Tammy in a Blue Leotard Teasing

Tammy Taylor likes to keep fit, she is most comfortable working out in her tight blue leotard, though she knows it brings lots of stares and doesn’t understand why.  She asks you “Why do you think everyone stares when I’m wearing this leotard in the gym?” to which you reply “It looks very trendy and of high quality!”  she smiles and seems pleased with your BS answer.  To see what Tammy does next your welcome to click HERE and view the full set in Hi Res (uncensored).  Once in the site just search for Tammy Taylor and you’ll quickly find this photo-shoot

Tammy Taylor in a Blue Leotard
Tammy Taylor in a Tight Blue Leotard
Blue Leotard Tease
Tammy in a Blue Leotard and Pantyhose
Teasing in her Blue Leotard
Tammy is Teasing in her Blue Leotard
Tight Leotard Tease
A Tight Leotard Tease from Tammy Taylor
Leotard Crotch Shot
Spreading her Legs in a Leotard
Showing Cleavage in her Leotard
Leaning Forward Showing Cleavage in her Blue Leotard
Stretching in her Leotard
Tammy Stetches in her Blue Leotard
Leotard and Pantyhose
Teasing in a Leotard with Pantyhose
Leotard Ass
On All Fours in a Leotard
Legs in the Air
Tammy puts her legs up in the air
Strip Tease in a Leotard
Leotard Strip Tease
About to remove her leotard
Tammy Taylor looks like she's about to remove her leotard
Teasing in her Blue Leotard
Leotard Strip Tease
Cute Leotard Ass
Sexy Leotard Ass
Leotard Cleavage
Sexy Leotard Cleavage
Tammy Taylor Smiling in a Blue Leotard and Pantyhose
Tammy is smiling as she sits legs apart in a blue leotard and pantyhose

If you’d like to see the full set in Hi Res and completely uncensored, click HERE then once you’ve signed up head to Tammy Taylor’s photo-shoots, you’ll soon see this one.

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