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Amy Smart Strip Tease in Crank 2

VIDEO: In the film Crank 2 – High Voltage, Ameican actress Amy Smart jumps around a pole and starts grinding, she then removes her top and just about keeps it Non Nude with some plasters to cover her nipples.  It’s great when a Hot Actress like Amy agrees to take it off to benefit her career.  If you’d like to see a lot more of Amy feel free to click HERE

Amy Smart Stripping in Crank 2 - High Voltage

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Looking Down her Top (as she uses her laptop)

VIDEO: Faith likes to think she knows more about computers than you, the truth is you know a lot more, but you’re happy to go along with her belief, especially when she’s wearing a low-cut top.  This is actually becoming an addiction of yours, you’ve deliberately broken your laptop and you’ve made sure it will prove very difficult for her to repair.  To justify standing nearby, you say you are trying to learn; she likes this concept. Faith is completely in laptop world, she has no idea what a perfect view you have down her top.

Looking Down her Top

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Pheonix Casting Call Girls

The Phoenix Casting Calls are a bit special! Some of the best looking girls queued up in the rain, the photographers stayed late into the evening to make sure they photographed them all. Lots of the cute girls don’t get published, but the photographers still keep their photos and videos for their collections, it’s safe to say they enjoy their jobs! Here are the Pheonix Girls below, each of those small thumbnails of the girls is actually linked to a bigger photo, just give them a click).  To see what happens next and enjoy the girls in Hi Res (and videos too), feel free to click HERE, once you’re a member (less than $3) go to Casting Calls > Phoenix and then select your favourite girl. If you’re seeing different girls, click back and go to the other Phoenix.

Ashley from Pheonix Steph from Pheonix Elle at the Phoenix Playboy Casting Calls
Jayd in Stockings Kristin and her Hot Ass Malina couldn't wait to rip her clothes off Steph J at the Playboy Pheonix Casting Calls Chelsea from Pheonix Tammi from Pheonix Brittany shows off her Shaven Haven in an attempt to win the contest

Pheonix Casting Calls
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Non Nude Update – August 2011

It’s that time when WeHatePorn takes you on a tour of some of the wonderful Sexy Non Nude Moments that have been taking place recently. We’ve got a video of a Bikini Hula Hoop Competition (only girls allowed), a Cheerleader Flyskirt, Daisy Watts in Pantyhose, Nextdoor Eva in a white Bikini, a Swimsuit Babe lying down, a SoCal Cutie on the Beach, Heather from the recent LA Playboy Casting Call, Tiffany from NorthWest Beauties and we’ve got a special treat at the end with AnnaLynne McCord in a skintight outfit on the set of 90210.  AnnaLynne had to dress up as a mascot for part of the show, it was probably just a trick to get her into this outfit to show some Pokies and Ass.  For some reason she starts doing some Yoga (Oh My!!).  Each of the photos below is linked to the site where the girl can be found, in some cases the girl’s are kind enough to start removing their outfits!

Hula Hoops Contest - Video

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Thighs and high heels is the theme for our August update. Enjoy and be sure to visit – we’re a subscription based, non-nude website that is purely about women’s bare legs. For about the price of a lunch, you can get full access to thousands of hi-res images.

Hot Bare Legs and High Heels

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Melissa Satta Bikini Cameltoe

American-born Italian Model and Actress Melissa Satta goes for a dip in the sea, when it’s time to get out her soaking bikini bottoms show her perfect Cameltoe. It doesn’t take long for her to realize and she starts to cover her Cameltoe up. These Candid photos are even more revealing than her bodypaint photoshoot. Non Nude & Sexy!

Oops Cameltoe from Melissa Satta

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Water Polo Players get Naked

Let’s take a closer look at the Women’s US Water Polo Team.  12 girls from the team agreed to pose, not really knowing that they would be required to get totally naked. Here’s how the photographer describes his technique of slowly enticing them into full nudity “We started with all of the girls in robes and arranged them so that their varying heights created two ‘waves.’ We then had them lose the robes and tested the shot with bikini bottoms. After all of the positioning had been finalized, they took off their bikini bottoms and we went to work.”  It’s clear that a lot of these girls would not normally have agreed to this, but since each must have felt under a lot of pressure not to let the team down; they think the girls next to them are going to take down their bikini bottoms so they do it too.  Most of the Water Polo team are relieved that the photos on the net are not very large, but to treat you WeHatePorn have got their hands on a extra large version and zoomed into all of the girls (just for fun).  Enjoy!

