were Skin 2 Win, so to stand a chance of winning they would need to show as much as possible.  This did the trick as they are a competitive bunch.  Feast your eyes on the girls below, in some cases we’ve been allowed to give you a sneak peek as to what happens next in the Casting Call.  Also, make sure you watch the Behind the Scenes videos, one of the girls below, Danielle, surprised everyone present in her video, you’ve just got to see how much she enjoyed her chance to show off to the world. To take a look at the girls and have a sneak peek on WeHatePorn just click on one of the images just below

The Girls of San Diego

The Girls of San Diego

A Sneak Peek of Ashley's Casting Call

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Girls of Houston 2011 – Playboy Casting Calls

The Houston Playboy Casting Calls have started (November 2011), so far there are four Cute Wannabe Models live on the site.  All four of the girls had wanted to be fashion models and would never do porn, however they couldn’t miss the opportunity to pose for a Playboy Casting Call.  The girls have said that they will go as far as their underwear, but no further, however the Playboy Photographers are masters at making these girls feel comfortable and talking them out of their underwear.  Since it’s a Special Occasion and for One Time Only, maybe the girls can be talked into revealing all rather than staying Non Nude.  Which of the four girls do you think will give in to the pressure of Playboy and reveal all?  To see more of the girls on WeHatePorn just click on one of the three images below

Playboy Houston - 4 of the Girls from the Houston Casting Call

The Girls of Houston Playboy Casting Call

Ashley agrees to reveal ALL for One Time Only

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Melissa Debling Teasing in Stockings

We’ve all heard of Mel B and Mel C, but I have a feeling that you’ll prefer Mel D.  The D after Melissa’s first name actually stands for Debling, despite what many think, Melissa is a size F.  Below you’ll find Melissa posing in a bright pink skirt with stockings.  The photographer encourages glamour babe Melissa to remove her clothes, to see how much skin she dares to bare.  Either click on her image below to see more of Melissa on WeHatePorn or click HERE to see all of Melissa Debling’s photoshoots (including the most revealing parts)

Cutie British Babe Melissa Debling

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Girl Nextdoor Ella from Nextdoor Models

When it comes to finding the a true Girl Nextdoor; the Nextdoor Models site is the best on the Internet.  These are 100% Real Girls, Real Girls Nextdoor, the type who you’d like to bring home to meet your family.  Below you’ll find Nextdoor Ella, you can see that she’s a real girl who you might meet in a bar, college class or even in the library.  She’d probably be happy to exchange numbers with you if you played your cards right.  Take a look at her Sexy photoshoot below, the set continues beyond the most revealing photo below, feel free to head over to Nextdoor Models (by clicking one of Ella’s photos) to see how daring this Girl Nextdoor feeling today.

Nextdoor Models - Ella

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The Girls of MySpace

Playboy were aware of the 1,000’s of Cute Babes on MySpace, so they put forward a challenge for all of the MySpace Babes to send in Sexy Pics of themselves. Of the 600 Hot Babes who sent their pics here, there were 9 winners.  As a reward for winning they get taken to a studio where a Playboy photographer tries to talk them out of their clothes.  It’s exactly the type of prize that we like to see.  If you’d like to check out the MySpace Girls just click on one of the images below

The Girls of MySpace

The Girls of MySpace

Girls of MySpace

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Nextdoor Models – Bailey, Adrienne, Nicole & Ella

Our friends over at Nextdoor Models have been very busy; let’s take a look at some of their recent updates.  We’ll take a glimpse of four of the girls in recent photoshoots; Ella, Adrienne, Nicole and Bailey.  Prepare yourself for some Shiny, Colorful, Sexy and Tight Girl Nextdoor Fun!  Click on the photo of Girl Nextdoor Ella just below to see the full article on

The Nextdoor Models
Nextdoor Models

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18yo ENF Girls from Columbus

Three 18 year old girls arrive at the Columbus Playboy Casting Calls, the result is three ENFs (Embarrassed Nude Females), three girls who wouldn’t normally have got naked for the camera.  One of the girls in particular has a undeniable ENF expression as she’s asked to pull her panties down. 

18yo Rebecca from Columbus
18yo Rebecca is about to be an ENF at the Playboy Columbus Casting Calls
Blonde 18yo at the Columbus Playboy Casting Calls
Blonde 18yo at the Columbus Playboy Casting Calls
Jessica Poses at the Columbus Playboy Casting Call
Jessica is another 18yo who agrees to become an ENF at the Columbus Playboy Casting Call
Rebecca doesn't realize that she's about to be asked to get Naked
18yo Rebecca has no idea that their about to ask her to remove her underwear

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Jessika at the Columbus Playboy Casting Call

Another Casting Call Girl has arrived to pose “Only For Playboy“.  This time it’s Columbus Cutie Jessika, she’s another one who always swore she would only take it off for Playboy; at last her wish has been granted.  All the guys who know Jessika must be going wild over these photos, take a look below for a peek (click on one of the pics to see more of Jessika’s photoshoot on, they get much more revealing and there’s a also a Hot Behind the Scenes video to take advantage of.

Jessika before her Casting Call in Columbus

Columbus Cutie Jessika is about to take it off for the first time