Best Sex Positions for couples

Are you bored of same sex positions with your partner, and do you want to try some different sex positions that will give you and your partner more pleasure? Switching up different positions while having Sex is a must, and many sexologists recommend it.

There are a lot of sex positions that can be helpful like some positions help you to hit the G-spot, some help you to last long, and some can give you a whole new experience. So, let’s see some spicy and unique sex positions that will spice up the mood.

Spicy and Unique Sex Positions

Doggy Style: This has to be the first position in the list, there are numerous adaptations to make the best and intense experiences enjoyable for both. Entry from the back and the openness of the hips provide a fantastic opportunity for G-spot penetration in the pussy, and the penetrating partner, whether standing or kneeling, has full reign to explore, grope, and grip as much as they choose.

Pushing Tush: This position is mainly for Anal lovers. A steamy maneuver that allows both the penetrating and receiving partner to enjoy the Anal Sex, especially if your partner has shown a desire to experiment with anal penetration. This position will also allow you to kiss your partner or play with the boobs while doing anal Sex. You can also try some sex toys to add some fun and intensify the pleasure.

Rocking Horse: This position is for G-spot pleasure. It is special because of the closeness, the slow pleasure for the pussy, the seductive stare, and the incredible orgasm. The Rocking Horse can be done by sitting on the penis and legs at your partner’s back. While doing this position, the women can feel the girth of the penis and get the pleasure of the G-spot while the men can feel the tight pussy gripping their penis. You can also watch Xev Bellringer to see different sex positions by talented performers.

Sexy positions

Chair Sex: This is one of the most tried sex positions, it helps to have comfortable and pleasureful Sex with your partner. You can have chair sex by straddling your lover’s lap while facing in the opposite direction on your favorite chair, let your partner penetrate you deeply and feel the pleasure. Keep your feet planted on the ground and move your hips in circular motions, bouncing and grinding to your heart’s content. This position is very old and very convenient.

Car Seat Sex: Who says that Sex can be only done in rooms, the car seat sex is one of the most famous sex positions of all time. You can try many things in the car, like using seat belt as handcuff prop, backseat like a bed, and many more things that you can imagine. Car sex is more like a TabooFantazy and is quite kinky. Make sure you don’t get caught.

The Dancer: This position is for those who like to do roleplays and experiment new things, it is very very simple position. All you have to do is to sit on your partner’s dick and give them a lap dance. You can also try different things like given anal sex dance or lap dance without penetration.


The list is not limited to the things mentioned, you can try and experiment with many other things which can help you know which position is best for you and your partner. Also, you can add on things like giving handjob, blowjob, fisting, pussy licking, cumming on face, boobjob, etc. It totally depends on you and your wild imagination.