Vegan Hippie Girls from California

California is known for its hippie towns (it’s the home state of the hippie) and also for its rich supply of gorgeous women.  The hottest hippie girls in the world can be found in California, many of these often vegan girls tend to stay slim, fit and healthy due to their vegan diets, which means they still look fresh and sexy into their 40’s and beyond without piling on the pounds.  If you are someone who has a lot in common with these type of girls then Cali is the place to visit especially in the cities known for their vegan hippie girls, well worth a visit to hook up with some lovely ladies and get to know them.  There’s a lot of Sunshine there for most of the year which means many of these slim healthy girls show off their bodies in bikinis, swimsuits, short skirts, shorts and crop tops, allowing you to have a regular supply of eye candy wherever you look, even more so when you’re on one of their many beautiful beaches.  We’ve put together some Californian vegan hippie girl pics to set the scene and make you realize what you’ve been missing out on.  These girls are often really great cooks, if you happen to a veggie yourself then you’ll appreciate it even more, but if not you will be surprised by how tasty the dishes are, though not quite as tasty are the girls themselves of course.  The girls want world peace, believe in spontaneity, organic farming, they are a counterculture, the opposite of what McDonalds, Coca Cola and the banks stand for.  They tend to be pretty smart, educated, a real catch of a girlfriend, they are easy to fall in love with and impossible to stop thinking about.
Sexy Californian girl on vacation with her dog Vegan hippie girl in a bikini smiling Vegan girl in a bikini Californian vegan woman relaxing in her bikini Californian vegan cutie with her dog Hippie girl covering her boobs with flowers

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