Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection Sprinkler – Kari Pulls Down The Front Of Her Bikini Bottoms And Sprays Water Inside

This one is going to make the day of every Kari Sweets fan out there, it’s a brand new release into the Kari Sweets Ultimate, another uncensored gem.  Kari is out in the garden enjoying the Sunshine in purple polka-dot bra and panties, it’s quite a hot day so she needs to find a way to cool herself down, she notices the sprinkler and realizes it will be exactly what she needs to cool off.  She picks up the sprinkler and starts spraying herself with water, including pulling down the front of her purple panties and spraying inside, giving you an uncensored view which will leave you with your jaw dropped and make you say “WOW!!”.  To enjoy the fully uncensored version just head over to the official Kari Sweets Ultimate website >HERE< and enjoy!

Kari Sweets Sprinkler
Kari Sweets Sprinkler

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