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NCAA College Initiations

There are certain times at university when coeds do some daring things which they wouldn’t normally do.  The occasions to look out for are normally at the very start, on the first sorority night out and also at the very end on graduation day.  At the beginning for freshers there are initiations where new wannabe sorority coeds have to prove themselves by stripping or flashing in public, each university as it’s own tradition as to the specifics, such as location and the exact requirement of the initiation.  On graduation day you’ll often see coeds flashing to some degree as part of the celebration, they like to do this during official photos, giving the photographer a real treat.  Below we have ten of these moments which have been captured and uploaded to the Internet for the enjoyment of many.
Graduation coeds lift their skirts Coeds strip and kiss for imitation Party coeds pull down their panties Fresher coeds flashing Graduation day women flash Stripping for sorority initiation Pulling their panties down for a dare Naked mud college imitation New coeds have to flash on their first night out
It is rare that anyone has caught this type of college initiation on camera, but here’s when someone did capture a pic as they were driving past.  New sorority coeds head off to find some traffic, they strip off, and lift each other up with legs spread as the cars go by, and give the car drivers a real eyeful.  This is how they prove themselves to the rest of the sorority.
Coeds spread their sisters legs and hold them up as part of an initiation

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Naughty Kasia Heads To The Mall In A Miniskirt To Flash Upskirt

Blonde girl Kasia is feeling in a naughty and mischievous mood, so she’s put on her shortest miniskirt and is heading off to the mall. Once Kasie gets to the mall she’s going to be looking for opportunities to give upskirt flashes of her tight white panties to any lucky guys in the vicinity. It really turns her on to see their reactions, as the guys can’t believe their luck at the amazing white panty view up Kasia’s skirt which is greeting them. To see the more revealing stuff just click on any of the pics below and you’ll be taken to the official Phil Flash site where they have the most revealing pics from the day, along with much more.
Kasia in a miniskirt Blonde girl in a denim skirt Phil Flash girl Kasia Girl flashes white panty upskirt at the mall

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Stella Barry gives a naughty tease outdoors for Zishy

Stella Barry is out in the woods with Zishy where she decides she’d like to put on a quite a tease and give a naughty flash. Initially she’s wearing a long black jacket and leggings, then she drops the jacket and lifts her red t-shirt to show some underboob, before eventually lifting her t-shirt up high enough for a full boob flash. Seeing how much you enjoyed that Stella then pulls down her leggings to show you her sexy thong. At which point she’s getting addicted to seeing how you react to her teasing, so in the car she pulls down her leggings and gives her panties a wedgie at the front as she knows it will drive you wild, and it surely does. To see more just click on any of her pics below.
Stella Barry in a black jacket Zishy girl shows underboob outdoors Girl flashes in the woods Cute Zishy girl shows her thong Stella pulls her tongue out Naughty Stella gives her panties a wedgie at the front to see hohw you react

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Naughty Bailey Knox flashing in the woods

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure for a big surprise… and that’s because you might just find the beautiful Bailey Knox there flashing her boobs and one or two other things too. With her ever present cheerful smile, Bailey looks in a mischievous mood and it’s not long before she’s squeezing her boobs together underneath her low-cut black top. She then gets her boobs out altogether with the addition of two little stars placed on each nipple (only because we have to keep a little bit of dignity on these WHP pages lol). Next up, Bailey gives us the full moon by baring her juicy butt with a rather surprised look on her face before she delivers the pick of the bunch as the gorgeous Bailey stands with her camouflaged leggings and panties pulled down for a mouth-watering finale. If this is an example of what you might come across whilst walking in the wood then I’m off out to buy a dog. For more pictures of hot sexy models having fun just click on any of Bailey’s pics below and you’ll soon have plenty to choose from. Enjoy!

Smiling Bailey Knox having a nice stroll in the woods in her camouflaged leggingsSexy Bailey Knox squeezing her boobs together in the woodsNaughty girl flashing her beautiful boobs in the woodsShe's pulling down her camouflaged leggings to show her juicy firm buttGirl standing in the woods with her panties pulled down

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Avery Ray Flashing In Fishnets Zipset

Avery Ray is going to give all her fans a real treat in her Avery Ray Flashing in Fishnets zipset. She’s looking hotter than ever in a thigh high fishnet stockings and a miniskirt so short that is leaves her perfect ass permanently on display. She’s wearing a pink ruffled bra which is struggling to contain Avery’s natural D cups. Early on during the striptease her bra snaps off. There are many naughty and revealing slips in this zipset, watch Avery Ray flash for the camera. She’s going to hypnotize and seduce you with her saucy striptease out of lingerie. Be ready with the pause button to make the most of the oops moments. Within the zipset there are 59 uncensored high resolution photos and twelve and a half minute long uncut video (1920 x 1080), it’s 844MBs in total. Another gem for everyone’s collection, to be watched again for many years to come. To head over to the official download page now just click on the triple-pic image of adorable blonde girl Avery below.
Avery Ray Flashing in Fishnets Zip

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Girls show their bras and lift their skirts on a radio show

A radio show in France manages to convince some girls to show off their underwear, two girls lift their skirts to reveal their panties and one ups her t-shirt to show her bra. Maybe they agreed because it was radio rather than TV, but fortunately someone was there videoing and then it eventually got leaked out onto the Internet. To enjoy the fun now on WeHatePorn just click on the screenshot below to watch the full video.

