University Athletics Team gets Topless for a Sexy Calendar

Many Sexy Calendars are now being made around the world.  At certain Universities it’s the tradition to get the sports teams to pose naked or topless.   Notice how they ignore the Role Playing Society, Bridge Team and Chess Club; they always pick the Sports Teams when it comes to Naked/Sexy Calendars.  I’m just fine with that!  Look carefully for the embarrassed faces of those who are only there due to the pressure from their peers

Embarrassed Coed in a Handbra
Handbra Coed
Topless University Athletes
Topless Athletes
University Athletics Team
University Sports Calendar
Topless University Students
University Coeds Topless Outdoors
Embarrassed Athlete Topless
University Sports Girls get Topless
Sports Team in Bras
University Sports Team Strip Down to their Bras
Athletes Pose for a Sexy Calendar
University Althletes Pose for a Sexy Sports Calendar
Hot Sports Coed in her Bra and Sports Panties
Hot Sporty Brunette in her Sporty Panties and Cute Bra
Cute University Athletes
Raunchy University Sports Calendar

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