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Hot Bikini Girl Agrees to take the ‘Flaunt It! Challenge’ on the Beach with UGotItFlauntIt

A hot blonde in shades and a bright orange bikini, gets dared to take the ‘Flaunt It! Challenge’ on the beach by the UGotItFlauntIt camera crew.  How much skin will she dare to bare?  There are some guys nearby on the beach who enjoy the show, they can hardly believe what they are seeing, they think that they’re dreaming.
Coed in a bright orange bikini

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Girls Dared to Strip on the Beach

Watch as three bikini girls on the beach get dared to bare for cash by the UGotItFlauntIt camera crew.  Initially they take some time to think about it, and then decide to throw caution to the wind and start to strip off with UGotItFlauntIt (and for us).  To see the girls fully uncensored and see how much they dared to bare, just click on any of the pics below.
Girls get dared to strip on the beach Girls deciding whether they will take the challenge to strip UGotItFlauntIt challenge Flaunt It Challenge Girls Women get topless on the beach for cash

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UGotItFlauntIt Updates – Girls Strip For Cash

UGotItFlauntIt have been busy on the beaches around Europe looking seeing which cute bikini girls are willing to strip off for cash.  Some of them agree to take off their top and put on a handbra, others get topless, and the most daring girls of all will head for an indoor photoshoot or one behind the rocks where they will reveal all.  To see more just head over to the official UGotItFlauntIt website by clicking on any of the daring girl nextdoors below.
Amateur beach girl in a handbra UGotItFlauntIt bath Two friends agree to strip for cash on the beach Handbra fun outdoors

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Girl Strips For Cash On The Beach

Girl strips for cash on the beach Flash for cash UGotItFlauntIt girl removes her clothes for money on the beach

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UGotItFlauntIt – Amateur Bikini Girls Agree To Pose For Cash On The Beach

Lauren poses in her bikini


Amateur girl in a pink swimsuit

Girls flash for cash

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Amateur Girls On UGotItFlauntIt Flash For Cash!!

It would be great fun to walk around on a beach with a wad of money and use it to convince almost any girl you wanted to flash for cash!  That’s exactly what the UGotItFlauntIt camera crew do, they head down to the beaches when the Sun is shining and go searching  for real girls in bikinis, when they find a cute one they introduce themselves, have a chat, make them an offer and see if they can get the girls to lose their bikinis on camera.  The best thing of all is that they then share their photos and videos online with us.  To see their latest girls now on WeHatePorn just click on the amateur handbra cutie below.
UGotItFlauntIt Amateurs Flash For Cash

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Blonde Stef Poses for

VIDEO: Stef had been regularly serving beers to the UGotItFlauntIt team in Playa del las Americas, Tenerife.  The photographers were trying for a week to convince Stef to pose on the beach, but she wasn’t up for it, until they succeeded on the last day of their stay.  During the photoshoot Stef was still a bit drunk from the night before, she was still in the party mood which made her more daring.  Stef is a really down to earth and genuine girl, a naturally stunning beauty with an amazing personality. To see her now on WeHatePorn, click on the vidcap below

Stef on UGotItFlauntIt

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Sarah on

This is Sarah from UGotItFlauntIt, they found her on the beach topping up her tan.  When asked to pose Sarah agreed, she was keen, Sarah enjoyed showing off to the camera, she loves the attention.  To see more of Sarah on WeHatePorn just click on her image below Sarah

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UGotItFlauntIt – Lucia and Vika in their Bikinis

Ayia Napa is now attracting lots of hot Russia girls.  These two cuties below, Vika and Lucia were discovered on Nissi Beach which is a real hot spot for hot bikini babes.  When sexy girls like this are on a beach, the best thing that can happen is for the UGotItFlauntIt team to show up, and as you have worked out they did.  When asked to pose Lucia and Vika were flattered and agreed straight away…but how far did they dare to bare?  To see the girls now on WeHatePorn just click on the bikini hotties below

UGotItFlauntIt Bikini Girls

U Got It Flaunt It

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UGotItFlauntIt – Lauren and Carla

VIDEO: The UGotItFlauntIt Team met Lauren on a night out in the bars of Playa De Americas, she was wearing a miniskirt and a white top, looking super sexy.  They got talking and invited her for a photoshoot on the beach.  Lauren also brought her buddy Carla, they were both looking very nice as you’ll see in the video. To watch the video now on WeHatePorn click on the girls below

UGotItFlauntIt Girls - Lauren and Carla
Lauren and Carla Pose for