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NCAA College Initiations

There are certain times at university when coeds do some daring things which they wouldn’t normally do.  The occasions to look out for are normally at the very start, on the first sorority night out and also at the very end on graduation day.  At the beginning for freshers there are initiations where new wannabe sorority coeds have to prove themselves by stripping or flashing in public, each university as it’s own tradition as to the specifics, such as location and the exact requirement of the initiation.  On graduation day you’ll often see coeds flashing to some degree as part of the celebration, they like to do this during official photos, giving the photographer a real treat.  Below we have ten of these moments which have been captured and uploaded to the Internet for the enjoyment of many.
Graduation coeds lift their skirts Coeds strip and kiss for imitation Party coeds pull down their panties Fresher coeds flashing Graduation day women flash Stripping for sorority initiation Pulling their panties down for a dare Naked mud college imitation New coeds have to flash on their first night out
It is rare that anyone has caught this type of college initiation on camera, but here’s when someone did capture a pic as they were driving past.  New sorority coeds head off to find some traffic, they strip off, and lift each other up with legs spread as the cars go by, and give the car drivers a real eyeful.  This is how they prove themselves to the rest of the sorority.
Coeds spread their sisters legs and hold them up as part of an initiation

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Birthday girl Kari Sweets smears her birthday cake all over her sexy naked body

A very big happy birthday to the beautiful Kari Sweets now and today, Kari is celebrating her birthday party with cakes and alcohol which is a very nice combination indeed. However, the party soon spirals out of control (thankfully to our benefit) as naughty Kari decides to smear bits of her cake all over her naked body but we’ll tell you more about that when we get to it. Firstly after blowing out the candles, Kari sits on the kitchen surface in her sexy pink attire and gets ready to gulp down a few swigs of her favorite drink before kneeling up for one of the greatest ass pictures that Kari has ever produced. She then removes her top and bra to play with her nipples and then the messiness really begins as she covers both her nipples with the birthday cake cream. With the birthday celebration drinks clearly affecting her inhibitions, Kari finishes in style as she rubs the cream all over her private parts with the person behind the camera most probably wishing they could lick it all off (and I’m sure that many of us here are wishing that same thing too). As Kari goes on to celebrate throughout the night, you can gain instant access to her official site to see her perform in many other sexy scenarios. To do so, simply click the photos below and head on over there. For now though let’s wish Kari Sweets a wonderful day and long may she continue with her fine work. Hip Hip…Hooray!

Smiling Kari Sweets posing next to her lovely looking birthday cakeShe's sitting on top of the worktop in her sexy pink clothes as she celebrates her birthday with a few drinksGorgeous Kari is kneeling to show her sexy hot assBirthday girl giving a sexy handbra pose as she sits with her legs spreadTasty Kari Sweets spreads her birthday vake all over her boobs and nipplesNaked hottie ooking gorgeous as she spread bithday cake all over her private parts

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Messy paint play with beautiful Brooke Marks

For all you budding artists out there, this is probably how you shouldn’t do it but hats off to the beautiful Brooke Marks for trying! In a super set of photos, we see sexy blonde Brooke in her black bra and panties with a set of paints that she’s about to get really messy with and she starts by simply writing her name across her belly button. The next couple of pics show Brooke with her face painted like a pussy cat with the word -Meow- written on her bare thigh. She then lays back and goes crazy with paint all over her sexy body before kneeling up to show a close up of the paints all over her boobs and nipples. It’s a shame we have to leave it here because we would have loved to see just how messy Brooke Marks became during this photo shoot but if you would like to continue yourselves then click on any of her painting pics and move on over to her official home page. She gets up to all sorts of mischief and you’ll love every bit of it!

Brooke Marks kneeling up in just her sexy black bra and pantiesShe paints her name across her sexy stomachGirl nextdoor getting messy with body paintBlonde cutie looking up towards the camera with paint on her face Blonde woman laying on her back as she paints her sexy bodyTopless babe kneeling up with body paint all over her boobs

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Bikini girls wrestling in a pool, one gets pantsed (bikini bottoms down)

A couple of bikini girls are wrestling each other in a muddy pool in someone’s back garden, when one of them decides to employ a new tactic to make her opponent lose her concentration, she pulls down the bikini bottoms of the her opponent, quite a long way down. The pantsed girl is very surprised and embarrassed, the crowd cheer, she then goes for some revenge trying to expose the other girl back. This is good fun to watch especially if you like watching ENF or chicks getting pantsed, it’s five minutes long, to watch now on WeHatePorn click on the screencap below.
Two girls are wrestling each other in their bikinis, one decides to pants the other, downing her bikini bottoms

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Jenn Plays Strip Poker on SW Amateur Video

VIDEO: SW Amateur Video have convinced a real cutie to have a game of strip poker with them, you’ll be pleased to see that Jenn isn’t very good at poker so she ends up taking off her clothes.  She puts some whipped cream on her nipples to cover up as she goes around topless, in another part of the video she oils up her smooth skin.  To see some screencaps now just click on the Jenn below.

Jenn on SW Amateur Video

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Jello Wrestling in Bikinis with Oops Moments

Today we’ve got some girls fighting in bikinis for you.  Three blonde girls are having fun jello wrestling, to make it even more interesting these girls are desperately trying to expose each other to humiliate their opponents in front of the crowd, it’s a dirty tactic but certainly one we like to see.  Look carefully for bikini oops moments and press the Pause button whenever you like, you’ll definitely find some nip slips if you look carefully, you’ll also get to see the girls getting pantsed.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the pic below.

