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VIDEO: Los Angeles Casting Call Girls

VIDEO: Christina, Amanda and Megan were amoung the girls who came along to the Los Angeles Playboy Casting Calls. In the video below you’ll find all three of them in their Behind the Scenes Casting Call Videos. All these girls seemed comfortable with removing their bras, but as always it’s a surprise for the girls when they find out they’ll have to remove their panties in order to have a decent chance of winning.

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Updates – The Non Nude Roundup

It’s that time for the Non Nude Roundup, we’re going to take a look around the Non Nude Internet (of which is the Center) and see what the girls have been up to. In the roundup you’ll find Socal Glamour Girls, Bethanie Adertscher the latest Playboy Cyber Girl (make sure you scroll right to the bottom for another photo of her), the Alluring Vixens, Candid Beach Bikini Girls, the Sweet Natural Girls, one of the Northwest Beauties, Kail from the Chicago Playboy Casting Calls and much much more! This saves you the bother of having to Google around, does the work for you as we know your free time is precious.

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20yo Sally at the Chicago Playboy Casting Call

VIDEO: 20yo Sally as arrived for her in Chicago for her Playboy Casting Call. Sally is a very pretty girl who is a Real Girl Nextdoor. Below you’ll see Sally in her Bra & Panties, and you’ll also see the Non Nude part of her Behind the Scenes Casting Call video.

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Video: Nati Downblouse Cleavage on her Bed

VIDEO: Nati is getting a bit fed up with you playing computer games all day, she would prefer to go out and do something. Maybe it’s time to go out and get her drunk, you can’t have you girlfriend getting bored, plus it could make for some extra entertainment when you get home. Not only is she bored, she’s also rather cold, you better turn the heating on quick before she finds a big warm jumper to cover her lovely downblouse cleavage view. So, the plan is first to get the heating on, then take her out and get her drunk. Sound good?

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Video: Housework Upskirt

VIDEO: Vikki is doing the housework, you’ve been waiting patiently for her to get to this bit where she has to step up onto a chair in her short skirt. See if you can catch a nice Upskirt view without her realizing. Don’t stay too long, she might catch you, then again, maybe she’ll be flattered and let you see some more.

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Doctor Downblouse – Staring at Breasts is Good for Your Heart

VIDEO: Did you know that staring at breasts is good for a man’s heart health? In fact, staring at a women’s breasts for at least 10 minutes daily has been scientifically proven to extend a man’s errmm…life! You can find out more about this and start extending your life over at Doctor Downblouse right now.

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Video: 3 Girls from the Playboy Chicago Casting Calls

VIDEO: A lot of people have asked what happens inside the mysterious Behind the Scenes Casting Call videos. Here we’ll take a look at clips from 3 of the Chicago Casting Call Girls; Beth, Jessica and Caitlin. The three clips are merged below, each is the initial Non Nude part of the clip before the photographers try to encourage the girls into being naughty.

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Photos: Chantel at the Chicago Playboy Casting Calls

Chantel from the Chicago (Illinois) Playboy Casting Calls is so Lovely that we’ve created a 2nd post on her, the first one was a sneak peek at her behind the scenes casting call video and can be found in the Casting Calls section of Now let’s take a look at some of the photos and also have a glimpse at some screen grabs of what happens next in the video.

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Video: Chantel at the Chicago Casting Calls (Illinois)

VIDEO: Chantel is Gorgeous, it’s our lucky day!! She has come along to the Chicago (Illinois) Playboy Casting Calls to try her hand at modelling for the first time. This is a behind the scenes video, do you think the Playboy photographers will manage to talk this brunette hottie out of her bra & panties?

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Chicago Casting Call Girl Nicole

Did you know that a lot of Nice Girls secretly dream of being exploited? They don’t admit it, sometimes not even to themselves, but deep down there is a fantasy of being exploited. The Playboy Casting Calls is the perfect platform for a nice girl to make her fantasy come true without any embarrassment or anyone realizing it was her secret desire. Nicole is a classy girl who has never posed before and would certainly find it difficult to pose for an adult magazine or video due to the views of her friends and family.

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Candid Cameltoe Video White Bikini Bottoms

When a lady chooses to put on some tight white bikini bottoms, she’s always taking a risk. These white bikini bottoms have clearly been designed by a man; a man who enjoys Cameltoe. A shark with a camera spotted the wonderful Cameltoe display, not wanting it to go to waste, he made sure he zoomed in really close so as this cute lady’s white bikini cameltoe can be enjoyed by all mankind for many years to come.

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Non Nude ExGirlfriends

After a couple split up, what happens to all of those sexy photos that girlfriends let their bfs take? If the girlfriend is smart then she deletes them before splitting up, if the bf is smarter he has already backed them up in around 10 different locations. Sometimes the pics get posted on the net out of revenge, and other times the motive was more along the lines of “Share the Wealth”. Whatever the reason or motive behind the girlfriend pics being posted, all that matters to you is that they’ve found their way onto your screen for you to Enjoy!

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Non Nude Swimsuit Girls

Swimsuit Fans, your prayers have been answered; there is now a new site completely dedicated to Hot Non Nude Girls in Tight Swimsuits. The icing on the cake is that the photos are Ultra Hi Res, in fact to view them in their full glory you’d need a cinema screen. Not to mention the videos, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, treat your eyes to the Swimsuit Beauties

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Lifeguards in Swimsuits

Lifeguard’s do a damn fine job; not only do they look hot but they also save lives at the same time. They make you feel like you want to be rescued. If you’re thinking of doing some fake drowning first of all make sure the lifeguard is female and secondly make sure you’ve brushed your teeth ready for that ‘life saving’ kiss.

