The San Diego Casting Calls (2008)

We decided to delve into the archive of Casting Calls, back to December 2008 in San Diego.  My oh my, what a lucky day that was!!  Take a look at the nine girls below, this is one of the best Playboy Casting Calls ever.  They’re all nice pretty girls, most of who were reluctant to take it all off.  As the girls were trying to keep their underwear on, they were told that the Casting Call’s were Skin 2 Win, so to stand a chance of winning they would need to show as much as possible.  This did the trick as they are a competitive bunch.  Feast your eyes on the girls below, in some cases we’ve been allowed to give you a sneak peek as to what happens next in the Casting Call.  Also, make sure you watch the Behind the Scenes videos, one of the girls below, Danielle, surprised everyone present in her video, you’ve just got to see how much she enjoyed her chance to show off to the world. To see the full Casting Calls in Hi Res and to watch the HQ Behind the Scenes Videos, you can gain access for just $1 by clicking HERE where you’ll be provided with your username and password.  Once you’ve logged in, go to Special Editions > Casting Calls > San Diego (it’s the second San Diego in the list, but the first one is fun too).  Once you’re looking at the Hot Uncensored Pics and Videos of the San Diego girls, just make sure pick your jaw up from the floor in case anyone steps on it. 😉

The San Diego Casting Call Girls from December 2008
The 2008 San Diego Casting Calls Girls were some of the Cutest of Any Casting Call
The Girls of San Diego
The San Diego Casting Calls
Lovely Ashley, looks a bit like Jennifer Love Hewitt
Beautiful Girl Ashley from San Diego
A Preview of Ashley's Casting Call
How far did Ashley go at her Casting Call? They managed to convince her to show her most private parts (for one time only)
Cutie Danielle has a Hot Body
You'll be amazed to see what she did in her Behind the Scenes video, she took everyone by surprise!!
19yo Blonde Girl Kiana
19yo San Diego Cutie Kiana
Preview: The photographer's convince Kiana into showing her Meow for One Time Only
Preview: Amazingly the photographers managed to convince Kiana to show off her Meow
DeJanne at the San Diego Casting Calls
Dejanna is a Shy Girl, how much skin will she dare to bare?
Karlee at the San Diego Casting Call
San Diego Girl Karlee
Busty Blonde Alex from San Diego
Busty San Diego Cutie Alex
A Preview of Alex's Casting Call
A Sneak Peek of What to Expect in Alex's Casting Call
Ireland Posing at the San Siego Casting Call
Cute Ireland Poses for the First Time in San Diego
Ireland agrees to take her panties down
Ireland reluctantly agrees to remove her panties
Venus Poses for Playboy in San Diego
San Diego Cutie Venus Arrives for her Casting Call in San Diego
Will Jessica dare to bare?
Will Jessica take it all off today?
A Sneak Peek of Jessica's Naughty Casting Call
As you'll see in the Sneak Peek, Jessica's Boobies came out, but did she end up showing even more?

If you’d like to feast your eyes on the Uncensored HI RES photos and the sometimes Naughy Behind the Scenes videos, it’s only $1 to see all of the girls, just click HERE where you’ll be provided with a Username and Password, then login and go to Special Editions > Casting Calls > San Diego (the second San Diego down, but the other one is Hot too).  Once you’ve got the uncensored photos/videos on the screen, make sure you save them to your PC in case the girls ever ask for them to be removed from the site (it often happens when the girls realize just how revealing the photos/videos actually are)

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