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Shy Penn State Coed Poses for Playboy

Everyone loves it when one of the university coeds poses for Playboy, this time they’ve encouraged a shy business administration major from Penn State University to pose, and as you can see she’s agreed.  Sophia is a girl who likes to go out clubbing, but with being a student she’s on a strict budget, so she can’t go clubbing every week.  However, she’s still found a great way to have a fun time  “My apartment is where the fun is,” she says “Most of the parties happen at my place.”  So, it’s all about scoring an invitation to the legendary parties at Miss Adams’s place.  There’s another plus about going to visit this brown-eyed coed “My cooking is to die for!  My favorite thing to make is lasagna, or any other Italian dish.”  So now let’s see how much this delicious coed will dare to bare for Playboy today, will she dare to pull down her tight white panties for one time only?  To view her uncensored photos just click on any of the images below to be taken over to the official Playboy website, which is only $1 to join, then once inside do a site search for “Sophia Adams” and you’ll find her high-res uncensored pics.  Enjoy!!
Penn State coed poses for Playboy Coed strips for Playboy Coed teases with her white panties Coed pulling down her pantiesPulling down her panties Penn State coed pulls down her panties Sophia strips naked for Playboy Shy girl reveals all for Playboy Sophia Adams gets naked for Playboy Business administration major takes it all off for Playboy PlusPlayboy Coeds

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Coed Agrees to Strip Off her Bikini for UGotItFlauntIt for Money

This cute and shy brunette coed has been spending her money a bit too quickly while away on vacation, so when the UGotItFlauntIt camera crew made her an offer to strip off her bikini for cash on the beach it was very tempting indeed, and as you will see below she’s agreed to go ahead with it.  First she thinks it’s just about getting topless, but then she gets offered some more to lose her black bikini bottoms too, it’s a generous offer, she thinks about it, gets hold of her bikini bottoms, but will she be willing to pull them down in public?  To find out now just head over to the official UGotItFlauntIt website by clicking on any of her photos below.
Coed gets offered cash to remove her bikini UGotItFlauntIt offered this girl money to remove her bikini She agrees and strips to undress, she needs more spending money for her vacation Strip for cash on the beach Will she dare to pull down her bikini bottoms in public?

U Got It Flaunt It

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Flatmate Coed Agrees to let you Paint her

You share a flat with volleyball coed Kendall, she’s a fun chilled-out girl who will often ask you to help her at the last minute with a college assignment.  She knows that she owes you a lot of favors, and it was just a matter of time until you decided to call one in; today is that day.
You and Kendall are both in the kitchen together, she is half-studying on her laptop, while you’re eating lunch at the table.  You’re an art student and so you make up a story that you need a life model to pose for you, and that you’re running out of time before the deadline.  She says only if she can keep her clothes on, but you tell her that it’s a requirement for your art assignment that you paint someone fully nude, you remind her how many times you’ve helped her with late assignments, so it would only be fair if she helps you too.  She said that since you help her so much, then she will go topless, as long as nobody else walks in.  You agree, but with the view that once she’s gets comfortable with topless,  she might agree to untie those stripey bikini bottoms.  You say that in case she has to go, you’ll take pics and then draw her from them later on, to which she agrees.  To find out how fictional art project went, and if you managed to fool Kendall into untying those bikini bottoms and getting fully naked, just click on any of the pics below and you’ll be transported to the official Playboy website.

Will she do you a favor and pose? Playboy coed Student on her laptop She agrees to pose Cute bikini bottoms You ask her to remove her bikini bottoms She loses her bikini bottoms

To find out how your fake art project went, if you managed to talk Kendall out of her bikini bottoms, just click on the banner below to enjoy the full uncensored photoshoot in the official Playboy website.  By the look of that last pic (above) though, your art project was definite success!
Playboy Official

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The Girls Of The Fort Lauderdale Playboy Casting Calls

Let’s take a look at the girls of the Fort Lauderdale Playboy casting calls, there are ten in total, each of whom reveal all inside the official site, all of them have a series of pics where they strip nude and a video too.  Which of the girls do you think made the grade to become a Playboy regular?  To head over to the official casting call website just click on any of the first-time cuties below.
Jenny teases with her panties Leslie in her underwear Rebecca is lowering her knickers Regina teases with her bikini bottoms Victoria is posing in pink for her Playboy casting call Amanda shows her tanlines Blonde girl Jenna smiles as she pulls the strings of her bikini bottoms at a Playboy casting call in Fort Lauderdale Bra and panty casting A peek inside her panties Bikini girl is ready to reveal all for Playboy Plus