US Water Polo Team Completely Nude

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Zoo Magazine – Premier League Guide 2011 and The Best Boobs in Britain; Sammy Braddy

For some of you there’s even more reason to ensure you pick up Zoo Magazine this week. The fact it has brunette bombshell (Best Boobs in Britain) Sammy Braddy is enough reason for most red-blooded males, but for those English Football/Soccer Fans anticipating the start of the 2011 English Premier League, this week’s Zoo Magazine also comes with a 28 page guide to the 2011-2012 Premier League season.

Zoo Magazine - Premier League Guide 2011
Zoo Mag – English Premier League
Zoo Magazine - Premier League Girls
Special Premier League Guide with Zoo Magazine
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Blonde Northern English Girl with Pokies

VIDEO: Blonde English Girl Cherry is in the house on her own, a bit bored and lonely, but most importantly of all she’s got some nice Pokies on display.  It’s worth keeping her company just to stare at her Pokies for a bit.  If you’d like to discover what happens next feel free to go to Downblouse Loving

Cherry Oops Pokies - Non Nude


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Phone Conversation Upskirt

VIDEO: Vikki is busy chatting away on the phone organizing a night out.  Funnily enough she’s talking about guys who try to get a peek up her skirt, which is exactly what you’re doing right now.  What a superb Non Nude Upskirt!  This is just the start of the video, if you’d be interested to find out what happens next feel free to head over to Panty Loving by clicking HERE

Vikki Upskirted while on the Phone (Non Nude)

Panty Loving
Panty Loving
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Melissa Molinaro in a White Leotard Singing

Singer Melissa Molinaro (Kim Kardashian look-a-like) wears a Tight White Leotard in the Piranha night club in Las Vegas. To our delight she opted to sing in this tight white Sexy Leotard Swimsuit thing, what a treat; Non Nude and Nice!!  You can see by the faces in the crowd that no one could believe their luck.  We’ve got the videos (one close-up and the other watching her ass) and decent quality photos, just click on Melissa in her White Leotard below and you’ll get to see it all!

Melissa Molinaro Leotard

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Leotard Cameltoe

Should I call these leotards, swimsuits or something else?  Well they’re probably not leotards, but we’ll stick with that for now.  Now it’s time for some Sexy Non Nude Moments, this is what happened at Automotive 2010, you might want to go to the next one even if you’re not into cars.  They handed some hot Non Nude Girls (who had had a few drinks) some tight white leotards that were too small for them, the girls fell for it and squeezed into them, because the girls has had a few drinks they were oblivious to the fact that everyone at the show had a perfect view of their cameltoe.  The girls loved the attention, they didn’t know everyone was taking snaps of their cameltoe, they just thought it was because they looked hot.  There are some top notch cameras at the show, so as you can imagine there are incredibly hi-res versions of these photos below (and others) from Automotive 2010.  The best place to see the Hi Res images is inside Candid Copia.  The owner of the site has no problem with you saving them to your PC and adding them to your collection.  To go there now you could click HERE 

White Leotard Cameltoe on Show at Automotive 2010

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Laura Whitmore on FHM

The September issue of FHM hits the shelves on August 4th 2011, if you haven’t got a few quid spare then you’d be better pressing “back” on your web browser now.   Take a peek below and you’ll spot MTV Presenter Laura Whitmore, see why I needed to warn you?  Laura is the girl who won her job as an MTV presenter in a competition, there were 3,000 other applicants and most of them were hot girls, so it was always going to take someone special like Laura to win.  Laura is an Irish girl who looks up to Davina McCall,  though I bet Davina could learn a thing or two from Laura who studied a journalism degree from Dublin City University.  Enjoy the video below and if you try to resist buying the September issue of FHM you will fail; you’re only human!

