Kari Sweets in Rainbow Stockings

Kari Sweets is one of the hottest girls to ever pose on the Internet, it’s impossible to ever get bored of a girl this perfect.  Today she’s wearing some sexy rainbow stockings with a pair of rainbow panties, Kari lies down on her bed and gives you some amazing views, even allowing the camera to zoom in really close.  Kari Sweets is so tasty, she’ll have you licking the screen, but best not to though.  As those of you who are familiar with Kari will know, sometimes she can get quite naughty, you’ll see evidence of this in the last two photos as she starts to pull her bottoms down.  To enjoy the full uncensored photoshoot simply make your way over to the official Kari Sweets website.  The only place to find her full nudes is in the members area over there, as Kari is a bit shy about the idea of everyone getting to see them.  Enjoy!Kari Sweets in Rainbow Stockings Rainbow panties Sexy stockings Rainbow panty closeup A nice view indeed Kari lifts up her top Sexy panties Hot ass Kari Sweets on her bed Pulling her panties down Kari Sweets Official

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