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Indiana University Student Aryka Poses for Playboy

Indiana University nursing student Aryka doesn’t get as much attention as some would expect, she tells Playboy “I’m surprised that college guys don’t ask me out! Maybe they’re too scared,”  would you be brave enough to ask her out?  The petite blue-eyed coed admits that there have been some attempts, but they haven’t normally impressed her. “One guy said ‘you’ve made me so nervous that I’ve totally forgotten my standard pick-up line,’”  but she is not a fan of pick-up lines anyway, and prefers a confident guy who’s ready to have a wild night, “The foam party! Nothing is sexier than being slippery and wet. You have to experience that at least once,” she laughs.  One suspects that a lot of you readers would like to sign up for that sponge bath with nurse Aryka?  To see how much she’s willing to reveal for Playboy Plus today just click on any of her photos below and you’ll be taken to the official website where you can enjoy her fully uncensored photos and videos.
Aryka Lynne poses for Playboy Playboy coed in white panties Will she pull her panties down? Indiana University coed poses for Playboy Plus Girl pulls her panties down
As you know we have to stick to the SFW images here, but if you’d quite like to see the naughty stuff from Aryka’s photo shoot then just head over to the official website by clicking on the banner below.
Playboy Coeds

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Mexican Soccer Player Nikkole Teja Makes Her Fans Happy

Mexican soccer star Nikkole Teja has a large following, and if you look at some of the pics below you’ll immediately see why.  Her many fans, especially the guys, have been writing to Nikkole and asking for her to share some revealing pics and videos, to make their day.  Nikkole was really flattered by all of the attention, it made her feel quite naughty, so eventually she decided to give her fans exactly what they want, and she’s now finding herself addicted to it, so it’s a win-win situation.  Of course, we can’t post anything too revealing here, the last pic is as far as we can take it, but it’s still pretty revealing and hot.

Mexican soccer player

In tight shorts

Bikini time

On bikini beach

Pulling down her panties in the shower

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Oklahoma University Student Reveals All For Playboy

Alexandra Hill is a Oklahoma University coed who enjoys reading and knows how to make people laugh.  She’s always had a dream of posing for Playboy, and when the Playboy camera crew arrived on her campus they selected her for Coed of the Week.  Alexandra slowly stripped out of her clothes, including even taking off her thong, leaving nothing to the imagination.
Alexandra likes to read biographies, autobiographies and horror books.  She’s a real girl, with a sense of humor, and now she has revealed all inside the official Playboy website which can be accessed for the uncensored pics by clicking on any of her censored images below.

Alexandra Hill posing for Playboy Babe on a bike Tight pants Coed gets topless Alexandra Hill teases with her panties Panty tease Coed in a thong Playboy coed pulls down her panties for Playboy Student shows shaven pussy for Playboy

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Erin from Sandlmodels gets into the Bathtub

Erin is having fun teasing for Sandlmodels (good friends of Northwest Beauties), she starts in some sexy revealing lingerie and soon heads to the shower, initially with some clothes still on, then she removes them and lies completely naked in the bathtub, revealing all to her lucky fans.  To see more preview screenshots and perhaps download the full uncensored 60 minute video of Erin, in which she leaves nothing to the imagination, just click on any her the images below.
Erin posing for Sandlmodels Blonde in the shower Bathtub girl Erin from NorthwestBeauties

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Playboy – Laura Christie Teases Poolside

Laura Christie Summer Twist Playboy poolside hottie Brunette underboob Girl strips naked by the pool

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US Hockey Team get Naked to ask for a Payrise

The female US hockey team were on quite a low wage, so they had a great idea of how to get enough attention to ask for more; six of the girls decided to strip naked for some hot pics on the ice rink. Their plan made sure that everyone was a winner, as the girls all got their pay rises, and we all get to see them naked. Let’s hope they think of another excuse to take their clothes off, we will support them whatever their cause. Now scroll down and enjoy their fit, sporty and naked bodies.
US hockey team pose naked Sports team get naked Naked for a payrise Nude hockey team Hockey girls nude Sports babes naked Athlete gets nude

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UGotItFlauntIt girl Amy poses on a secluded beach