MTV Presenter Laura Whitmore

You can check out more of Laura Whitmore at

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Cleavage on Display

VIDEO: Tibby is writing a shopping list for a party, she says if you help her with the shopping then you can come to the party too.  You’re not really listening to her, Tibby has some serious Cleavage on display so that’s all that you care about.  If you do get to go to the party, you might get to see an even better view of Tibby’s Cleavage, will she stay Non Nude

Tibby shows Cleavage

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Jaclyn at the Phoenix Casting Call

Jaclyn is one of the Cutest Girls ever to arrive for a Playboy Casting Call.  She’s definitely not the type of girl you’d expect to see on the net, but this is the thing with Playboy; there are lots of nice girls who would never take it off for any other magazine or website, only for PlayboyJaclyn didn’t know she’d be asked to take all of her clothes off today, but she was eager to please.  In fact, at the end of the Casting Call to win some bonus points she even got on a couch and allowed the photographers to take some photos that you wouldn’t normally see in a Casting Call.  By the look on Jaclyn’s face she can’t believe it, she can’t believe she’s completely nude at a photoshoot, especially during the special bonus shots at the end (I won’t spoil the surprise there).  If you’d like to see the Hi Res Photos of Jaclyn and the HQ behind the scenes video, they can be found in the Cyber Club, you can gain access for less than $3, then go to Casting Calls > Phoenix > Jaclyn.  You’ll especially enjoy the video as the photographer was clearly enjoying himself zooming in close to every part of Jaclyn’s smooth fit body.  You can make your way to the Cyber Club by clicking HERE

Jaclyn at the Phoenix Casting Calls

Jaclyn arrives for her Playboy Casting Call in Phoenix

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Jennifer at the Los Angeles Casting Calls

Blonde Girl Jennifer has arrived for her Casting Call in Los Angeles. Jennifer is such a Cute Blonde and she is really competive, she’d almost do anything to win the Los Angeles Casting Calls. Will the Playboy photographers be able to get her to reveal all today? When they do manage to get these cuties completely nude they tend to take a really close zoom in to treat us all. Jennifer is a girl who would never pose nude for anyone else, but maybe there’s a chance that she’ll get completely nude here today. Fingers Crossed!! If you’ll like to see the Hi Res pics from the photoshoot and HQ Behind the Scenes video feel free to head over to the Cyber Club, gain access for less than $3, then go to Casting Calls > Los Angeles 2 > Jennifer. Feel your pulse rate rise!  Click HERE to go there now

Blonde Jennifer at the Los Angeles Playboy Casting Call

Jennifer from Los Angeles at her Playboy Casting Call

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Bun Huggers

Are you a Bun Hugger fan?  Most people who prefer Candid and Non Nude to the hard stuff are fans of sporty coeds in Bun Huggers because it’s one of that Sexy Moments that wasn’t meant to be Sexy, but it is!  The Coeds continue to wear the Bun Huggers perhaps not knowing how Sexy it is to all watching.  If there’s a place with a Sporty Bun Hugger collection like no other, it’s got to be Candid Copia, other sites try to immitate but Candid Copia is the real deal when it comes to Bun Huggers.  If you’d like to head there right away feel free to click HERE

Non Nude Bun Huggers
Two Coeds in Bun Huggers
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Bikini Water Fight

VIDEO:  It’s a warm day and the girls have been getting too hot indoors, so they’ve decided to head out into the woods and have a Bikini Water Fight using state of the art water pistol technology.  The girls know that no one else will see them as not many people ever go near this woodland, what a great day to be taking the dog for a walk, especially once the girls decide to start ripping off each others bikinis (the full video isn’t Non Nude) as part of the game.  To see the Full Hi Quality video it can be downloaded from the Playboy Cyber Club (for less than $3), if you’ve got a pulse and some testosterone you’ll enjoy seeing what happens next in the video.  The fastest way is to click HERE or on a banner below, once you have access go to Coeds > More Features > Coed House Party.

