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Hot Bikini Girl Agrees to take the ‘Flaunt It! Challenge’ on the Beach with UGotItFlauntIt

A hot blonde in shades and a bright orange bikini, gets dared to take the ‘Flaunt It! Challenge’ on the beach by the UGotItFlauntIt camera crew.  How much skin will she dare to bare?  There are some guys nearby on the beach who enjoy the show, they can hardly believe what they are seeing, they think that they’re dreaming.
Coed in a bright orange bikini

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You Offer to Trade your Phone for your Flatmate’s Panties

You head into your flatmate’s room to see what she’s up to, to find her lazing around on her bed in a pair of white panties, using an out of date phone.  Coed Tiffany has the oldest phone on campus and is desperate to upgrade, but she’s short of cash right now.  For a while she’s had her eye on your old and spare iPhone 10, which she knows is just sitting in your wardrobe doing nothing.  She asks if there is anything that she could trade with you for the phone, so you have a think about it, it doesn’t take you long, you have an idea.  To Tiffany’s surprise you tell her that you will trade your iPhone 10 for her white panties, but that the swap has to be immediate, and she’s has to remove them in front of you.  If you follow the sequences of pics below you’ll find out if she agrees to the daring swap or not.
Flatmate in her white pantiesYou make a joke about her out of date phone, she thinks you’re funny
Using her old phone in her white pantiesYou make her an offer, you’ll trade your iPhone 10 for her white panties, but she’s got to take them off in front of you
Surprised at your offerTiffany thinks that you’re joking, maybe you are, at least you’ll say that you were if she doesn’t agree
She's not sure if you're seriousShe can’t believe this is real, would you really do the trade, or is a a wind up?
She's thinking about itShe says that if you’re serious, she might do it
She asks if you really want to do the swap?You’ve made her feel quite sexy, so she starts to get into it
Tiffany says she's prefer to show you her boobs, if you agree?Tiffany is still a bit embarrassed about the idea of taking her white panties down in front of you, so asks if she can show you her boobs instead?
No, you want her white pantiesYou tell Tiffany that it’s only her panties you’re after, that’s the only trade you’re after.
It looks like the trade has been acceptedTiffany really absolutely wants your phone, and she’s secretly starting to feel turned on about taking her panties down in front of you
She's slowly teasing her panties offTo make the moments last longer, she gives you a tease first.  To see more of Tiffany Teen just head over to her official website by clicking on the banner below.
Tiffany Teen

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Lost Bet – Will Your Neighbor Pull Down her Bikini Bottoms?

The surprise news has just come through that your neighbor’s sports team has been beaten by yours, despite her team being much better, which means that she now has a lost bet to pay penance for.  It’s your lucky day, your fantasy will come true, just as long as she reluctantly proceeds with carrying out what’s due.
Before kick-off, as you were both having some sports banter, she said that she was so confident that her team would win, that if they didn’t she’d pull down her bikini bottoms and let you take a photo.  Now, she never considred the possibility that this would actually happen, and she knows that she will look weak if she doesn’t respect the lost bet, but as you can see she is very reluctant; she only agreed to it because she thought your fantasy had no chance of ever coming to fruition.  Will she or won’t she pull down those tight blue bikini bottoms?

Lost bet panties downLook at your neighbor’s face, she’s still hoping you’ll say she doesn’t have to pull them down.
Will she untie her bikini bottoms?Her reluctance, actually makes you want her to pull them down even more
Kari Sweets in a light blue bikiniShe’s thinking of just getting it over and done with, as she grabs her bikini bottoms
Teasing with her bikini bottomsShe still trying to think of any excuse to get out of this
Can she lose her bikini top instead?She asks if she can remove her bikini top instead?
Her sports team lost so that means she has to remove her bikini bottomsYou say no, it’s the bikini bottoms that were in the original agreementCute assYou are actually enjoying the wait, as it gives you more time to appreciate the viewPulling down her bikini bottomsAt last your neighbor starts to very slowly pull down her bikini bottoms
Lost bet, your neighbor has to pull down her bikini bottomsYou are taking as many pics as possible, savoring every moment
Pulling down her bikini bottoms for a lost betTo see more of your supercute nextdoor neighbor Kari Sweets, just head over to her official website by clicking on the banner below.

Kari Sweets Official


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Coed Gets Asked to Strip for Cash – UGotItFlauntIt

A girl nextdoor coed gets approached on the beach by the UGotItFlauntIt photographers, who offer her some cash to strip.  She immediately agrees, but how far will she dare to go?  To find out how much the coed dares to bare then just click on any of her photos below to be taken over to the official website.
Coed on the beach gets asked if she'll strip for cash Bikini coed removes her top Handbra fun Topless coed strips for UGotItFlauntIt on the beach

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Meg Cyria Wants A Game Of Strip Basketball

If Meg Cyria asked you for a game of strip basketball, would you take up the challenge? She looks in great shape, so it might depend on your own fitness and skill at the game as to whether you would risk playing her one-on-one.
Blonde Meg is outdoors wearing tight sporty workout clothes as she holds some of her blonde hair in her right hand. Her shorts are so tight that there’s more than a hint of cameltoe on show. In the next three photos Meg is patiently waiting for you to give an answer as to whether you’ll take up her strip basketball challenge.

Meg Cyria Playboy

Meg in tight shorts

Playboy Plus girl in sporty shorts

Just imagine if you win against her, she’s a girl of her word and will strip off fully naked if you can beat her in the challenge.
To help your imagination visualize what it would look like if you won and she lost, it would be something like this below, surely that is worth having a try for, is it not? Seeing Meg get completely naked on the sports court.

Girl loses at strip basketball

Fortunately for you, you don’t even have to play and try to win in any sport against Meg to see what happens next, you can simply head over to the official Playboy Plus website. It appears that someone in the Playboy camera crew must have beaten Meg at strip basketball, then they’ve videoed her stripping off for all to see. To head over to PlayboyPlus now simply click on the banner below, you’ll get to see Meg Cyria strip off fully naked outdoors, in both a video and hi-res photographs . By the way, it’s only a dollar to gain access through the official site.

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Dog Eat Dog – Strip Darts

VIDEO: Dog Eat Dog was a US game show back in 2002 and 2003.  Players would compete in a wide variety of different challenges, but there was one round that really stood out, this was the strip round (Strip Darts, Strip Golf, Strip Hangman and Strip Quarterback), when this round was shown on TV it was censored, but the live studio audience were got a real treat!  To watch some of the strip darts now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Mr Skin Banner
Dog Eat Dog – Strip Games

Strip Darts Game on Dog Eat Dog

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21yo Stephanie Loses a Bet and has to get Completely Naked

University Softball Team Captain Stephanie (21) has lost a bet with the Football Team Captain, now she has to get Naked for a Casting Call