Amy is a cute brunette girl who’s away on vacation, she has agreed to model for UGotItFlauntIt. This is her third photoshoot for the site, they’ve headed out to a secluded beach, as even though Amy has an innocent look (like many of the UGotItFlauntIt girls), she’s agreed to do a more naughty photoshoot, which is essential viewing for all girl nextdoor fans. She starts off by some rocks in a pink bikini top and some sporty white shorts, but it’s not going to be long until the clothes start to come off. To see Amy show her naughty side just click on her pic below and head over to the official site where you’ll also find many more amateurs and girl nextdoor types posing for the first time as they enjoy themselves away on vacation and throw caution to the wind. Every now and then some of the girls will agree to go full nude, and sometimes it’s the ones you least expect. UGotItFlauntIt girl Amy gets naked on a secluded beach

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Sabre in Stripes for EyeCandyAvenue

EyeCandyAvenue find some of the cutest girls, we love sites like them who know how to convince girl nextdoors like Sabra to pose.  Sabra is looking so sexy in her stripey bra, panties and stockings, she’s on a balcony which means there could be some lucky punter looking through a telescope sharing the joy with us now!  This sweet brunette slowly starts to strip and eventually ends up in nothing but her stripey stockings, she then treats us with an incredibly revealing pose.  To enjoy Eye Candy Sabra now on WeHatePorn just click on her photo below.

Sabra is posing in Stripey Socks for Eye Candy Avenue


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UK Babe Geena Strips Nude for Playboy

Geena’s fans are delighted to see her posing for Playboy, this UK Babe is well known for her super-cute ass and our good friends at Playboy make sure we get to enjoy it from every angle possible.  Geena is wearing bright green bra and panties, she soon starts to strip off until eventually she’s left in nothing but her classy high heels.  To see more of Geena now on WeHatePorn click on her photo below.

UK Babe Geena Strips Naked for Playboy Plus


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Blonde Kenze on Zishy

Zishy have got blonde cutie Kenze Thomas in for some fun, they’ve actually managed to talk her completely out of her clothes, it must have been the Zishy-Effect; they always know how to bring the best out of their models.  Did you know the only reason the Zishy guy started up his site was because he was made redundant from his previous job.  We would all have really missed out if his wonderful site had never started up.  To see more of Kenze’s sexy photoshoot now on WeHatePorn click on her image below.

Blonde Girl Kenze Poses for Zishy
Kenze Thomas Poses for Zishy
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Nikki Marie Playboy Amateur

This is 19yo Nikki Marie, she’s a Playboy Amateur from Huntingdon, California.  Today she’s in her purple underwear showing off her hot body, Playboy would like her to take it off.  Nikki soon loses her bra, but will she agree to lose her purple thong?  To see more of Nikki on WeHatePorn just click on her photo below

Playboy Amateur Nikki Marie

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Nude Amateur Girls in Soccer Scarfs – Playboy Plus

We continue to celebrate the Euro 2012 tournament, whether you’re a soccer/football fan or not, you can join in by enjoying 8 Amateur Playboy girls standing totally nude but for a soccer scarf.  Each girl has a full photo shoot and video, all of which get rather naughty!  To see the girls on WeHatePorn just click on the Amateur Hottie below

Playboy Amateurs Naked in Soccer Scarfs

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Barmate in Bodypaint – Playboy Amateur

This is Real Barmaid Katrina Eugenia, she works at McFadden’s Irish Bar in New York.  Today she’s agreed to get completely nude for Playboy, on the condition that it’s an ‘Artistic’ photoshoot (Katrina went to Art School).  To make sure that Katrina perceives this as Art and not Porn, Playboy have given her some paint to put on her body; now she’s happy and we’re even happier! 🙂  To view her photoshoot on WeHatePorn just click on Katrina below

Playboy Barmate in Bodypaint
Playboy Amateur in Bodypaint
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University Coeds get Topless for Charity (and some get Naked)

These Naked/Topless Calendars from European Sports Teams and Coeds are becoming increasingly popular.  Each generation seems to get more comfortable with showing skin.  It’s time to take a look at some of the highlights of the recent batch of Naked/Topless Sports Calendars.  We’ve got Football/Soccer, Cheerleaders, Hockey, Netball and More!  To see the pics on WeHatePorn click on the University Soccer team below

