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Professional Tennis Player Gets Nude Bodypainted – Caroline Wozniacki

Sometimes there are really nice surprises, things which never seemed like a realistic possibility until they actually really happened. When former number one tennis player Caroline Wozniacki agreed to strip naked and get bodypainted, it was one of those rare occasions.
Lots of people will have wanted to see Caroline Wozniacki nude, but how was the scenario ever going to occur, perhaps she could become an actress and take her clothes off in a film, or maybe Playboy have made her an offer. In fact, the magic moments eventually took place due simply to someone asking if they could bodypaint her, and she thought it seemed like a fun idea. The entire event was filmed and photographed, so as the whole world can get to see. Did Caroline realize that this will send billions of guys wild or did she believe it was just some kind of art project? It looks like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Who knows what she was thinking, but now it doesn’t matter, to watch the video her on our site now click on Caroline’s pic below.
Caroline Wozniacki naked in bodypaint


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Messy paint play with beautiful Brooke Marks

For all you budding artists out there, this is probably how you shouldn’t do it but hats off to the beautiful Brooke Marks for trying! In a super set of photos, we see sexy blonde Brooke in her black bra and panties with a set of paints that she’s about to get really messy with and she starts by simply writing her name across her belly button. The next couple of pics show Brooke with her face painted like a pussy cat with the word -Meow- written on her bare thigh. She then lays back and goes crazy with paint all over her sexy body before kneeling up to show a close up of the paints all over her boobs and nipples. It’s a shame we have to leave it here because we would have loved to see just how messy Brooke Marks became during this photo shoot but if you would like to continue yourselves then click on any of her painting pics and move on over to her official home page. She gets up to all sorts of mischief and you’ll love every bit of it!

Brooke Marks kneeling up in just her sexy black bra and pantiesShe paints her name across her sexy stomachGirl nextdoor getting messy with body paintBlonde cutie looking up towards the camera with paint on her face Blonde woman laying on her back as she paints her sexy bodyTopless babe kneeling up with body paint all over her boobs

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Nikki Sims gives a revealing art class

Nikki Sims can lend her hand to most things and this time she’s trying to master a spot of painting work and with her easel, paint pots and brushes at the ready then Nikki is fully equipped to get cracking. In her white top and tight black pants, Nikki leans forward first for a delicious downblouse shot along with an eyeful of her big boobs and wonderful cleavage and luckily for us, Nikki get mistaken when being told that she’ll be painting nudes and instead goes on to strip down herself to her skimpy panties and high heels (which is a shame). As she sits on her stool and looks over her shoulder, you can see that Nikki has some classy artwork of her own in the form of a fabulous back tattoo then shows her natural artistry by bending over for a marvelous sight of her sexy legs and super hot ass! Sadly, Nikki gets a touch of artist’s block and can’t think of anything to paint so goes on to paint each of her juicy melons instead with flowers petals covering each nipple which would certainly get a ten out of ten score for effort and creativity! Nikki Sims has a lot of artistic flare of her own and you can see this for yourself by clicking on the pictures below to check out her amazing site. Membership is welcomed to help Nikki continue with her fine work or simply browse the many wonderful galleries she has on there. Enjoy!

Nikki Sims gets ready for art class in her white top and sexy tight black pantsShe leans forward for a delightful downblouse cleavage shotBlonde girl laying on the floor in just her panties and high heelsShe sits on her stool and shows off her sexy body in a thong and high heelsSexy blonde girl shows off her gorgeous hot ass in a skimpy thongShe smiles as she shows off her beautiful big boobs with painted flowers on them

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Bailey Knox Naked in Green Bodypaint

Supercutie Bailey Knox has taken off all of her clothes and allowed herself to be bodypainted. She’s clearly enjoying herself, feeling quite naughty and daring in just the finger paint, and soon she’s going to start to wash the paint off so it’s going to be incredibly revealing for everyone who gets to see the full uncut version of the video. Bailey Knox is the real girl nextdoor, the one who you wished nextdoor to you. If she did you could watch her sunbathing in the garden and doing naughty dares when her friends make her run naked down the street. You could also pop around and ask if she’s got any spare coffee, if she’s just got out the shower maybe she’ll be wearing a towel and she will ‘accidentally’ drop to the floor. In case you don’t have a girl nextdoor like Bailey, then don’t worry, you can still enjoy all of the sexy fun inside her official website, just click on any of those three pics below to be taken over there immediately, in the members area you’ll have access to all of her uncensored photos and videos, make sure you save them in case she ever changes her mind about doing this and takes the site down.
Bailey Knox is naked in green bodypaint Bailey Knox smiling in the shower Girl nude in the shower shows her sexy ass
The official Bailey Knox website

