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Zishy Girl Susanna Torres Takes You Out For A Picnic

Zishy girl Susanna Torres has invited you out for a picnic, she’s particularly keen to find somewhere with some privacy for some reason.  As you venture off into the woods, it’s a sunny day and Susanna seems to be in a really good mood, including being very touchy-feely.  You’re starting to get the idea that this is going to be quite a memorable day out.  To see more just click on any of the three preview pics below.
Zishy girl Susanna Torres Girl eating Tight revealing white panties close-up

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Mexican Volleyball Cameltoe Championship

In Mexican volleyball, cameltoe has been normalized, it’s seen as standard, as it helps bring in more fans and sponsorship deals too.  So the shorts are designed especially with cameltoe in mind, and the Mexican coeds seem to quite like it; it gives them the opportunity to feel proud of their cameltoe.  As the years go by, expect things to get even better, as the right people are clearly making the rules in Mexico.
Volleyball cameltoe Cameltoe coeds

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Cristal Cray Playboy Tease

Playboy have got their hands on Mexican-American model Cristal Cray who’s from Southern California.  Cristal is a brunette with brown eyes and a friendly smile “I grew up in Whittier, a suburb of Los Angeles,” she says. “It cultivated me as a person, and made me motivated in my own life. I can do anything that I put my mind to.”  She started as a hair and makeup model, then she was approached by a casting director “I’m confident in my body,” she says. “I never thought I would have the opportunity, so when I got the call, I just went for it.”  Cristal also has a job outside of modelling, she works in finance (a good head for numbers) and after work she’s well known for throwing house parties; she’s a great cook!  To watch her video now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Playboy Amateur Cristal Cray
Cristal Cray Poses for Playboy
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TV Show 12 Corazones – Sexy Strip Teases (10 Videos)

There have been many Super Sexy TV Shows, but 12 Corazones has got to be right up there with the best.  So far I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but I do like what I see, lots of cuties stripping, pole dancing and doing other sexy things.  In the videos we head straight to the best bits.  WeHatePorn has only just become aware of 12 Corazones, we’ll be sending out our Internet Research Geeks to discover what else has been happening on the show so as we can bring it to your screens in the near future.  To watch the videos now on WeHatePorn just click on the 12 Corazones babe below

12 Corazones

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Los Angeles Casting Calls – Melissa

Melissa was nervous about her Los Angeles Playboy Casting Call,  but she still went ahead with it as she’d always wanted to pose for Playboy.  Did she stay Non Nude or did they manage to talk her out of her underwear?  As you’ll discover below, she did agree to go Full Monty (for a couple of minutes) but just look at her ENF (embarrassed) expression as she rushed to retrieve her panties at the end.  Below you’ll see the photos and snapshots from the video.  If you’d like to see the full Hi Res uncensored photos and the Hi Quality Behind the Scenes video you’re welcome to click on any of the images below, gain full access to the Cyber Club for less than $3, then head to Casting Calls > Los Angeles Part Two > Melissa.  Once you have the photos and video on screen you can enjoy every inch of Melissa‘s smooth body (make sure you save the photos and video in case she ever changes her mind and asks for it to be removed). See Melissa Full Monty

Los Angeles Casting Calls

Behind the Scenes Video

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Mellisa – Los Angeles Casting Call

Mellisa from Los Angeles has just posed for the Playboy Los Angeles Casting Calls, did she manage to stay Non Nude or did the photographers manage to get her out of her underwear? If you would like to find out right now and see the photos and video of her Casting Call photoshoot feel free to get your username and password for the Playboy Cyber Club for less than $3 HERE. We’ll be posting more of Mellisa shortly…

Mellisa - Los Angeles Casting Calls Part 2
Mellisa – Los Angeles Casting Calls Part 2
Mellisa's Vital Stats
Mellisa’s Vital Stats