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A premium porn list of the best free and premium porn websites

Hey Porn lovers! Not long ago I was horny as fuck and I was home alone (Girlfriend was working) so of course I started digging for porn list websites. Tired of seeing the same old Porn lists, I finally came across a new and very cool website named The porn list was so clean, had no ads and was super easy to browse. At first, it seemed to be a simple porn directory displaying hundreds of adult links with a lot of adult categories (Some of them I did not even know existed) but the site offered much more than that, let me explain.

All the best Free and Premium porn sites of 2019 are listed there

The Adult categories are well listed; they are also organized by User’s popularity. Some of my favorites lists are Best Premium Sites, Best Cam Sites, Amateur Premium Sites and Best VR premium Sites.

You love Reddit but have no clue what the best XXX Subs are? It’s there! Seriously, they have over 200 Adult Reddit sub reviewed and posted. You are in the mood for a free Live Chat a MILF from Florida ? Or maybe you just scored some VR Goggles and want to find out the best VR Videos or Tube sites?

You’ll find it all on Seriously, there is something for everyone.

Check out the detailed review

Now, when it comes to the actual website, the interface is very user-friendly, not confusing and I find it super easy to browse around (no ads or pop ups) You can tell the people that run the site take great pride in listing and reviewing the Porn sites that are listed there. Each review is done by a (real) person that analyses each website carefully and looking at every detail.

Furthermore, the reviews help users like you and me getting crucial information about websites we might be interested in. Because let’s face it, some of those sites are scary to visit. (And can be dangerous) You never know if the site is secured, or stuffed with pop ups and annoying banners. How much video and picture content am I really going to get once I get a monthly membership? Is it even safe to enter my credit card information or even my Email?

The reviews on are there for that purpose, scanning each site carefully and leaving an unbiased review for you to consult.

Do not miss out Check out and bookmark this awesome Porn List, it’s here to stay!

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Sandra on YWF Models and other cute models

Fans favorite Sandra is back in for YWF Models again to give a sexy tease, as unusual the video is available for download via the Northwest Beauties website. It’s a mixed models video with a number of other cuties posing too, 72 minutes long in total. Sandra starts off relaxing on her bed reading a book, then she removes her black pants and starts teasing in her sexy white panties. As you watch her and the other YWF Models girls you’ll feel your pulse rate rising, especially with the way these videos are made. Some of the girls will tease and strip, keeping some of their clothes on, while others will go all the way, getting completely naked on camera. These videos are of a unique high quality style, the photographer is talented, if you want to encourage him to make more videos like this and to get in these models again, maybe even for some of them will get even more revealing, then you’ll certainly be helping the case if you download from the official website. To head over to the official download page now simply click on any of the four screenshots of supercute Sandra below. Enjoy!!
Sandra on her bed YWF Models Sandra in white panties Sexy blonde girl teases Cute white panties - Northwest Beauties

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Sites To Hookup And The Best Free Adult Dating

We regularly get people writing in asking for advice on the best sites to hookup, it’s a really good question as it can make a big difference if you know the best casual hookup websites to sign up with.
It is incredible to think that you can easily arrange to meetup with some absolute stunners just by knowing the top sites and how to play them. Once you are aware of the top websites, you need to employ the correct techniques on them. According to scientists, “aiming high” is a good idea, men who aim for women who they think are “out of their league” actually have a greater chance of success. That will no doubt surprise most people as it almost doesn’t make sense, but it’s what the data confirms.

Adult Hookup Sites

If you’re after a hot hookup, you’re going to need to put the effort in, that means sending out huge amounts of messages, even if you don’t think you’re getting anywhere you need to persevere with this and it will eventually pay off. Also don’t write long messages, keep them short, as not everyone has the time to read a whole page, so it should be short, concise and to the point. The other thing is that you need to be patient, patience does pay off in the end, your dream meetup will be out there but she might be looking through everyone else first, she will eventually find you, especially if you keep on sending out those short messages.

Before you check out the best sites to hookup it’s a wise idea to learn some common Internet dating slang:-

1. Benching – This is when you know enough about someone to know that you shouldn’t commit to them, so instead you string them along in the sidelines.

2. Slow-fade – A technique commonly used to end a relationship, by gradually lowering your chat and response times.

3. Ghosting – Some people prefer this technique of ending a relationship where instead of telling the person directly that you are ending things, you abruptly cease all contact.