Coeds Water Fight

See the Playboy Casting Call Girl's go Full Monty
See Cute Coedsl Playing Party Games

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Party Coeds – Drunk Water Fight

It’s the Summer Holidays and the weather is Hot.  The Coeds have lots of time on their hands, so best get out in the garden for a Bikini Water Fight.  Would you like to join the girls?  You might recognize one of the girls as she’s already on the site, Miss Hayden Hayes, she was the one who was shocked that Playboy showed nude photos of her.  These four Party Coeds are having the time of their lives, but will the girls remain non nude? In fact there’s a lot more that happens in this party too, it’s just possible that the girls will get a bit carried away and dare each other into losing their bikinis, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for you.   To quickest way to see what happens next is to click HERE then gain access to the Cyber club for under $3, you’ll find the Hi Res photos and Hi Quality videos from the Party in Coeds > More Features > Coed House Party.  This is one Summer Party is not to be missed!!

Coed House Party

Water Party - Four Fun Coeds have a Water Fight in the Garden

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Petite Swimsuit Girl

The Swimsuit Heaven site seems to get Hotter every time we see it! Here is petite swimsuit girl Miss SSS showing off her petite figure in an Asics swimsuit. Miss SSS seems comfortable with letting the camera zoom in very close. There are ever Hotter photos in the Swimsuit Heaven site, if you are feeling the need to go there and see them it’s as easy as clicking on any of the images of Miss SSS below. The question is, does she stay Non Nude or not?

Petite Swimsuit Girl

Petite Swimsuit Girls Crotch

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Sleepy Upskirt

VIDEO: Keira keeps on yawning, she can hardly keep her eyes open, perhaps that’s why she hasn’t pushed her skirt back down yet.  Does she know you’re watching?  What a Superb Upskirt view.  If you’re wondering what happens next in this video, does Keira stay Non Nude or do you get to see more, you can make your way to the Panty Loving site by clicking HERE

Sleepy Upskirt Girl Keira

Panty Loving
Panty Loving
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Downblouse to Pay the Rent

VIDEO:Oh dear, Toni got rather carried away while on holiday,she’s gone and spent all of her savings which were meant to be for the rent.  You suggest she goes lapdancing to pay you back, but she says she’s too shy.  She wants to find a way of repaying you, perhaps she could clean, be a maid or you could enjoy a downblouse view?  Make sure you get yourself a good deal with Toni, take advantage while she’s advising you to.  If you’d like to see what happens next the best way is to click on the following two words Downblouse Loving

Downblouse to Pay the Rent

So, what happens next, does Toni get taken advantage of or does she have to pay cash? To find out what happens next and to enjoy many more Downblouse videos of Toni and the rest of the Northern English Girls at Downblouse Loving, the best way is to click on the banner below

Downblouse Loving

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Salt Lake City Girls Casting Call

Salk Lake City is a wonderful place, especially as it contains many pretty ladies.  When Playboy arrived in Salt Lake City for the Playboy Casting Calls, they had no doubt about the beauty of the women, but they weren’t sure whether they’d be willing to take it all off.  Below you’ll find the gorgeous classy girls from the Salt Lake City Casting Calls, if you click on any of the images below you’ll see a larger image.  Do you think the Salt Lake City Girls stayed Non Nude or did Playboy managed to get them to show some skin?  If you’d like to find out and get to see a Behind the Scenes video of each of the Salt Lake City Casting Calls, the best way is to gain access to the Cyber Club (less than $3) HERE, then head to Casting Calls > Salt Lake City, and then treat yourself to the girls!!

Amy - Salt Lake City Casting Calls Michelle - Salt Lake City Playboy
Danielle from Salt Lake City at her Casting Call
Hailee from Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City Girl Jamie Thuy from Salt Lake City at her Playboy Casting CallJillian - Salt Lake City Playboy Casting Calls Alexis - Salt Lake City Casting Calls

Playboy Casting Calls

If you would like to see the if the Salt Lake City Ladies stay Non Nude or bare all for one time only, the best way is to go over to the Playboy Cyber Club by clicking HERE Once inside (less than $3) go to Casting Calls>Salt Lake City and then select the girls you’d like to get to know better

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The Girl Nextdoor

Who is a Girl Nextdoor?  She’s the girl you see everyday, she’s attractive but modest about it.  She’s the girl who’s right for you.   Most of the guys haven’t spotted the Girl Nextdoor, they are chasing the slappers with big boobs, but the Girl Nextdoor can be shy so they don’t spot her.  The Girl Nextdoor is nice and you’d like your parents to meet her.  You don’t feel that she’s out of your league.  Below are some of the latest updates from Nextdoor Models, if you’d like to see more of these Girl Nextdoor photoshoots and find out if the photographer managed to talk the girls out of their clothes, feel free to go there now by clicking HERE or on any of the images below