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Video of Meet Madden in pink panties and with glitter on her boobs

Video of Meet Madden topless
Official Meet Madden Site

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Nina Agdal in a Shaving Foam Bikini

Edge Shaving Foam have managed to convince (or more likely bribe) blonde beauty Nina Agdal into wearing just a shaving foam bikini.  She’s standing there pretty much naked, the camera gets her from all the best angles.  To enjoy more of this celebrity babe now on WeHatePorn simply click on her pic below.

Nina Agdal in a Shaving Foam Bikini

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Bodypaint Party in Magaluf – Real Girls Gone Bad

Real Girls Gone Bad have been sent a fun video from a special night out in Magaluf where a club was holding a body paint party.  The girls often fall for this idea that they aren’t naked if they’re wearing body paint, and once again the trick worked a treat!  Below you’ll find screencaps from the video, to download and view the full uncensored version and watch these UK party girls reveal all just head over to the official Real Girls Gone Bad website >HERE< and get a front row view of this party.

Nude bodypaint party on Real Girls Gone Bad

Nude girls kiss in bodypaint

Magaluf girl naked in bodypaint

Naked girl showing off at a Magaluf bodypaint party

Naked girls kissing

Naked Magaluf bodypaint party

Bodypaint girls showing off their naked bodies in Magaluf

Blonde girl takes her panties off in Magaluf

Nude bodypaint girl show off their asses in Magaluf

Girls having naked bodypaint fun in Magaluf

The crowd are absolutely loving the show!!

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TV Presenter Gets Bedazzled On Camera

Today we’ve got a sexy one for you, it’s a video showing how a TV presenter was required / dared to get bedazzled to show the viewers what it is.  This means she had to appear bottomless on camera and allow the camera to zoom in close.  What a good sport she is!  To see now on WeHatePorn click on the screen-cap below.

TV Presenter Bedazzled - Video

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Bethany Dempsey In BodyPaint for Sports Illustrated

We’ve found another sexy video to share with you, this is of celebrity Bethany Dempsey in just bodypaint for Sports Illustrated, yes, you worked it out, that means she’s actually naked even if she doesn’t really believe she is.  Examine her bodypaint closely and press Pause as much as you like.  To watch her now on WeHatePorn click on the screencap below.
Sports Illustrated Bodypaint Celebrity

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Abbey Clancy Bodypainting

Here’s a super sexy video of UK celebrity, model and TV presenter, Abbey Clancy, who’s married to the rather tall footballer Peter CrouchAbbey has fallen for the bodypaint trick, she doesn’t believe that she’s naked, she thinks the bodypaint counts as clothing, the experts at Sports Illustrated have done a excellent job, first at convincing her to do this and second by painting on a bikini which is so revealing.  This is the only time you’ll ever get to see Abbey Clancy naked as she’s not the type of girl to do stuff like that on the Internet.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the screen-cap below.

Abbey Clancy Nude Bodypainting for Sports Illustrated

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Brazilian Girl in Spiderman Bodypaint

You will all know that wonderful things regularly happen on Brazilian TV, today we’ve found another sexy gem.  They’ve convinced some hot blonde babe to go wear some spiderman bodypaint, the video is a real treat for everyone especially those who are fans of cosplay and or bodypaint.  To watch now on WeHatePorn click on the screencap below.

Brazlian girl on TV in spidergirl bodypaint

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Northwest Beauties Videos – September 2014

As always Northwest Beauties and their partners have been convincing the cutest home-town girls to pose for them, most of these girls you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet.  We’ve been looking through their September 2014 releases, there’s a nice variety of sexy models in a number of teasing scenarios and outfits.  Going over to Northwest Beauties is always a real treat and we should all be grateful that they exist as the Internet wouldn’t be the same without them.  To see more now on WeHatePorn click on the nude bodypaint girl below.