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UGotItFlauntIt – Busty Girl Agrees To Take The Flaunt It! Challenge On The Beach

An amateur busty girl on the beach has volunteered to perform the Flaunt It! Challenge in front of the UGotItFlauntIt camera crew.  She’s already got pokies on display, next she’s going to remove her top and lay down topless with her assets on show so as everyone can enjoy the view.  To enjoy the uncensored pics just click on any of her images below and you’ll be taken direct to the official website.
Busty amateur girl on the beach, with pokies on show, agrees to take the Flaunt It! Challenge Curvy brunette gets her boobs out on the beach for UGotItFlauntIt Girl lying topless on the beach

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Audrey Aleen Allen Poses for Playboy in a Brightly-Colored Bikini

Cool and calm Colorado girl Audrey Aleen Allen is posing for Playboy in brightly-colored bikini.  Playboy Playmate Audrey has sandy-blonde hair, sea-glass eyes and is all natural.  She’s a girl who likes to travel, ride on horseback and swim with dolphins.  This beauty is about to lose her bikini for PlayboyPlus, we’ve included one pic of where she has just pulled down her bikini bottoms, to see more and fully uncensored just click on any of the pics below.
Audrey Aleen Allen is posing in a colorful bikini Blonde beauty poses for Playboy Playboy Playmate in a bright bikini Blonde pulls her bikini bottoms down

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UGotItFlauntIt Wet T-shirt Contest Fun

The UGotItFlauntIt team can always be relied upon to find and record whatever wet t-shirt competitions are going on in holiday resorts around Europe. Today they’ve captured another gem, and focused on a cute brunette who is wearing a white t-shirt and a black thong bikini with polkadots on. The amateur girl is outdoors in public surrounded by a cheering crowd, she’s so hot that even the women watching are filming and smiling. Much to the delight of the audience, her wet white top doesn’t stay on for long, and by the looks on the faces of the guys in the front row they can’t believe their good luck. The lovely lady is clearly enjoying the chance to show off her perfect body in the context of a party vacation setting which is deemed as socially acceptable. Sometimes the girls even dare to take down their bikini bottoms, do she think she will?
The full wet t-shirt contest can be found in the official UGotItFlauntIt website, if you’d like to head over there to watch this wet t-shirt competition and others just click on any of the pics below or on the banner beneath them.

Wet t-shirt contest - UGotItFlauntIt Girl strips topless in public, wearing just her bikini bottoms UGotItFlauntIt girl topless Wet t-shirt contest in public outdoors, cute girl strips topless

U Got It Flaunt It

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UGotItFlauntIt – Bikini beach workout video and another wet t-shirt contest on the beach

When some of you read this the weather may be a bit cold, depending on where you live, so to help with your vitamin D levels (or to pretend to) we’re going to head down to the beach to see what’s going on. First let’s focus on the healthy bit, we have a video of a babe in a green bikini teaching people how to workout. One way or the other, the video will surely work-up a sweat for most viewers, especially the ones here. She seems happy for the camera to zoom in close all around her perfect bikini body, and the YouTube analytics will know exactly who has been pressing the Pause button (all of us here, guilty as charged).
After the workout, it’s time for another type of entertainment, UGotItFlauntIt are there to film a wet t-shirt contest which is taking place on the beach. We’ve got two photos of one of the contestants for you, if you click on either of the pics you will be taken over to the official UGotItFlauntIt website where you can see the full uncensored contest. All the girls there look like they’re really up for a chance to show off their bodies for the crowd and try to win the prize, which is probably a wad of cash or a vacation. Also if you’re not familiar with UGotItFlauntIt, the camera crew regularly find amateur bikini girls on the beach who want to pose and make some money, you never know if the girls will agree to go topless or more, so it’s full of surprises and unpredictable, which keeps it highly entertaining of course. So below we’ve first got two preview screenshots from the wonderful bikini workout, the video is below that, it’s 8 minutes in total and free to watch. Then, after, the UGotItFlauntIt wet t-shirt competition is next, with two free preview pics and then if you click on either of them you’ll head to their website, which you can join if you wish to enjoy all of the uncensored antics and fun.
Sexy bikini beach workout Tight bikini bottoms closeup