4. Kittenfishing – This word is used to describe a dishonest dating profile, people who pretend they are something they are not.

5. Firedooring – This is the term used to describe the rather irritating occurrence of when someone makes the effort to contact you but doesn’t respond to your messages.

6. Breadcrumbing – There are those who send out fun and playful but noncommittal messages, without ever putting in much effort.

Now that you’re getting familiar with the terms and techniques, the next thing you’ve got to decide is what it is you’re hoping for from the hookups. Are you hoping for something that might turn long-term or just a one-off short fling? It’s good to make it clear when you register and create your profile, to make sure they can match you up with like-minded individuals. Depending on the site you choose, there will be varying amounts of information to fill in, sometimes even requiring your educational background, but there is a method behind the madness as it will allow their algorithms to find an ideal match for you. These days AI (artificial intelligence) is outperforming human minds in many ways, so these sites to hookup are capable of finding you a better matched hookup than you’d have ever been able to find on your own.

There will be many women living in your neighborhood who are keen to find people like you to meetup with, or if you have reasons to prefer you can travel further, especially for the right catch; if a total babe wants to hookup with you you will no doubt travel for her or invite her to visit you. Many people don’t realize the potential of these sites to hookup, sometimes a guy who might not be good at picking up a woman in a bar will actually be a jedi at finding on these type of Internet sites. It’s a bit like what we see on YouTube where some of the top channels are people you would not have expected to do so well for themselves.

If ever you have doubt that you will find someone, just remember that there are million and million and millions of women out there looking for hookups and casual relationships, in 2018 it’s all about the Internet, that’s the main way to meet and get to know people. These popular sites to hookup keep on growing and growing, so you will have no problem at all once you get signed up to them and start putting some effort in pinging messages around. Many of the sites allow you to start sending each other pics to get to know each other a lot better, check the rules of the website, sometimes the chicks will send you naughty photos too, it’s an entertaining environment to be in, you’ll see how so many people get hooked on these sites, they become essentially like a way of life.

Everyone has their own reason for wanting a hookup rather than a longer term relationship, some people are so busy with life, and others simply prefer the single life but still want some fun with a quick fling, no strings attached. These websites bring together open-minded people, there’s no need to be nervous, as long as you’ve been relatively honest on your profile and you have described your preferences. If you like you can be meeting up with a different girl every night, or maybe you’ll find one you really like and keep on seeing her.

Perhaps you’re an older guy looking for a younger women, in which case you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a big market on the Internet for the “sugar daddy” concept, some university students are on their wanting a sugar daddy to hookup with them, maybe guide them and help buy them a few nice things at the same time if that’s something you’d like to do.

Adult hookups with sexy singles are probably the best thing that the Internet has ever provided, while shopping on places like Amazon and checking cam sites is fun, it can’t compete with finding yourself a sexy women to pop around and see you face to face.
If you are single then make sure you enjoy it, it gives you freedom and allows you to have a lot of fun which people in long-term relationships can’t easily have, one day when you’re not single anymore you’ll probably miss the good old days, so enjoy it while it lasts and make the most of all of the opportunities that life gives you.


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Brooke Marks – Will It Cut Zipset

Charismatic girl nextdoor Brooke Marks has provided her fans with another fun webcam show. This video is called “Will it cut?” It’s a daring game she’s playing and it could well end up with some revealing oops moments, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get an eyeful of Brooke’s naughty bits as you watch this webcam show. You’re going to be in for a real treat if you watch this 1200 x 718 video, especially if you’re one of her fans, be ready to press the pause button to enjoy the best bits, she does try her best to cover up with a handbra and hand panties, but it’s an impossible job she’s got and the video is uncensored so you’re in for quite a show. To head over to the download page for the video now just click on the screenshots below, another gem to add to your collection. Enjoy!
Brooke Marks Zipset

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Premium Wins – Hot zipsets of Kari Sweets, Brooke Marks and Bailey Knox

