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LA Playboy Casting Call (Part 2) Video

VIDEO: There are so many different Casting Calls to get through, there’s always plenty there to keep you entertained.  Today we’re going to look at the 2011 LA Casting Call, which actually had Part 1 and Part 2 due to the wealth of female talent.  Specifically let’s examine some of the girls from LA Part 2, that’s the same Casting Call as a couple of girls we already know:-  >> Jennifer – LA Playboy Casting Call << and >> Melissa LA Casting Call <<.  In this video we’ll take a look at clips from six of the LA Part 2 Casting Calls.  To watch the video now on WeHatePorn, click on one of the two images below

Los Angeles Playboy Casting Call
Playboy Los Angeles Casting Calls
LA Casting Call
LA Casting Call Amateurs
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Los Angeles Casting Calls (2009)

The Playboy Casting Calls are so much fun and there are 100’s of them.  It’s the one place where we get to see the girls who we wouldn’t normally have got to see; “Only for Playboy” as they say.  These are the girls from the 2009 Los Angeles Casting Calls, there are some real beauties and cute girl nextdoors.  As usual, most of the girls walk in thinking that they’ll get to keep their underwear on, but the photographer’s go in with the goal of trying to find a way to get each girl completely Naked.  Which girls will give in and show us what they’ve got?  To get to know each of the girls and also to get an idea of what happens at each Casting Call on WeHatePorn, just click on any of the Casting Call girls below

Los Angeles Cuties
Los Angeles Casting Call Cuties
Hot Blondes Pose at the LA Casting Calls
Super Hot Blondes Pose at the Los Angeles Playboy Casting Calls
The LA Casting Call Cuties from 2009
The 2009 LA Casting Call Babes Pose for Playboy
Two Cute Amateurs Pose for Playboy
Amateurs Posting at the Playboy Casting Calls in LA
The Los Angeles Casting Calls from 2009
The LA Playboy Casting Call Cuties (2009)
A Babe arrives at the Los Angeles Casting Calls
A Total Babe Arrives at the Los Angeles Casting Calls, we can’t believe our luck!!
L A Casting Call Cutie
A Cutie Agrees to Pose for Playboy at the LA Casting Call
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Los Angeles Casting Calls – Melissa

Melissa was nervous about her Los Angeles Playboy Casting Call,  but she still went ahead with it as she’d always wanted to pose for Playboy.  Did she stay Non Nude or did they manage to talk her out of her underwear?  As you’ll discover below, she did agree to go Full Monty (for a couple of minutes) but just look at her ENF (embarrassed) expression as she rushed to retrieve her panties at the end.  Below you’ll see the photos and snapshots from the video.  If you’d like to see the full Hi Res uncensored photos and the Hi Quality Behind the Scenes video you’re welcome to click on any of the images below, gain full access to the Cyber Club for less than $3, then head to Casting Calls > Los Angeles Part Two > Melissa.  Once you have the photos and video on screen you can enjoy every inch of Melissa‘s smooth body (make sure you save the photos and video in case she ever changes her mind and asks for it to be removed). See Melissa Full Monty

Los Angeles Casting Calls

Behind the Scenes Video

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19yo Alara at the Los Angeles Playboy Casting Calls

19yo Los Angeles girl Alara would like to pose for Playboy.  She’s arrived at the LA Playboy Casting Calls and has only just found out she’ll be required to get completely Naked, she hadn’t expected to be taking her panties down today.  However, it is a Special Occasion as this is Playboy we’re talking about, hopefully Alara can make an exception.  To find what’s about to happen (for less than $3), you’re more than welcome to pop over to the Playboy Cyber Club HERE
Alara is only 19yo, she's just found out that's she's got to get Naked!Cutie Alara at the Los Angeles Playboy Casting Calls - ENFWill she dare to get Naked, afterall it is a Special Occasion?

Playboy Casting Calls