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Telephone Conversation Upskirt Fun

VIDEO: Blonde English Girl Toni is on the phone, she’s feeling a bit lonely but it’s ok as she’s just found out that she’s been bought a new present. Toni says that she deserves lots of presents, well if she keeps on giving us Super Sexy Upskirt views like this then we should all be sending her presents.

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Video: Talia has a Special Interview Technique, she’ll certainly get this job!

VIDEO: Talia has arrived for her interview, she really needs this job, she’ll do whatever she has to to make the job her own. Take a look at her interview technique, this one only works for girls though when they’re being interviewed by men. I’d offer her the job on the spot!

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18yo Caitlin arrives at the Chicago Playboy Casting Calls

18yo Caitlin really wants to win the Chicago Playboy Casting Calls. She’s a very competitive girl and will do whatever she has to do to come out on top. The Chicago Casting Call’s have many Cute Girls, but Caitlin is convinced she can win. She’s only 18yo, she’s the youngest girl here today. Like a lot of the Casting Call girl’s she didn’t really know what the Casting Call’s were all about, when asked to get topless she was more than a little surprised, anyway, she did get topless as it’s a special occasion.

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How to get a Shy Model Naked?

What do the photographers do when there’s a girl who is reluctant to take off her underwear at a photoshoot. Here’s the trick that the guys at Only Tease use. When it’s taking too long to get a girl to take her knickers down (as she’s not comfortable) they take her to the showers for shower photoshoot. Once a girl’s in the shower in wet clothes she’ll almost instinctivly start to take her clothes off and she will often even feel comfortable taking her knickers off too for the first time during a photoshoot.

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How to find a Girlfriend on Facebook?

If you’re single and would like to find a girlfriend, perhaps you have wondered if it’s possible to find a girlfriend on Facebook, or maybe you have found a previous girlfriend through Facebook before. You might already know that a lot of couples do meet online, though many keep it secret. FHM have put together some great advice for those who want to look for a girlfriend on Facebook, we’ll take a quick look through what’s covered

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New Orleans Casting Call Girls

Have you ever been to New Orleans? What are the girls there like? Recently Playboy went on a talent search in New Orleans, here are the pretty girls they found. Is one of the girls below a future star or do they all count as Girl Nextdoor’s?

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Cheerleader Upskirt

After Cheer Practice Jamie kindly agreed to some photos, she even eventually agreed to a few Upskirt shots. What a Treat!! Look at those tight white panties, there’s a close up for you to enjoy!

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Teasing Girls

Only Tease have access to the some of the Cutest Models around, they update every day with Cute Teasing Girls, every Non Nude/Tease fan needs to have access to their website. Now they are also showing Behind the Scenes photos.

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19yo Beth at the Chicago Playboy Casting Call

A 19yo has arrived at the Chicago Playboy Casting Call. Beth is a Hot Blonde Girl, she’s here today to win her “I posed for Playboy” t-shirt, but she probably doesn’t realize she’s going to have to lose both her bra and panties to receive her prize.

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VIDEO: Upskirt Workout

VIDEO: Elise likes to exercise her legs on the sofa every few days, today she’s wearing a short skirt, which is not a problem for you. Perhaps she has no idea how sexy it is for you to get such a great look at her underwear.

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Jessica at her Chicago Playboy Casting Call

Classy Brunette Jessica has arrived at the Playboy Casting Call in Chicago. Once again we see a classy girl who would never dream of taking her clothes off for anyone else; only Playboy. Let’s see how far she’s willing to go?

Posted in Asian Ass Legs Mini Skirt Non Nude Sexy May Update May Update – the weather is getting warmer and it’s definitely short skirts and shorts season. That means more great photos from us at We’ll see you back her next month for our June update. In the meantime, if there’s something particular you’d like us to feature in one of our updates, comment and let us know!

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Netball Up Skirts

A Sexy Collection of Netball Up Skirts (and flyskirts) for you to enjoy; Non Nude Oops Fun!

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Ashley from the Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls

This is 20 yo Ashley who’s come along today for the Atlanta Playboy Casting Calls. As soon as they saw Ashley in the queue they fast tracked her to the front, before she could change her mind. She was actually just there with a friend, didn’t really know what it was all about, she imagined that maybe she would have to pose in underwear or a bikini, lots of the Casting Call girls have ideas like this. They almost always think a Playboy Casting Call is a Non Nude photoshoot.

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VIDEO: English Girls Carmen and Britney show Cleavage

VIDEO: English girls Britney and Carmen are looking through some lap dancing clothes whilst accidentally leaving lots of cleavage on display. Someone is enjoying the view and surprises the girls when they hand him a skimpy thong.

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Gisselle Naked for One Time Only at her Playboy Casting Call

Let me introduce Gisselle; she’s a lovely 22 year old girl who hasn’t modelled before. This is a one-off, she doesn’t plan to model again. When asked how far she’ll go in the photoshoot she replies “I’m not sure , I will go topless as it is Playboy afterall, I wouldn’t normally go further but it is Playboy so maybe I’ll even take my panties off for this special occasion, I’m not sure though, but this is my big day and I don’t want any regrets!”