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Shy Penn State Coed Poses for Playboy

Student Jo is a criminal justice major at Penn State University, after she graduates she wants to go to law school and eventually work in a large firm.  Playboy were looking for coeds to pose and so Jo she was feeling brave and to give it a go.  The photographers were surprised as this Penn State coed seems quite shy, so they were especially stunned with how far she went in the photoshoot, eventually revealing all and even getting into a rather naughty pose.  Jo decided to give all of her admirers on campus a real treat, many guys (and her female admirers) couldn’t believe their eyes.  Below we’ve got the SFW and censored photos, but if you’d quite fancy seeing the NSFW versions then feel free to head over to the official Playboy Plus website by clicking on any of the photos below.  It’s only $1 to join, then once inside the members area just do a search for “Penn State Jo” and you’ll see her in the results.  Enjoy! 
Penn State coed Jo poses for Playboy Coed shows her boobs for Playboy Plus Law student in a thong for Playboy Will she dare to pull down her panties? Jo Leigh pulls down her panties for Playboy Coed gets naked for Playboy Student gets into a naughty pose for Playboy

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Three University Coeds Pose for Playboy

Today we have three university coeds for you who have all decided to reveal all for Playboy, of course, we’ll can only show you the safe for work photos here, the first two coeds don’t do many such photos, whereas the third girl does quite a long tease before things get NSFW.
The first coed is Jamie, a marketing major from Ohio State University, who is a real life fresh-faced girl nextdoor, she says ““I love Playboy and I’m happy to continue modeling for the company”.  Next is blonde coed Taryn from New Orleans University who is another marketing major.  The campus sits by Lake Pontchartrain, so it’s always tempting for the students to skip class and go to have fun by the lake.  Taryn says about herself ” I love to get in my bikini and spend the day Jet Skiing and getting a great tan. I also love Vegas.”  Last but not least, we have Lamar University student Cristal who hopes to get her masters as a nurse practitioner.  On her taste is guys she explains “Passive guys don’t do it for me, you need to be aggressive, tap me on the shoulder, grab me, flip me over and say ‘let’s go to dinner.’”  If you would like to see each of these three students strip down to their birthday suits for Playboy then just click on any of their photos and you’ll be taken over to the official website where they have the uncensored photos and videos for you to enjoy.

Ohio State University coed Jamie Coed is going to reveal all for Playboy Blonde New Orleans coed Lamar University coed in a miniskirt That skirt is very short, will sure distract the guys in the library Lamar University coed lifts her skirt Lamar University coed poses for Playboy Plus She's going to tease the guys on campus Will she dare to do a full strip tease? Playboy Coeds

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Sporty Coed Mya Matthews Poses for Playboy

Sporty Clemson University coed Mya Matthews who studies animal and veterinary sciences is today posing for Playboy Plus. “I’m well educated in animal instinct and attraction!” explains the tall brunette.  Mya lives with her best friend who is another cute coed,  “My beautiful roommate and I make out in bars and at parties on different occasions. When we party together we like to show off!” giggles Mya as she poses for Playboy Plus. “I like a guy to be mischievous and live life to the fullest with me.”  So if you’re a bit of an animal you might be what Miss Matthews is looking for.  To find if this sporty coed is willing to reveal all for Playboy, just head over to the official website by clicking on any of the images below.  She’s started by unbuttoning her skimpy shorts in the first one, in the second she’s in the bath wearing jeans in a wet white t-shirt, in the third one she’s wearing some incredibly tight and revealing sports shorts, then last but not least, Maya is in the back of your car looking like she’s ready to seduce.

Coed unzips her shortsCoed Mya Matthews in the bath Brunette sports coed in tight shorts Cute coed poses for Playboy Plus

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Mexican Volleyball Cameltoe Championship

In Mexican volleyball, cameltoe has been normalized, it’s seen as standard, as it helps bring in more fans and sponsorship deals too.  So the shorts are designed especially with cameltoe in mind, and the Mexican coeds seem to quite like it; it gives them the opportunity to feel proud of their cameltoe.  As the years go by, expect things to get even better, as the right people are clearly making the rules in Mexico.
Volleyball cameltoe Cameltoe coeds

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Volleyball Team in Tight Green Pants with Wedgies

A volleyball team have green pants so tight that they get wedgies for most of the game.  The coeds actually quite like it, as they know they have cute sporty butts which the fans love to see.
Volleyball girls in green pants

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US Hockey Team get Naked to ask for a Payrise