Girls lift their skirts

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U Got It Flaunt It – Shawna and Leigh

VIDEO: Shawna and Leigh were discovered working in Linekers in Tenerife.  They were both dared to come to the beach and pose, they eventually agreed to get their boobs out just for fun.  Let’s get to know them in this video, then we’ll be showing you a lot more in future posts on WeHatePorn.  To watch the video now just click on the two Handbra Girls below

UGotItFlauntIt Girls
Shawna and Leigh on UGotItFlauntIt
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When Party Girls Meet Photobooths

Event Photobooths have taken off in a big way, now it’s just a matter of going through the millions of photos from Weddings, Birthdays and other celebratory events to find all the drunk ladies who decided it was an ideal opportunity to show off their special talents i.e. flash the camera.  Here we have a mixture of cleavage, boob flashes and skirt lifting, there’s quite a variety from all kinds of different events.  The Real Fun happens inside the Photobooth!  To take a look at all the pics on just click on one of the two Photobooth pics below

Blonde Flashing in the Photobooth
Flashing her Boobs in the Photobooth
Blondes Showing Cleavage in a Photobooth
Cleavage Blondes showing off their talents in a Photobooth
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Cute Girls in Photobooths Flashing

It’s becoming increasingly common to have a Photobooth at celebratory events, such as weddings, significant birthdays and anniversaries.  Groups of drunk girls head straight for them and attempt to outdo each other by going for the most daring pose, which as you’ll see below often means cleavage, handbras, boobs, bums, upskirts and other fun sexy moments.  The party girls just care about doing something more crazy than their buddies, they don’t realize that the operators of the machine will sometimes upload them to the net, the girls are too drunk to bother reading the small-print inside the booth.  To see more on WeHatePorn just click on either of the images below

Party Girls in Event Photobooths
Drunk Party Girls in Event Photobooths Flashing and having Fun
Pretty Blonde Students Showing off in a Photobooth
Cute Blondes having fun showing off in an Event Photobooth
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Embarrassed Coeds being Exposed by their Friends – ENF

Drunk Coeds just love to Embarrass each other in front of a crowd of guys, they know that one of the best ways is to quickly grab their friends clothes and try to reveal their underwear or if possible more.  At many a drinking venue, especially near to Universities you’ll see Coeds pantsing their friends, lifting up each other’s skirts and pulling each other’s boobs out.  One of the best things is that it then means there be some revenge later where the embarrassed coed will try to do create a similarly embarrassing moment for her buddy.  To see some more just click on either of the two images below

Coed Stripping her Friend on Stage

Coeds Wrestling attempt to humiliate each other

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Skirt Lifting Show-Offs

Some Girls just Love to Lift their Skirts in Public.  When they’re drunk it’s always a good excuse, otherwise they have to act like they’re just goofing around when really they love to show their panties off to all around.  Let’s take a careful look at 20 different skirt-lifting show-offs below

Skirt lifting show-off
Skirt lifting girl shows off her pink panties

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Drunk Party Girls – Upskirts, Flashing and Hand Bras

Slideshow: So many Sexy Moments occur when Coeds start consuming alcohol at Clubs or Parties.  Once upon a time it would be rare that someone would have brought a huge camera with them to capture the fun, whereas now if you don’t have a camera on you it’s because you are so drunk that you’ve just dropped it down the toilet.  

Drunk Party Blondes

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Photo Booth Fun – Weddings and other Events

Ever wondered what happens behind the curtain of a Photo Booth?  It must be great to own an event Photo Booth that you hire out for Weddings and Celebrations, apart from having to go through all the boring photos on there, you know there will always be 2 or 3 real gems!  The guys who own the event Photo Booths have kindly been sharing their fun photos.  The best one’s tend to come from weddings.  For some reason at a wedding almost every female finds any excuse to lift her skirt and/or get her boobs out, there’s something about a wedding that puts girls into that type of mood.  Weddings are good, more should be arranged…well, you know what I mean, not “arranged weddings” but “The More the Merrier!”

Drunk Girls having Fun in a Photo Booth


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Drunk Girls in the Club getting Wild on Stage

Drunk Girls in the Club getting Wild on Stage – It’s Skin to Win!