Nude Student Initiation Photos

Millions of Students around the world have just gone back to University.  It’s very important for the female freshers to be accepted into the Sorority and other groups, but to do so they first have to go through a series of Initiations, lots of such Initiations involved stripping and/or nudity.  Let’s take a look below at recent goings on European and American Universities

University Initiations
Topless University Initiation
Students in Bikinis being Initiated
Initiation Shower, now the Bikinis have to Come Off
Topless Shower Dare
Topless Shower Initiation
Initiation Upshorts
Oops Upshorts from the Student Initiations
Students Strip in Lectures
University Students Strip in Lectures for their Initiation
Handbra Inititations in the Sea
Students go Topless and wear Handbras in the Sea
Laughing Hand Bra Girls
Students Laughing giving each other Handbras
Students get Topless for University Initiations
Students get Topless for University Initiation
Underwear Initiation
Coeds strip down to their bras and panties for a Sorority Initiation
ENF Inititation
ENF Girls Initiated into Sorority
Two Nude Girls Initiationed
Nude Initiation
Students Laughing in Wet T-Shirts
Wet T-Shirt Contest
Wet T-Shirt Pokies
Wet T-Shirt Student Inititation
Students Strip for Initiation
Coeds Strip down to their Bikini Bottoms for a Sorority Initiation
Coeds get Painted for Sorority Initiation
Girls getting Painted for their University Initiation
Body Paint Initiation
Girls Strip to their Underwear and get Painted for their Initiation
Topless Coeds Strip at University
College Freshers Strip for their Initiation


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