Everyone loves a hot zipset and the Premium Wins site is a fans favorite and must-know location for getting hold of them. Very often popular models will save their most naughty and revealing photoshoots and videos for zipset specials which can be downloaded outside of their member site. Many of these models don’t normally show everything in their members area, but in their zipsets the rules often change and they take things to another level. Premium Wins have naughty photoshoots and videos from the cutest Internet models of all such as Kari Sweets, Brooke Marks, Bailey Knox, Avery Ray, Kate Winn, Spencer Nicks, Avery Ray and many more too. They have a cart which you can load up with a number of zips and then download them all in one go, adding them to your collection in case they are not available in the future. On the site itself each zip has a good preview giving you a clear idea of what happens, they’ve also got a models page where you can search via each model, they have a news page too which describes each new release and often has an animated gif giving you a glimpse of what will see if you choose to download the video. If this were a website review rather than just a blog post, the high quality of the content on the site would need to be emphasized, the models, the concepts and the final products. So much of what you see on the Internet has been rushed and is repetitive, but this site is one of the exceptions and not to be missed. To make your way over to the official website and take a look around just click on any of the three screebshots below. You can start download the titillating photoshoots and movies whenever you choose.
Premium Wins Official Tease models Naughty zipsets to download of girls like Kari Sweets, Brooke Marks and Bailey Knox

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Sexy Updates From The Sexiest Sites

It’s time to take a look around some of your favorite sites, we’re going to grab a pic from each one, in each case if you want to see anymore of one of the girls just click the image and you’ll be taken direct to the source website where they have all the the uncensored pics and videos.  We’ve got an incredible lineup with some of the best sites on the Internet:- Zishy, Playboy, UGotItFlauntIt, Northwest Beauties, Step1Models, Brooke Marks, Carlotta Champagne, Playboy, PartyAllStar, Real Girls Gone Bad, Brittany Marie and Meet Madden.  These sites and girl will keep you entertained for many months, enjoy the wonders of the Internet!

Lenka Samkova in tight leggings for Zishy Cute Brandy teases in lingerie for Northwest Beauties Rachel poses for the first time on Step1Models Brooke Marks Mirror Tease Jana Casova poses nude for Playboy Sarah showing off on Party All Star Brittany Marie lifts her skirt Pretty party girl gets topless in Ayia Napa - Real Girls Gone Bad Natalie looking cute for UGotItFlauntIt Carlotta Champagne Meet Madden teases in cute panties

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Best List Of Softcore Websites

If you’re a fan of Softcore, as so many reading this will be, it’s often difficult to find part of the Internet which doesn’t also keep showing you stuff which is too extreme, which might well look unpleasant to you.  One way around this is to use a site that you trust as your start-page when you go surfing on the Internet.  One site which you’ll find particularly useful is the ever-expanding regularly updated Softcore List, they have taken time to put together a huge collection of the best softcore sites on the Internet.  This is definitely a site to keep in your bookmarks to make your searching faster and more efficient, enabling you to keep up to date with all of the latest updates and models which you want to see.  To check out Softcore List now just click on the image below, but be careful it’s quite addictive!

Softcore List - The Best Softcore Sites List

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Mr Skin Lifetime Membership

It’s the best time of the year for those one-off deals, you know it, Black Friday is upon us, and fans of sexy celebrities will be delighted to see that the best celeb site on the Internet, Mr Skin, is doing a lifetime membership special.  It really does mean lifetime membership, you’ll have a working username and password for the rest of your life without have to ever pay them again, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the hot actresses, fast-forwarding direct to the best parts of the movies.  If you’d like to take this offer while it’s open, it’s just a one-off payment of $99, if that sounds too good to miss then head over to the signup page on Mr Skin >HERE< and start enjoying all your favorite actresses showing skin and/or getting fully naked.

Mr Skin Lifetime Membership - Black Friday


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The Porn Dude – Porn Directory

We hate porn so much! For this reason, we decided to fill up the pages of our blog with adult entertainment. Because we hate it so much, yes! And for the same damn reason, we decided to show you a site that has 750+ porn destinations on its pages, all sorted by quality and arranged into categories / niches. It’s called and it will show you only “crème de la crème” when it comes to adult entertainment.

The Porn Dude - Adult Directory

We should talk less, in my opinion. Take a look at these examples of lists that you will find on the homepage of ThePornDude and you will for sure understand what you will find when you will visit it – Top Porn Tube Sites, Top Amateur Porn Sites, Top Sex Cam Sites or Top Premium Sites. If you ask my opinion, you should start your journey here by accessing this – Best Adult Picture Blogs. Every website that found its way on ThePornDude has a review that you can read, in order to find out all there is to know about a place, including its pros and cons. Visit this porn directory right now and bookmark it!

