Kari Sweets Backyard Uncensored – Ultimate Collection

Here’s another total gem just been released into the Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection, a video which was previously censored is now remastered and fully uncensored.  It’s a very revealing video indeed and must viewing for all fans of Miss Kari Sweets.  In the video Kari Sweets is outdoors on a picnic wearing a t-shirt and some yellow bikini bottoms.  She starts to untie the string on her bikini bottoms for a bit of a tease, but then it appears as if they fell down further than she had planned, while the camera takes advantage of the view on show by zooming right in.  Kari Sweets fans have been waiting a long time to see her fully uncensored but at last their dreams are coming true!  This is an essential video for the collection of every one of her fans.


Kari Sweets Backyard
Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection – Backyard
Kari Sweets Ultimate Uncensored
The Kari Sweets Uncensored Ultimate Collection

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