Laura Lynn at the PAC10 Conference

University of Oregon Coed Laura Lynn is studying nursing;  she wants to work in medicine but without having to study for many years.  This makes sense as from Thursday night till Sunday she’s a party girl, then the rest of the week she’s a bookworm.  Playboy couldn’t believe their luck when they found that such a sporty, classy and intelligent girl as Laura wanted to pose for them, especially after having just done so well with Hayden Hayes and Layc Nichole at the PAC 10 Conference.  Having missed out on getting Layc Nicole’s panties down at her PAC 10 photoshoot, there was no way they wanted to let Laura Lynn get away with just going topless, so they brought her a leotard to wear. It was a smart move as it would be difficult for Laura to ask to keep it half on, whereas if she was wearing a bra and panties she could agree to go topless but then keep her panties up; Playboy are smart!  Playboy ensured that nothing was left to the imagination with Laura Lynn and she was clearly so dazzled by her big Playboy moment that she allowed them (and us) to see it all!  If you’d like to see the full uncensored Hi Res photos of Laura and the revealing behind the scenes video, just click HERE, join for under $3, then go to Coeds > Conference Pictorials > Girls of PAC 10 > Laura Lynn

Laura Lynn studies at Oregon State University
Oregon State Coed Laura Lynn
Laura Lynn Majors in Nursing
Laura Lynn is studying to become a nurse
Laura Lynn laughs as she's asked to remove her body suit
Laural Lynn is laughing as she's just been asked to remove her bodysuit
Laura is So Pretty!
Laura Lynn - Where Beauty Meets Intelligence
Playboy handed Laura an all in one bodysuit to make it easier for her to get naked
Playboy figured it would be easier to get Laura naked if she was wearing an all-in-one bodysuit
Laura gets em out!
Laura pulls the bodysuit downwards to reveal her perfect boobs
Smiling Coed Laura Lynn  Flashing her Boobs for Playboy
Laura Lynn quite enjoys a good excuse for a Boob Flash
Laura Lynn Goes Completely Nude at PAC10
Laura Lynn goes completely Nude at the PAC 10 Conference
Sporty Ass
Fit Coed Laura Lynn as a Sporty Ass
Coed Laura Lynn is dazzled by the thought of posing for Playboy, that she allows herself to be humilated
Playboy Dazzle Laura Lynn so much that she actually allows herself to be humiliated
Laura Lynn goes Full Monty at PAC10
Laura Lynn shows off her Perfect Body at the PAC10 Conference
Make the Most of it, Classy Nursing Coed Laura Lynn is Naked
It's a Special Occasion, Laura Lynn as Totally Naked as she gets Dazzled by the bright lights of the Playboy Camera Flashe
Laura leaves nothing to the imagination
Laura Lynn leaves nothing to the imagination at the PAC 10 Conference

Remember it’s very easy to see Laura’s uncensored photos and video in Hi Resolution.  You would never normally get a chance to see a Classy Athletic Coed like Laura take it all off, but she was dazzled by Playboy and her outfit was off before she could say “but I’m a Nice Girl!”.  To see all of Laura Lynn just click HERE, for less than $3 you can have a username and password, login, then go to Coeds > Conference Pictorials > Girls of PAC 10 > Laura Lynn

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