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More Sexy Updates

Yesterday’s sexy updates not enough, you still need feeding with more?  Here’s another ten to keep you going, these are all recent pics/galleries from the best tease websites on the Internet.  You’ll find Brooke Marks, Bailey Knox, Alone With Hazel, Sarah McDonald, Real Girls Gone Bad along with a lot more!  To see more of any of the girls just give them a click.

Brooke Marks Star Wars Swimsuit Gallery

Blonde Real Girl on Real Girls Gone Bad

Bailey Knox Christmas Special Gallery

The latest Alone With Hazel Updates

Brooke Lima's Christmas Update

Stephanie poses for Real Girls Gone Bad in blue denim shorts

Valentina has pokies on display with Zishy

Cute Briella Posing for WPL Productions

Blonde cutie Linda posing for Playboy in her panties

Glamour Girl Sarah McDonald poses in a bright bikini outdoors

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Sexy Updates from your Favorite Sites!

It’s time for one of those super sexy updates where we get together a collection of the latest galleries and pics from your favorite sites to save you the time and effort of having to check them all for yourself, so put your feet up and enjoy all of the fresh stuff.  To see more of any of the girls below or to go to the official sites and watch the girls teasing (and sometimes more) just click on the girl you’d like to see more of!

Cute blonde Sara teasing on Tigers Girls

Maria Turova posing in a white leotard for Zishy (with pokies on display)

Natalie looking cute in a swimsuit on Swimsuit Heaven

Natasha Anastasia almost shows upskirt as she poses in a miniskirt on OnlyTease

Brooke G gets caught nude behind the scenes in the OnlyTease changing rooms

Girls having handbra fun on UGotItFlauntIt

Zoe Page Gets Upskirted - Gallery

Upskirt Fun with Downblouse Loving

Downblouse Loving Upskirt

Recent UGotItFlauntIt Updates

Chantel on Alluring Vixens

Real Party Girls Showing Off - Real Girls Gone Bad

Nikki Sims as a Chicago Fan

LilyXO Teasing in Lingerie

Lizzie from Kates Playground in just her underwear

Meet Madden covers her nipples with just her fingers

Patience Dolder lifts her skirt up by a mirror and take a look at her hot ass

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Black Friday Special: Lifetime Memberships for MrSkin and Naked News

Let’s celebrate Black Friday with two wonderful deals today, here’s your chance to pick up lifetime memberships for two of the best websites, Mr Skin and Naked News.  That mean in 10 or 20 years time you’d still have a login for the websites, without having to pay any extra money.  This is well worth taking advantage of, the offer won’t last for long and it might never return.  For a Lifetime Membership of the best celebrity site on the Internet, Mr Skin, it’s just $99 >HERE<.  It’s also the same price of $99 for a Lifetime Membership over at the most fun way to get the news, Naked News >HERE<.  Take advantage while the deals are still there, save yourself lots of $’s!

Asset 8a5f4966

Naked News Lifetime Membership - 99$

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Sexy Updates October 2013

Have you been keeping an eye on the latest updates on the sexiest sites on the Internet?  We have and we feel it’s our job to save you the time and give you a glimpe of what’s been going on recently in each website, each of the images is linked to the website where it came from, so you can easily navigate around the sexiest sites on the web and see if there’s anything which takes your fancy.  This task of checking around the sexy sites is one of the best jobs ever! 😉  To enjoy the updates now click on the update collage below.

Sexy October 2014 Updates
Sexy Updates October
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Site Directory – First 37 Sexy Sites

We’re creating a Sexy Site Directory, here are the first 37 sites and an brief explanation of how to get to the site directory

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Sexy Weekend Update – 14th January 2011

Sexy Weekend Update – 14th January 2011 – What’s on the Sexy Moments Menu

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8 Super Sexy Websites

8 Super Sexy Websites that you Need to Know About

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5 Sexy Tease Websites

5 Sexy Tease Websites for you to Enjoy! This is the first post of 2011 so it’s a good one with 5 of the hottest tease sites on the net. Resist the girls if you can, though it’s not possible for most of us