September Updates on Northwest Beauties - Videos

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Brooke Marks World Cup Bodypaint Zipset

At the time of writing the 2014 Football/Soccer World Cup in Brazil is less than one hour from kick off, maybe you’re a fan and looking forward to it, perhaps you’re half interested, and of course there are also people who are not interested one bit, but if there’s one girl who can unite us all then we’ve got her here with us today, yes, you knew it, we’re talking about that adorable blonde babe Brooke Marks, she’s supporting the US Soccer Team and is doing her best to motivate both the players and the fans towards success.  Even if you support another team you’ll no doubt agree that everyone is a winner when Brooke Marks strips down to bodypaint for another of her daring zipsets.  If only the World Cup took place more often than once every four years then we’d have many more shoots like this, we’ll need to speak to the organizers and state our case, who knows, if they are Brooke Marks fans then they might just realize we’ve making a strong point.  To see more of this special photo-shoot now just click on Brooke below.

Brooke Marks World Cup Bodypaint Zip


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Euro2012 Topless Match – Denmark V Germany

To celebrate Euro 2012 many hot women got together in Germany to stage their own Euro 2012 competition, this involved playing soccer topless in bodypaint.  We’re going to take a look at the game between Denmark and Germany, where Denmark went on to win 13-1.  We thought carefully about whether to post up the outdoor shower pics from after the match, you’ll enjoy them I’m sure, but they are too revealing for this site (sorry).  Denmark were the winners, though the real winners are the fans; especially fans of hot topless chicks. To see the pics now on WeHatePorn just click on the girls warming up below

SexySoccer2012 - Germany V Denmark
Germany and Denmark Play Sexy Topless Bodypaint Football
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Barmate in Bodypaint – Playboy Amateur

This is Real Barmaid Katrina Eugenia, she works at McFadden’s Irish Bar in New York.  Today she’s agreed to get completely nude for Playboy, on the condition that it’s an ‘Artistic’ photoshoot (Katrina went to Art School).  To make sure that Katrina perceives this as Art and not Porn, Playboy have given her some paint to put on her body; now she’s happy and we’re even happier! 🙂  To view her photoshoot on WeHatePorn just click on Katrina below

Playboy Barmate in Bodypaint
Playboy Amateur in Bodypaint
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Brooke Lima gets Messy with her Birthday Cake

Brooke Lima wants to celebrate her birthday in style, so she’s stripped down to her birthday suit on her bed with her cake, and she’s having a think about what to do.  Brooke is even more yummy than the cake, but if she were to cover herself in the cake, she would be more delicious still.  Brooke has decided that’s a great idea, she’s going to cover herself in the cake as a special birthday celebration.  If you’d like to see the messy photos on WeHatePorn now just click on one of the three pics below

Brooke Lima's Birthday Cake
Brooke is about to get all Messy with her Birthday Cake in her Birthday Suit
Brooke thinking about how to celebrate her birthday in style
Brooke likes to celebrate her birthday’s in style
Brooke Lima Nude and Messy
Brooke gets Naked and Messy – She’s having Fun
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Nude Student Initiation Photos

Millions of Students around the world have just gone back to University.  It’s very important for the female freshers to be accepted into the Sorority and other groups, but to do so they first have to go through a series of Initiations, lots of such Initiations involved stripping and/or nudity.  Let’s take a look below at recent goings on European and American Universities

University Coeds Strip for their Sorority Initiation
Two Nude Coeds at their Sorority Initiation

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Samantha Faiers gets Vajazzled – The Only Way is Essex

UK Actress  Samantha Faiers from The Only Way is Essex and Only Tease agrees to be filmed as she gets Vajazzled.  Below you’ll find the video along with a sexy Samantha Faiers gallery.  Samantha is good to us, WOW!!
Samantha Faiers Vajazzle

Samantha Faier from The Only Way is Essex

You get to see a lot more of Samantha Faiers (AKA Samantha F) inside the only tease site, if you want to get there quickly feel free to click on the banner below
Samantha Faiers Strips Off

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Believe it or not, the day you have always dreamed of has really arrived, Kelly Brook is now Totally Naked, with a bit of lipstick smeared on her skin to make sure it looks like Art