Naked for CharityGirls Sports Teams get Naked and Topless for Charity
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18yo Mississippi State Cheerleader Poses for Playboy Casting Call

18yo Mississippi State Cheerleader Taylor Corley (AKA Taylor Stone) has been spotted in the Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls, even better she actually got completely nude for her Casting Call.  As soon as Playboy realized she was a real Mississippi State Cheerleader they quickly phoned her up and called her in for more revealing and naughty photo shoots which she amazingly agreed to.  Taylor and her friends were bored one day, so they thought they might as well go along and pose, just for a joke.  Millions are grateful that those girls were bored and that they decided to do this as a ‘joke’.  Here are Taylor’s own words Me and my best friend from back home found out about the casting call in Atlanta. We were bored one day, so we said, ‘Hey, let’s go and try it.’ It was a joke, I didn’t think anything of it. Taylor loves Cheerleading, she’s a fit and talented Cheerleader, her skills helped her to get into Mississippi State “The entire reason why I came here [Mississippi State] was for cheerleading. I was on an All-Star squad in Atlanta, and they recruited me from my gym,” Corley said.  Taylor finds Starkville to be very different to her home town in Atlanta “This is a very conservative place. I grew up in a big city where everything kind of flies,” Corley said. “It was a huge culture shock. I didn’t realize Starkville was this small. Everyone knows everything about everyone here. I came from a huge city, I was just in a completely different world, it was a very big change for me.” Playboy advised Taylor to use the name Taylor Stone so as people didn’t find out, but now the word is out around campus “I didn’t think people were going to find out, because I didn’t think I was going to end up on the cover. I didn’t think it would end up being all over campus.” To view a lot more of Taylor on WeHatePorn just click on any of the images below

Mississippi State Cheerleader Poses for Playboy

Taylor Stone AKA Taylor Corley reveals all at her Atlanta Casting Call

Taylor stripped out of a Bikini at her Casting Call

Taylor Agreed to Go Full Monty at her Casting Call in Atlanta

Playboy couldn't believe their luck, getting a Real Cheerleader, they asked how she'd feel about letting them follow her into the shower

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Ladies of Longboarding – Topless Calendar

Longboarders are well known for their ability to pull off a trick, so when it was time to raise money for a good cause, their trick was to pull off their clothes.  It worked a treat, with lot of money being raised, let’s take a look through the good work of the Ladies of Longboarding, just click on the Longboarders below to see the pics on WeHatePorn

Longboarding CalendarNaked Longboarding Calendar for Charity
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Memphis Playboy Casting Call

Today we’re going to the Southwestern corner of Tennessee, to the city of Memphis.  The cutest girls there have all been asked to queue up for a Playboy Casting Call, let’s take a look at these Memphian girls and admire their talent.  You’ll get to see how daring these girls are!  To meet the girls now on WeHatePorn just click on one of these Memphis cuties below

Playboy Memphis Casting Calls
The Girls of Memphis Pose for Playboy
The Memphis Playboy Casting Call
Nine Girls Line Up to Pose at the Memphis Playboy Casting Calls
The Girls of Memphis Strip Down
Memphis Girls Strip Down at the Memphis Playboy Casting Call
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Jessica Burciaga Teases Playboy

Californian Model Jessica Burciaga has mixed heritage; Irish, French and Mexican.  She’s a unique and exotic beauty, you might remember that she had a Non Nude site called “I Dream of Jessie” where she used to tease us without showing any nudity.  This is how Playboy spotted her, they made her close down the other site and they also required her to show some real nudity in their Playboy shoots.  Initially Jessica was quite shy about taking it all off, but Playboy are the masters of taking a beautiful girl out of her clothes, so it wasn’t long until we got to see every inch of Jessica’s amazing body.  Millions of people around the world rejoiced when Playboy first announced she had become a Playboy Playmate, now there are multiple photo shoots and videos of her which are getting increasingly revealing and daring.  Another one has just gone live today, here is a Sexy preview of Jessica teasing before the photo shoot gets even more daring and revealing.  To see more on WeHatePorn click on Jessica below