The female US hockey team were on quite a low wage, so they had a great idea of how to get enough attention to ask for more; six of the girls decided to strip naked for some hot pics on the ice rink. Their plan made sure that everyone was a winner, as the girls all got their pay rises, and we all get to see them naked. Let’s hope they think of another excuse to take their clothes off, we will support them whatever their cause. Now scroll down and enjoy their fit, sporty and naked bodies.
US hockey team pose naked Sports team get naked Naked for a payrise Nude hockey team Hockey girls nude Sports babes naked Athlete gets nude

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Hockey team remove their skirts and pose for a photo in the changing room

A female sports (hockey) team from the UK decide to take their skirts off in the changing room and pose for a photo in their pantyhose. They must be feeling naughty, wanting to be provocative and get attention. Of course, their tactics work a treat. To see what happens next and everything before the point in the photo below, just head over to the OnlyTease website where they have the uncensored pics, all of which are high-resolution. To head their now just click on the image or on the OnlyTease banner below it.
Hockey team remove their skirts in the changing room

Only Taese Banner

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Netball Upskirt Oops Video

It was clearly a guy operating the camera during this netball game, as it zoomed in the get a good focus of this upskirt oops wardrobe malfunction. Many fans start paying close attention at this moment, the sponsors should get their name on the panties, then all the team can get a big pay-rise. To watch now here on WHP just click on the screenshot below.
Netball upskirt oops

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Sexy Women’s Beach Handball

Let’s see what’s on the sports channel today, it’s women’s sport, they seem to understand that to increase the number of viewers the right type of outfits must be worn. Anyone know the rules of Beach Handball? Probably not many, but it’s not that important in the grand scheme of things, we don’t care who wins either, we’re purely here for the eye candy. Click on either of the images below to watch the game here on our site. All the ladies deserve a trophy.

Sports girls in tight sports knickers

Sexy Women's Beach Handball

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Kari Sweets playing the field

With football and soccer seasons put on hold, we can always count on the super fit Kari Sweets to keep us entertained, especially with this sexy soccer striptease! Kari is definitely the kind of girl we’d all like to score with and looks fantastic in her shirt, socks and football boots. Her ultimate goal will be to leave us feeling satisfied and fulfilled and begins so by lifting up her shirt to show us that she’s not wearing any panties and then turns around to show off her incredibly cute ass. She then goes on to spread her legs with the ball tucked nicely between them then bends over in the nets with her sexy bum pushed up. As we approach the full time whistle, Kari stares into the camera and touches her nipples with her fingers. Result! To support Kari and see her in even more erotic scenarios just click on any of these pictures and head onto the fabulous Kari Sweets website where extra time is just about to kick off!

Sexy Kari Sweets in her soccer stripShe lifts up her soccer shirt to show that she's not wearing pantiesMiss Sweets turns to show her cute assHot bottomless girl spreads her legs and places a soccer ball between themBending over in the soccer nets Kari shows off her sexy assShe holds her boobs and places a soccer ball between her legs

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Jessica Marie Love plays a round of strip golf with Playboy

Playboy have challenged blonde hottie Jessica Marie Love to a round of strip golf, and the good news is that she’s agreed. She’s wearing a tight crop top which shows pokies, and is also wearing a plaid miniskirt which looks like it is actually too short. (not a problem of course) There’s a video of her playing this game of strip golf on the official Playboy website, it has eye candy from start to finish, and you’ll be pleased to learn that by the end of it she doesn’t have any clothes left. We’ve taken four screenshots from the start of the video when Jessica still has her clothes on and posted them below to share with you. To see how quickly her clothes come off in the game of strip golf, just head over to official Playboy Plus website by clicking on any of the screenshots below, it’s $1 for a password, if you agree to that then once you’ve logged into the member area search for Jessica Marie Love. Enjoy!!
Strip golf Jessica Marie Love posing for Playboy Golf miniskirt Hot golfer with sexy legs in a miniskirt

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Argentine Cheerleaders with Hot Asses

In North America the Cheerleaders tend to show plenty of Upskirts and Cleavage, while in South America they have different ideas; the skirts are so short that the asses are completely out for all to view, often the girls even wear thongs.  Specifically we’re going to examine Argentine Cheerleaders, mostly the Soccer variety.  It seems to be a perfect excuse for the girls to get their hot asses out and for us to stare at them.  To see plenty more now on WeHatePorn just click on the Argentine Cheerleaders below