The Girl Nextdoor (in a mini dress)

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Kicking Cheerleaders

High Kicking Cheerleaders make many a heart flutter.  The Cheerleaders seem to think it’s perfectly normal to kick and stretch exposing their tight panties for all to see.  These girls would never normally let you see up their skirts, but as soon as it’s Cheerleadering time the rules all change.  If you’d like to see more high kicking cheerleader photos it would be a good idea to check out Candid Copia as the site is filled with Cheerleader photos that you won’t find anywhere else on the net; every Cheerleader Fan needs to check out Candid Copia, it’s regularly updated too so if you haven’t been there for a while you should get back and see the latest never before seen Cheerleader pics.

Stretching Cheerleader Upskirted

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Los Angeles Casting Calls – Melissa

Melissa was nervous about her Los Angeles Playboy Casting Call,  but she still went ahead with it as she’d always wanted to pose for Playboy.  Did she stay Non Nude or did they manage to talk her out of her underwear?  As you’ll discover below, she did agree to go Full Monty (for a couple of minutes) but just look at her ENF (embarrassed) expression as she rushed to retrieve her panties at the end.  Below you’ll see the photos and snapshots from the video.  If you’d like to see the full Hi Res uncensored photos and the Hi Quality Behind the Scenes video you’re welcome to click on any of the images below, gain full access to the Cyber Club for less than $3, then head to Casting Calls > Los Angeles Part Two > Melissa.  Once you have the photos and video on screen you can enjoy every inch of Melissa‘s smooth body (make sure you save the photos and video in case she ever changes her mind and asks for it to be removed). See Melissa Full Monty

Los Angeles Casting Calls

Behind the Scenes Video

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VIDEO: Ash is working out in tight shorts, she obviously has no idea what a revealing Upshorts view you have otherwise she’d close her legs.  There aren’t many Upshorts videos around on the net, this is one of the best Upshorts moments you’ll find.  Non Nude Upshorts is one of the Sexiest Oops Moments possible.   If you’d like to see what happens next you’re very welcome to click HERE

Upshorts Workout - Sit Ups

The Panty Loving website has the full Ash Upshorts video for download and hundrends of videos of English Cuties being Upskirted (or Upshorted), please feel free to click on the banner below to make your way to the Oops Action 

Panty Loving
Panty Loving
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Office Downblouse

VIDEO: Is Jenna working hard today or has she been losing focus?  Looks like she’s a bit lonely in the office on her own why not stop for a chat…hmm…a nice bit of cleavage / downblouse on display, let’s make this a long chat.  If you’d like to see what happens next you’re very welcome to follow this link to Downblouse Loving

Downblouse Office

If you can’t resist but to see more Downblouse videos of Jenna and the rest of the English Girls at Downblouse Loving, feel free to click on the banner below

Downblouse Loving

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Mellisa – Los Angeles Casting Call

Mellisa from Los Angeles has just posed for the Playboy Los Angeles Casting Calls, did she manage to stay Non Nude or did the photographers manage to get her out of her underwear? If you would like to find out right now and see the photos and video of her Casting Call photoshoot feel free to get your username and password for the Playboy Cyber Club for less than $3 HERE. We’ll be posting more of Mellisa shortly…

Mellisa - Los Angeles Casting Calls Part 2
Mellisa – Los Angeles Casting Calls Part 2
Mellisa's Vital Stats
Mellisa’s Vital Stats
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FHM – Where Beauty Meets Talent

The front cover of August’s FHM magazine is graced by Audrina Partridge, you might have seen the FHM video posted of her last week – Audrina Partridge Video. One of the greatest things about FHM is that all of their Hot Girls are Talented in one way or another.  Audrina Partridge epitomises this!  If you’d like to get to know Audrina really well you’re very welcome to follow this link HERE to her FHM profile page, you’ll also notice there’s an A-Z above (on her FHM profile) where you can look up your other favourite babes.  Most importantly of all check out more of Audrina Patridge at

Audrina Partridge on the Cover of the August FHM