Jessica Burciaga
Jessica Burciaga Poses for Playboy
Jessica Burciaga in Playboy
Jessica Burciaga Poses Nude for Playboy
Jessica Burciaga Nude
Jessica Burciaga Poses Completely Nude for Playboy
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Sacramento Playboy Casting Call

Who wouldn’t want to live in Sacramento; wonderful weather, great location, high standard of living and by the look of it, plenty of Classy Girls.  There have been so many Playboy Casting Calls, you can always find one that you haven’t viewed, here we have the Sacramento Playboy Casting Call which WeHatePorn has recently discovered (to our delight).  These are the girls who would never do porn; they’re too hot and classy for porn.  This is the only way we were ever going to get to see them naked, for an ‘Artistic’ Playboy Casting Call (as they see it).  To meet the Sacramento Casting Call Girls now on WeHatePorn, just click on one of the Sacramento images below

Sacramento Casting Call Girls

Sacramento Playboy

First Time Casting Call Girls

Casting Call - Sacramento

The Girls of Sacramento

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Chloe at the Houston Playboy Casting Call

Cutie Chloe has arrived for her Casting Call in Houston; she’s about to pose for the first time.  Chloe is a local Hair Stylist, she enjoys her job, but she has always dreamed of being a model; today Playboy will make her dream come true, and who knows, some of the girls get invited back to pose again.  To see Chloe’s Casting Call on WeHatePorn just click on one of Chloe’s pics below

Chloe's Casting Call in Houston

Chloe's Vital Statistics

Chloe from Houston

Chloe's Casting Call

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Italian Basketball Team Poses for a Nude Calendar

Another Sports Team agrees to Pose for a Naked Calendar, this time it’s an Italian Basketball Team.  They are so kind, we’d all be their fans if only we lived nearby.  Italian women are arguably the Hottest on the planet; even an average girl in Italy would count as a Hot girl in any other country.  To see all of the girls on WeHatePorn just click on this cute brunette below

Italian Basketball Team Agrees to Pose for a Naked Calendar
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Girls of Houston 2011 – Playboy Casting Calls

The Houston Playboy Casting Calls have started (November 2011), so far there are four Cute Wannabe Models live on the site.  All four of the girls had wanted to be fashion models and would never do porn, however they couldn’t miss the opportunity to pose for a Playboy Casting Call.  The girls have said that they will go as far as their underwear, but no further, however the Playboy Photographers are masters at making these girls feel comfortable and talking them out of their underwear.  Since it’s a Special Occasion and for One Time Only, maybe the girls can be talked into revealing all rather than staying Non Nude.  Which of the four girls do you think will give in to the pressure of Playboy and reveal all?  To see more of the girls on WeHatePorn just click on one of the three images below

Playboy Houston - 4 of the Girls from the Houston Casting Call

The Girls of Houston Playboy Casting Call

Ashley agrees to reveal ALL for One Time Only

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Naked Wars on MySpace

A number of years back Naked Wars started out on MySpace;  it was a hidden nudity tournament for all 18+ MySpace users.  The idea was that you got naked, covered yourself a bit, then took a self-pic and uploaded it to MySpace.  One day all of the photos mysteriously vanished, but fortunately some people still had copies.  Let’s take a look at some of the MySpace Naked Wars Self-Pic cuties below; some are more daring that others, you can see who the most creative ones are, maybe you like that or perhaps you just want to see as much nudity as possible.  This tournament was a big hit with the girls as it gave them an artistic excuse to get naked; many cute girls love to take it all off just as long as it can be justified in a non-slutty fashion. To see more of these cute self-pics on just click on either of the girls just below

Naked Wars on MySpace - Girls upload daring Self-pics to try to win
Naked Wars on MySpace – Cute Girls Upload rather daring self-pics to MySpace to try to win the Naked War
Naked Wars on MySpace - The Hidden Nudity Tournament
A Tournament of Hidden Nudity on MySpace
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Laura Lynn at the PAC10 Conference