Bikini Jello Wrestling With Oops Moments

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Kari Sweets Ultimate Messy Nude Birthday

The super sexy Internet legend Kari Sweets is back for another amazing uncensored photoshoot, this time she’s all wet and messy for her birthday, she covers her naughty bits in cake for a tease and gives us all a real treat, pure eye candy!  To enjoy more of her now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.
Kari Sweets Ultimate Birthday Nude and Messy

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Live TV: Whipped Cream Bra Contest

This sexy clip is from a TV show in Chile, it was shown on live TV.  A group of hot girls are asked to take part in a ‘Whipped Cream Bra’ contest, who do you think will win?  We are the real winners of course! To watch the video now on WeHatePorn click on the screengrab below.

Girl in a Whipped Cream Bra on National TV
Whipped Cream Bra
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Kelli Smith Upskirted on Pinup WOW

VIDEO: Kelli Smith is serving in a diner, it’s one of her first days at work.  One thing about this diner is that all the waitresses have to serve on roller skates, but Kelli is well out of practice.  It’s only a matter of time until she topples over in her miniskirt and all the customers near by will get a fun oops upskirt peek.  To watch Kelli’s video now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Upskirt Fun on Pinup WOW

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Barmate in Bodypaint – Playboy Amateur

This is Real Barmaid Katrina Eugenia, she works at McFadden’s Irish Bar in New York.  Today she’s agreed to get completely nude for Playboy, on the condition that it’s an ‘Artistic’ photoshoot (Katrina went to Art School).  To make sure that Katrina perceives this as Art and not Porn, Playboy have given her some paint to put on her body; now she’s happy and we’re even happier! 🙂  To view her photoshoot on WeHatePorn just click on Katrina below

Playboy Barmate in Bodypaint
Playboy Amateur in Bodypaint
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Brooke Lima gets Messy with her Birthday Cake

Brooke Lima wants to celebrate her birthday in style, so she’s stripped down to her birthday suit on her bed with her cake, and she’s having a think about what to do.  Brooke is even more yummy than the cake, but if she were to cover herself in the cake, she would be more delicious still.  Brooke has decided that’s a great idea, she’s going to cover herself in the cake as a special birthday celebration.  If you’d like to see the messy photos on WeHatePorn now just click on one of the three pics below

Brooke Lima's Birthday Cake
Brooke is about to get all Messy with her Birthday Cake in her Birthday Suit
Brooke thinking about how to celebrate her birthday in style
Brooke likes to celebrate her birthday’s in style
Brooke Lima Nude and Messy
Brooke gets Naked and Messy – She’s having Fun
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Coeds Playing Twister

In September Coeds tend to go wild on campus; it’s exciting for them to be back from their Summer breaks and also the exams are a long way off.  Creative minds think of many games for the drunk coeds to play, one of the favorites being Twister.  

Drunk Coeds Playing Twister
It can be Fun watching Drunk Coeds Playing Twister
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Jello Bikini Wrestling Girls

Female Bikini Jello Wrestling is well know to be full of Sexy Oops Moments.  What a treat, all you want is for the fight to go on for as long as possible.  Sometimes the girls get really upset so they try to humiliate their opponent by ripping off her bikini, that’s only if she gets really angry though, as soon as one girl uses this tactic the other will immediately use it back on her.  There are some never seen before Bikini Jello Wrestling pics to be found in the legendary Candid Copia site, the photos have only recently been taken so cannot be found anywhere else on the web.  Candid Copia have kindly donated some samples for you to enjoy below.  If you’d like to enjoy some Jello Bikini Wrestling Girls right now, feel free to head over to the Candid Copia site right now by clicking HERE

Bikini Jello Party
Bikini Jello Party
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Believe it or not, the day you have always dreamed of has really arrived, Kelly Brook is now Totally Naked, with a bit of lipstick smeared on her skin to make sure it looks like Art

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Sexy Candid Moments – Dancing, Wrestling and Cameltoe Oops

A collection of Sexy Candid Moments including Oops Bikini Cameltoe, Dancing in the Club and Bikini Wrestling

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Wet and Messy Girls – Food Fights and Wrestling

VIDEOS/PICS: Wet and Messy Girls having Wrestling Contests and Food Fights, sit back and enjoy the show!

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Videos/Pics: Messy Non Nude Girls Fighting

Videos/Pics: Messy Non Nude Girls Fighting, some even rip each others clothes off

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Kari Sweets Messy Birthday Fun – Non Nude?

Kari Sweets Messy Birthday Fun – She’s completely drunk!

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Sexy Music – 4 Hot Videos for Your to Enjoy

Sexy Music Videos – 4 Hot Music Videos for you to enjoy, including Helen Rask.

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VIDEO: Katy Perry Gets Plastered for Charity

VIDEO: Katy Perry Gets her breasts out for a good cause. She has has them plastered and auctions off the cast.

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VIDEO: Sexy Girls Wrestling in Skirts

VIDEO: Two Sexy Girls Wrestle in Mud and try to Rip Each others Clothes Off

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Wet and Messy Games

Classy and Cute Girls playing Wet and Messy Games Fully Clothed for Fun