Actress Lacey Chabert in a Bikini – Thirst

VIDEO: Actress Lacey Chabert is well know for her role in Party of Five and on the big screen in both Lost in Space and Not Another Teen Movie.  She’s a cute Mississippi girl who has always been recognized as one of the most talented of her generation.  With her being a Beauty, the film directors tend to find Sexy Moments for her to act out, like the one below from the film Thirst (2008) where she swims around in a tight yellow bikini (see video below) and then does a spot of bikini sunbathing.  In other films she’s shown even more than this; there’s one where she’s naked in the bath.  If you’d like access to all of her sexiest uncensored videos clips and photos, feel free to click HERE and you’ll be taken to a site that has them all; it “fast-forwards to the naughty bits”

Lacey Chabert in a Yellow Bikini
Lacey Chabert in a Bikini in the film Thirst
Lacey Chabert - Cleavage Bikini View
Lacey Chabert shows Bikini Cleavage

Actresses in Bikinis - Thirst
Two Actress looking Cute in Bikinis in the film Thirst

Cute Actresses in Bikinis
Thirst – Bikini Babes
Hot Bikini Babes in Thirst
Hot Bikini Babes in the Film Thirst
Bikini Babe Lacey Chabert
Bikini Celebrity Lacey Chabert
Cute Lacey Chabert
Cute Celebrity Lacey Chabert
Nice Bikini Cleavage from Lacey Chabert in Thirst
Lacey Chabert shows Bikini Cleavage in Thirst
Lovely Cleavage View of Lacey Chabert
Lacey Chaberts Lovely Bikini Top Boobs
Lacey Chabert Lovely Boobs
Lacey Chabert Wet in a Bikini
Lacey Chabert is a Beauty
Party of Five Star Lacey Chabert in a Bikini

If you’d like to fast-foward to the naughtiest moments in Lacey Chabert‘s acting career, completely uncensored, there’s a site with all of the best bits, just click HERE to go there now or click on the banner below

See Lacey Chaberts Hottest Film Moments
If you’d like to see more of Lacey Chabert Mr Skin has it all!!

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  1. I never watched Party of Five, but I did see her in one or two mvoies where she was playing a teen. My question is where did she get those fabulous tits?

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