University of Oregon Coed Laura Lynn is studying nursing;  she wants to work in medicine but without having to study for many years.  This makes sense as from Thursday night till Sunday she’s a party girl, then the rest of the week she’s a bookworm.  Playboy couldn’t believe their luck when they found that such a sporty, classy and intelligent girl as Laura wanted to pose for them, especially after having just done so well with Hayden Hayes and Layc Nichole at the PAC 10 Conference.  Having missed out on getting Layc Nicole’s panties down at her PAC 10 photoshoot, there was no way they wanted to let Laura Lynn get away with just going topless, so they brought her a leotard to wear. It was a smart move as it would be difficult for Laura to ask to keep it half on, whereas if she was wearing a bra and panties she could agree to go topless but then keep her panties up; Playboy are smart!  Playboy ensured that nothing was left to the imagination with Laura Lynn and she was clearly so dazzled by her big Playboy moment that she allowed them (and us) to see it all!  Just click on her photo below and we’ll show you some more of Laura

Oregon Stage Coed Laura Lynn Poses at the PAC10 Conference
Oregon State University Coed Laura Lynn is Dazzled by the Playboy Camera Flashes
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Brooke Lima’s Sexy Games Site

We’ve had a lot of Brooke Lima fans writing in asking to see more of her, so by popular demand she’s back.  Brooke has previously appeared on>Play Sexy Games with Beautiful Brooke Lima< and also on our >Sexy Games< page (bottom half of the page).  Now the crew at have been lucky enough to get a username/password for access to her members areas, we’ve been having a good look around and playing games with Brooke to see if we can beat her at Poker, Soccer, Tetris etc, we also had a read of her Sexy Comic.  To see more of Brooke Lima on just click on any of the images of Brooke just below

A Virtual Date with Brooke Lima

Strip Rock - Paper - Scissors

Brooke Lima is such a Cutie

Brooke Lima and her Sexy Games

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Cyber Girl Priscilla Caripan – Will she go Nude?

20yo Priscilla Caripan is one of the latest Babes to become a Playboy Cyber Girl.  She is a wannabe actress from Canada who has Chilean heritage.  Priscilla has been doing creative shoots, glamour, swimsuit and beauty, but now at last Playboy have got their hands on her.  As you know, this means the rules change; Playboy is the one time when these fashion/glamour model types get their naughty bits out for your enjoyment. 

Priscilla Caripan
Priscilla Caripan – Will she get Nude?
Pretty Priscilla Caripan
Gorgeous Blonde Cyber Girl Priscilla Caripan
Priscilla Caripan's Hot Ass
Priscilla Caripan in Knee-High Boots and a Thong

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Lauren in a White Leotard at the Columbus Playboy Casting Call

Video/Pics:  A Total Cutie has walked into the Columbus Playboy Casting Call.  Her name is Lauren, the photographers have been saving a white leotard for the right candidate, they just need to ask if Lauren will agree to wear it, the answer is “Yes!”.  After first convincing her to put it on, now let’s see if she’s willing to peel it off in front of the camera.  Click on any of the pics below to see more on

Lauren arrives for her Casting Call in her Own Clothes

Lauren's Vital Stats

Lauren in a White Leotard at the Playboy Columbus Casting Call

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Busty Blonde Heather Poses at the Columbus Playboy Casting Call

  It’s the Columbus Playboy Casting Calls, there’s a long queue of cute looking girls waiting outside to win their t-shirts, the photographer’s handed Heather a VIP pass so as she didn’t have to queue.  They were quite looking forward to getting busty blonde Heather into their studio and seeing if they could convince her to take it all off. 

Heather in her own clothes before her Casting Call

Heather at the Columbus Playboy Casting Calls

Busty Blonde Heather is Posing for the First Time

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Freshers get Stripped by the Soccer Team during a Sorority Initiation

Plenty of Initiations currently going on at Universities and Colleges around the world; more often than not related to the sports teams.  These Freshers wanted to join the Sorority but were told they would first have to be stripped in public by the soccer team, in addition the soccer team would use their teeth to strip them.  All of the girls have passed with flying colors and are now proud members of the Sorority.  Congratulations Girls!!

Embarrassed Initiation Student gets stripped by the Soccer Team


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Nude Student Initiation Photos

Millions of Students around the world have just gone back to University.  It’s very important for the female freshers to be accepted into the Sorority and other groups, but to do so they first have to go through a series of Initiations, lots of such Initiations involved stripping and/or nudity.  Let’s take a look below at recent goings on European and American Universities

University Coeds Strip for their Sorority Initiation
Two Nude Coeds at their Sorority Initiation