Actress Sheridan Smith agrees to an ENF Moment for Charity

Actress Sheridan Smith gets stripped on stage by Gok Wan all for a good cause!  It is clear from the photos that Sheridan would never normally have agreed to be stripped on stage, but when it’s for a charity Sheridan is a good sport and willing to be stripped down to just her stockings, garters and handbra. One guest said: “Sheridan really didn’t want to get her kit off but Gok took the mic and started chanting at her to do it in front of everyone. Sheridan felt she had to because money was at stake for charity. She was fairly mortified afterwards and ran off stage in a hurry. Gok has some making up to do.”

Blonde Actress Sheridan Smith Strips for Charity
Actress Sheridan Smith gets Topless on stage for a Good Cause!
Gok removes Sheridan's clothes on stage
Sheridan gets topless and reveals her stockings for Charity
ENF - Sheridan puts on a handbra
Topless on stage with a handbra
ENF Handbra
ENF Actress with her Handbra on stage for Charity
Embarrassed Actress Sheridan Smith
Sheridan Smith is very Embarrassed as she stands Topless on Stage

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