Wet T-shirt Contest in O’Neills Bar, Tenerife – Real Girls Gone Bad

We’ve been searching through the wonderful Real Girls Gone Bad members area and found another sexy wet t-shirt contest to share with you.  It’s a group of UK party girls who have volunteered to take part in the contest on stage in O’Neill’s Bar, Tenerife.  You might already know that even though it’s called a wet t-shirt competition there are no rules to stop the girls from removing their t-shirts and even their underwear; it’s always a good trick if they want to win.  On occasions when it’s hard to chose a winner, the girls take part in naked star-jumps on stage.  To watch these girls partying and doing naughty things uncensored, just head over to the official Real Girls Gone Bad website >HERE< and enjoy the party.

Girls prepare for tonight wet t-shirt competition in O'Neill's Bar, Tenerife
Real party girls get ready for tonight’s wet t-shirt contest in O’Neill’s Bar
Blonde British girl with a wet top on stage in a wet t-shirt contest
Blonde girl in a wet t-shirt contest
Drunk party girls celebrate on stage during a wet t-shirt contest in O'Neill's Bar
Party girls celebrate on stage
Girls in a wet t-shirt contest lick each other's tongue's on stage
Girls lick each other’s tongues
Drunk party girl tries out some pole dancing
Drunk party girl on the pole
British party girl gets dared to flash her boobs during a wet t-shirt contest
British party girl flashing on stage
Girl gets her boobs on on stage to the delight of the crowd
The boobs come out on stage
Drunk party girls start to strip topless on stage
Party girls get topless
Fun party girls dancing on stage showing their tits for all to see
Girls dancing on stage with their tits out
Topless girls, wearing just panties show off on stage in O'Neill's Bar, Tenerife
Topless girls showing off in O’Neill’s Bar
Party girls dancing on stage during a wet t-shirt contest
Wet t-shirt contest
The t-shirts come off during the wet t-shirt contest
Topless girls in a wet t-shirt contest
Topless amateur girls dancing around a pole in Tenerife
Topless girls dance around a pole
Happy topless girls in a club
Happy girls topless
Girl pulls her panties down on stage
Panties down on stage
Topless girls dancing in O'Neill's Bar
Topless girls dancing in O’Neill’s Bar
A busty blonde girl gets her boobs right out during a wet t-shirt contest in Tenerife
Busty girl gets her boobs out during the wet t-shirt contest

To enjoy all of this night out completely uncensored simply make your way over to the official Real Girls Gone Bad website >HERE< and join the party!

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