Argentine Cheerleaders
Argentine Cheerleaders with Hot Asses
Cheerleaders with Hot Thong Asses
Cheerleaders in Thongs Show Off their Hot Asses
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Ladies of Longboarding – Topless Calendar

Longboarders are well known for their ability to pull off a trick, so when it was time to raise money for a good cause, their trick was to pull off their clothes.  It worked a treat, with lot of money being raised, let’s take a look through the good work of the Ladies of Longboarding, just click on the Longboarders below to see the pics on WeHatePorn

Longboarding CalendarNaked Longboarding Calendar for Charity
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Sexy Babes of Sport

Do Sporty Females try to dress Sexy or is it just that they are able to perform to a higher level in a tight revealing outfit? Some of the girls appear oblivious to their own Sexiness.  Once the girls get to the top it’s about generating revenue, which means you need as many people wanting to watch as possible.  It’s no surprise to hear that the tickets have already sold out for the London 2012 Women’s Beach Volleyball; expect big names to be advertising on the girls asses.  To see lots of Sexy Babes of Sport on WeHatePorn just click on one of the cuties in leotards just below

Gymnast in a Leotard
Professional Gymnast in a Leotard
Sporty Babe Shows Off in her Leotard
Showing Off in her Leotard
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Sexy Female Athletes

We’ve collected together a number of Unintended Sexy Moments, all Sporting.  Female athletes often were tight revealing clothing, so women’s sport is an excellent place to look for Unintended Sexy Moments.  To see the photos now on WeHatePorn go ahead and click on the jogger below

Sexy Athletes
Sexy Female Athletes
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College Volleyball Videos and Photos

Videos and Photos: Whoever came up with the idea for the outfits that the 18yo College Girls wear when playing Indoor Volleyball deserves an award.  I suspect it’s not a woman.  Many people are infatuated with Indoor College Volleyball; they just can’t get enough of the long sexy legs and gorgeous butts of the athletic college girls.  The college girls need to be reminded that it’s not about winning; it’s about taking part and showing off their cute athletic bodies to their infatuated fans.  To enjoy the Hot Videos and Photos on WeHatePorn just click on the 18yo College Girl’s below

College Volleyball Teams

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Italian Basketball Team Poses for a Nude Calendar

Another Sports Team agrees to Pose for a Naked Calendar, this time it’s an Italian Basketball Team.  They are so kind, we’d all be their fans if only we lived nearby.  Italian women are arguably the Hottest on the planet; even an average girl in Italy would count as a Hot girl in any other country.  To see all of the girls on WeHatePorn just click on this cute brunette below

Italian Basketball Team Agrees to Pose for a Naked Calendar
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19yo Gymnast Shawn Johnson at the Pan American Games

19yo Artistic Gymnast Shawn Johnson competes in the Pan American Games.  She won a gold medal in the 2008 Olympic Balance Beam, and she was a Floor Exercise silver medalist, in 2007 she was all around world champion.  She also recently won the eighth seacon of Dancing with the Stars.  Anyway, so you get the idea, she’s very talented, one of the best at what she does, but I’m sure your just after the opportunity to gaze at her in a leotard for a bit, so just click on her photo below to get started

Gymnast Shawn Johnson
Gymnast Shawn Johnson at the Pan American Games, October 2011
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Candid Girls in Leggings or Pantyhose (or something else tight)

Are you a fan of Leggings, Pantyhose and other Tight Leg Garments?  They can provide a Sexy Non Nude moment for us all to enjoy.  The Hot Babes get to show off their lovely legs and cute asses while we get to feast our eyes on the Sexy display, that’s as long as you haven’t got your girlfriend or wife with you, in which case “You shouldn’t need to look”…but she “needs” to understand the difference between “need” and “want”.  The best wife’s/girlfriend’s are the ones who look first and say “Look at her!” giving you the perfect excuse to have a peek.  However, no matter how nice your GF/Wife says the girl looks, NEVER agree, ALWAYS disagree. Perhaps your experience is completely the opposite so don’t place too much trust in my advice, I’m far better at finding Sexy Photos than understanding women

Tight Leggings Candid

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Bun Huggers

Are you a Bun Hugger fan?  Most people who prefer Candid and Non Nude to the hard stuff are fans of sporty coeds in Bun Huggers because it’s one of that Sexy Moments that wasn’t meant to be Sexy, but it is!  The Coeds continue to wear the Bun Huggers perhaps not knowing how Sexy it is to all watching.  If there’s a place with a Sporty Bun Hugger collection like no other, it’s got to be Candid Copia, other sites try to immitate but Candid Copia is the real deal when it comes to Bun Huggers.  If you’d like to head there right away feel free to click HERE

