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Mexican Soccer Player Nikkole Teja Makes Her Fans Happy

Mexican soccer star Nikkole Teja has a large following, and if you look at some of the pics below you’ll immediately see why.  Her many fans, especially the guys, have been writing to Nikkole and asking for her to share some revealing pics and videos, to make their day.  Nikkole was really flattered by all of the attention, it made her feel quite naughty, so eventually she decided to give her fans exactly what they want, and she’s now finding herself addicted to it, so it’s a win-win situation.  Of course, we can’t post anything too revealing here, the last pic is as far as we can take it, but it’s still pretty revealing and hot.

Mexican soccer player

In tight shorts

Bikini time

On bikini beach

Pulling down her panties in the shower

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Blonde Lady Suzette Poses for Sandlmodels

Your neighbor Suzette has always wanted to be a model, so you give her some compliments and tell her that you think she’s got a good chance and that she should take a shot at it.  You offer to make some videos to help her start-up a portfolio, she gratefully accepts your ever so generous offer.  You make two-hours of footage of her in various sexy outfits, and you even manage to convince her that it will benefit her future career if you video her in both the shower and bathtub.  After the photoshoot you send her the videos, and promise to delete your original versions.  Can you keep a promise?  You recommend she sends the videos to either Sandlmodels or NorthwestBeauties, not telling her that those are not sites for fashion models.
To download the video now just click on any of the pics of Suzette below and you’ll be taken over to the official download page, where you’ll also find more preview screenshots.

Suzette in a black dress on Sandlmodels Blonde hottie on her bed She's going to take a shower now What to do next? Time to pull down those pink panties

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Erin from Sandlmodels gets into the Bathtub

Erin is having fun teasing for Sandlmodels (good friends of Northwest Beauties), she starts in some sexy revealing lingerie and soon heads to the shower, initially with some clothes still on, then she removes them and lies completely naked in the bathtub, revealing all to her lucky fans.  To see more preview screenshots and perhaps download the full uncensored 60 minute video of Erin, in which she leaves nothing to the imagination, just click on any her the images below.
Erin posing for Sandlmodels Blonde in the shower Bathtub girl Erin from NorthwestBeauties

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Sweet Lalana Teases On Sandlmodels

Lalana on the bed with Sandlmodels Sweet Lalana teases Handbra fun Taking a shower in clothes

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Playboy – Candace Leilani In A White Towel After Taking A Shower

Candace Leilani after shower In a towel after her shower for Playboy

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Sandlmodels girl and actress Yulia puts on a handbra

Blonde actress Yulia is posing for Sandlmodels in a variety of sexy outfits, she’s an adorable girl who has a lot of talent. She gradually gets naughtier and more daring as things go on, before you know it she’s in a handbra and teasing with her panties, and then eventually she even lets the photographer follow her into the shower, where she puts on an a memorable show. Yulia heads to the bed where she really gets your imagination going and will have you day-dreaming of her. Yulia is really enjoying herself, both Sandlmodels and Northwest Beauties have an amazing skill for finding girls like this and encouraging them to pose for sexy photoshoots. Altogether there’s 90 minutes of video footage which will have you glued to your screen as the ever-enchanting Yulia hypnotizes you into a trance which you will never want to leave. If you have red blood in your veins then you won’t be able to take your eyes away from this gorgeous lady. Can you resist her charms? We all know the answer to that…lol, just click on any of the pics below to head over to the video download page. Enjoy!
Blonde actress Yulia Smiling girl Yulia on Sandlmodels Handbra fun

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Blonde girl takes a bikini shower

Video – A supercute blonde girl takes a bikini shower.

Bikini shower

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Yulia and her friend pose for Sandlmodels and take a shower

Supercute blonde girl Yulia and her friend are posing on the bed with Sandlmodels. Sandlmodels are one of those sites who seem to be able to convince gorgeous nice girls to pose for them, as you’ll see Yulia is a girl who really stands out from the crowd. These girls clearly both enjoy each other’s company, it looks like there’s an attraction. They start to strip off, giving each other handbras, they look like this is the first time they’ve getting to enjoy each other. Eventually the girls head to the shower and fortunately for us the camera follows them in. It’s a very hot video with some wonderful scenes, well worth adding to your collection. It’s quite possible that one of the girls will ask for it to be removed at some point, so best to download it while you can.  To head over to the official download page for the video just click on any of the screenshots below.
Yulia and her friend on Sandlmodels Girls giving each other handbras Yulia and her friend take a shower together on Sandlmodels Handbra fun on Sandlmodels

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Blonde girl Bree poses for Sandlmodels and takes a shower

Cute blonde girl Bree is back in for her second video on Sandlmodels, she’s going to show off her sexy body for you and then take a shower. This gorgeous girl puts on a number of hot skimpy outfits and then strips out of them, not leaving much to the imagination, she’s got a very cute booty no doubt you’ll agree. The full uncensored video is 1 hour long and includes to titillating angles and closeups. This is essential viewing for every fan of Bree and Sandlmodels, she’s going to send your heart racing and send you into a trance. To make your way over to the official download page now simply click on any of the four screenshots below and you’ll be able to add another classic to your collection. Enjoy!
Blonde girl Bree poses for Sandlmodels Cute blonde in a thong Sandlmodels girl in a sexy fishnet outfit Blonde girl Bree takes a shower in a white t-shirt and panties on Sandlemodels

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StasyQ Girl SofieQ Takes A Shower

StasyQ girl SophieQ takes a shower

We just can’t get enough of StasyQ right now, the videos are so enjoyable that you want to watch them all day.  Here’s one of their girls SophieQ who’s about to take a shower, she’s a real cutie with a sexy body, and she knows how to move it to the music in a way that will make anyone with red blood hungry for more.  At the end of the video they hint at the fact that she’s about to get fully naked, to enjoy the full uncensored HD video you’ll find it available for viewing inside the >official StasyQ website<.  To watch this SFW preview now press Play below, it’s 2 minutes long and will leave you desperate for more of both SophieQ and StasyQ.