Non Nude Bun Huggers
Two Coeds in Bun Huggers
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Kicking Cheerleaders

High Kicking Cheerleaders make many a heart flutter.  The Cheerleaders seem to think it’s perfectly normal to kick and stretch exposing their tight panties for all to see.  These girls would never normally let you see up their skirts, but as soon as it’s Cheerleadering time the rules all change.  If you’d like to see more high kicking cheerleader photos it would be a good idea to check out Candid Copia as the site is filled with Cheerleader photos that you won’t find anywhere else on the net; every Cheerleader Fan needs to check out Candid Copia, it’s regularly updated too so if you haven’t been there for a while you should get back and see the latest never before seen Cheerleader pics.

Stretching Cheerleader Upskirted

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Jello Bikini Wrestling Girls

Female Bikini Jello Wrestling is well know to be full of Sexy Oops Moments.  What a treat, all you want is for the fight to go on for as long as possible.  Sometimes the girls get really upset so they try to humiliate their opponent by ripping off her bikini, that’s only if she gets really angry though, as soon as one girl uses this tactic the other will immediately use it back on her.  There are some never seen before Bikini Jello Wrestling pics to be found in the legendary Candid Copia site, the photos have only recently been taken so cannot be found anywhere else on the web.  Candid Copia have kindly donated some samples for you to enjoy below.  If you’d like to enjoy some Jello Bikini Wrestling Girls right now, feel free to head over to the Candid Copia site right now by clicking HERE

Bikini Jello Party
Bikini Jello Party
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Candid Copia have kindly granted us permission to post some of their never seen before Candid pics. There was a lot in the original Candid Copia site, but now there’s even more. The site is filled with images that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet. If you’d like to check it out now you’re more than welcome to click HERE

Street Candids

Tennis Candids

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New Candid Copia Pics

Ever been to Candid Copia? It’s always been one of the best Candid sites on the net, but now it’s been relaunched and is even better than ever. If you like Candid pics you really do need to check it out, the members area is huge and regularly updated. Below is a sample of what’s inside. The pics inside the site are of higher resolution.

Candid Surfer Girl

Candid Netball Cutie

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FHM: Top 10 Sexiest Tennis Players of All Time

FHM have taken on a big challenge; they have gone through all the hot female tennis players of all time and eventually got down to the Top 10 Sexiest female tennis players of all time!  We’re not particular interested in who are the best players; men have a different top 10 ranking when it comes to women’s tennis.
The Top 10 Sexiest Tennis Players of All-Time

The Top 10 Sexiest Tennis Players of All-Time

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Wimbledon WAGS – Tennis Babes

The great thing about Tennis is that you don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy watching it. The Women’s Tennis has fit women running around in skimpy skirt and even during the Men’s game we get to take a look at the wives or WAGs as they pretend to watch the game. Do you know the WAG’s of Wimbledon yet? Let’s take a look and the girls and see if the best tennis players get the hottest WAG’s. The WAG experts over at FHM have been putting together a damn fine Tennis WAG guide for you to educate yourself with Tennis WAGs – the WAGs of Wimbledon

Tennis WAGs – the WAGs of Wimbledon

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Non Nude Swimsuit Girls

Swimsuit Fans, your prayers have been answered; there is now a new site completely dedicated to Hot Non Nude Girls in Tight Swimsuits. The icing on the cake is that the photos are Ultra Hi Res, in fact to view them in their full glory you’d need a cinema screen. Not to mention the videos, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, treat your eyes to the Swimsuit Beauties

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Cheerleader Upskirt

After Cheer Practice Jamie kindly agreed to some photos, she even eventually agreed to a few Upskirt shots. What a Treat!! Look at those tight white panties, there’s a close up for you to enjoy!

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Cheerleader Up Skirts

The one time when an Up Skirt is seen as perfectly acceptable is when it’s a Cheerleader Up Skirt. Society views Cheerleader Up Skirts not as an Oops, but as part of the show. However, the Up Skirt fan still enjoys a Cheerleader Up Skirt just as much as any other Up Skirt.

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Brittney Nude in Playboy

Brittney from the Playboy Golf tounament has been invited along to a Playboy Golf Casting Call. Like most of the Playboy Casting Call Girls she’s never posed nude for the camera before; this is a brand new experience.