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AloneWithHazel in the Shower

VIDEO: AloneWithHazel is back, this time she’s in the shower, but she’s forgotten to take her clothes off.  Hazel gets soaking wet, then decides that it’s time to start removing her clothes.  She performs a seductive strip tease, but how far will she go? To watch the video now on WeHatePorn click on AloneWithHazel below

AloneWithHazel in the Shower

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Nextdoor Models – Becki, Crystal Marie & Tina

Nextdoor Models very generously just gave us a password to their site.  WOW!!  The recent updates are unbelievably Sexy, we wanted to share a few of them with you.  A lot of you prefer the girl nextdoor to a Babe, so you’ll enjoy these; first is blonde girl nextdoor Becki (bikini), second you’ll find Nextdoor Model Crystal Marie (blue denim shorts) and to complete the girl nextdoor threesome we have Tina (outdoor shower).  To see the girls now on WeHatePorn just click on the blonde bikini girl below

Nextdoor Models
Three Girls from Nextdoor Models
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Video: Alone with Hazel in the Shower

VIDEO: A lot of people have asked what Hazel’s videos are like in her new site Alone with Hazel.  They are absolutely fantastic and there are so many to choose from, with new updates every week.  WeHatePorn have managed to get their hands of one of her saucy videos, Hazel is dressed as a nurse (with a mini-dress), she steps into the shower and starts cleaning herself really well, letting the camera watch and zoom in closely. To watch the video now on WeHatePorn just click on Hazel below

Alone with Hazel in her Nurse Outfit

English Girl Hazel about to get Wet

Hazel Teasing with her Clevage in the Shower

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Sexy Moments from Hollyoaks

7 Sexy Moments from Hollyoaks – Leotard Fun, Wet T-Shirt, Strip Tease, Underwear, Shower, Bath and getting Dressed.  It’s always a real treat when we get to see Saucy Scenes from the Hollyoaks Girls.  Which one do your prefer?  It’s hard to choose, but not to worry, just keep on watching them again and again and again until you can decide.  To watch the videos now on WeHatePorn just click on the blonde actress in the pink leotard

Hollyoaks - Pink Leotard


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Swimsuit Babe Alexis is about to get Nice and Wet!!

VIDEO: A lot has been going on at Swimsuit Heaven since we last took a look.  They have very kindly handed us a teaser video to post of Alexis taking a shower in a white SwimsuitSwimsuit Heaven have access to the Hottest Babes and they know exactly how to encourage them into wearing the Sexiest Swimsuits around.  Swimsuit Heaven are also experts at “Keeping it Sexy” if you know what I mean. 

Alexis Takes a Shower in a White Swimsuit
Alexis takes a shower in a white swimsuit, it becomes rather revealing!
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Non Nude Update – 19th August 2011

Today we’ve got a Nice Non Nude Collection for you, it’ll take a while to list this out but here goes, not in order.  A fantastic video of Katy Perry being Upskirted on Stage (pause at 50 Seconds), we’ve got ENF girls caught in the shower, Girl Nextdoor Jessie, two cuties from the Kansas Playboy Casting Calls, the Basketball team from Southampton University get Topless, Strip Games where the girls lose, a bikini bottoms oops in the sea, a bikini top oops in the sea, Reese Witherspoon out surfing, a couple of lost bests where the girls end up humiliated, a female wrestler being pantsed in front of the crowd,  Debbie Gibson on stage, a Hot Cheerleader and a Gabbi Sabitini Upskirt from the days when female tennis players would wear real panties under their tennis skirts.  Enjoy!! 

Strip Game - The girl wearing the handbra has lost, now she's being asked to remove her handbra

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How to get a Shy Model Naked?

What do the photographers do when there’s a girl who is reluctant to take off her underwear at a photoshoot. Here’s the trick that the guys at Only Tease use. When it’s taking too long to get a girl to take her knickers down (as she’s not comfortable) they take her to the showers for shower photoshoot. Once a girl’s in the shower in wet clothes she’ll almost instinctivly start to take her clothes off and she will often even feel comfortable taking her knickers off too for the first time during a photoshoot.

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Ten Hot Galleries of Cute Katie for you to Feast Your Eyes On

Ten Hot Galleries of Katie for your to Feast Your Eyes on, Treat Yourself to this Shy but Daring Girl!!

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Non Nude Music Video – Intenso Project feat Lisa Scott Lee

Hot Music Video: Intenso Project feat Lisa Scott Lee – Get It On. Enjoy this Sexy Non Nude Video with downblouses and wet girls dancing

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Sexy Music – 4 Hot Videos for Your to Enjoy

Sexy Music Videos – 4 Hot Music Videos for you to enjoy, including Helen Rask.