Now it’s time for the competition, the girls have volunteered, they start by wearing a white crop-top and their bikini bottoms. As you can see, a crowd has formed, including females who look very excited about the sexy antics which are being anticipated.Wet t-shirt competition on the beach
UGotItFlauntIt wet t-shirt contest
The UGotItFlauntIt team do us all a great service when they get their camera crews out to these events to capture all of the daring and naughty fun which takes place on public beaches. When women are away on vacation they do things that they’d never dare to do when they are back home. Enjoy!
U Got It Flaunt It

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Sexy Sports – Women’s Beach Handball

As the regulars here will know, we also like to update you on sport from time to time. It is always women’s sport, which you are probably quite alright with. It also tends to be sports where the women are wearing skimpy outfits, but that’s just a coincidence of course, it’s a conspiracy theory if you say otherwise. Today we’re going to watch some women’s beach handball, all the players are wearing skimpy bikini bottoms, hopefully that won’t distract your attention from the game. The video is 10 minutes long, you can press Play below to start watching all the action right now. If you notice an oops moment or wardrobe malfunction, remember to look the other way.
Beach Handball Women

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Bikini Competition Where The Camera Likes To Zoom In On Cameltoe

Here’s a video of a bikini contest with lots of beautiful volunteers taking part, it’s being held in Budapest a city of many gorgeous women. The camera-guy has a different style to the standard ones, he’s particularly keen to zoom in on the bikini bottoms of the lovely ladies, probably because quite a few of them have cameltoe on display as their bikini bottoms are so tight, he couldn’t resist the opportunity. The video is over 13 minutes long, with zooming in whenever the opportunity arises. Below the video there are also some screenshots of some of the bikini bottom cameltoe closeups. To start watching now press Play below.

Cameltoe bikini contest

Bikini bottoms cameltoe

Pink bikini bottoms

Bikini competition

Two girls with cameltoe showing on their bikini bottoms

Bikini bottoms


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Kari Sweets unties her pink bikini bottoms

The adorable and irresistible Miss Kari Sweets is out in the Sunshine wearing a tied cropped shirt with some really tight pink bikini bottoms. She smiles, it’s possible that she can read your mind and she’s going to take the opportunity to tease you to see how you react. Kari completely unties her bikini bottoms on one side and watches to see your face. Is this just a tease or will she take them off completely? You never know with a girl like Kari, but your pulse rate has risen and you are now as good as under her control. To see more of this photoshoot just click on any of the four pics below.

Kari Sweets in tight bikini bottoms

Kari Sweets outdoors in pink bikini bottoms

Girl unties her bikini bottoms

Is Kari Sweets about to remove her bikini bottoms?

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Carmen Nikole unties her bikini bottoms for Playboy on a beach in Mexico

This is brunette hottie Carmen Nikole who is posing with Playboy on a beach in Mexico. She’s a girl who loves beautiful waves, sand, and Sun, and that means that she’s in the perfect mood to give us a hot tease today. We’re going to focus on the titillating moment where she unties the strings of her bikini bottoms and allows them to drop to the floor, before she eventually strips completely naked and reveals her striking and flawless figure completely uncensored. If you’d quite enjoy seeing the revealing high resolution photos and the uncut HD video where Carmen slowly and seductively reveals all for us, just click on any of her pics below to head direct over to the official website. Enjoy!
Carmen Nikole is with Playboy on a beach in Mexico
Let’s take a close look at her supercute bikini ass.
Cute ass in a bikini
What a fit and sexy body she has.
Sexy ass on Playboy
Untying her bikini bottoms for Playboy. Click the image if you’d like to see the pics/video fully uncensored over on the official website.
Carmen Nikole is untying her bikini bottoms on a beach in Mexico for Playboy Plus

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Amateur girls take part in a wet t-shirt contest on UGotItFlauntIt

What better way to enjoy a Sunny day on the beach than to organize an amateur wet t-shirt contest and see if some cute girls volunteer to have some fun showing off on stage getting wet, and you never know, if you’re lucky some of them might decide to perform a sexy strip tease. Here’s three screenshots from the latest wet t-shirt competition filmed by UGotItFlauntIt, three hot amateur girls volunteered to participate, and as you’ll see it didn’t take long for all three of them to remove their white wet t-shirts, they then dance in their bikini bottoms with their boobs out and giving us a great view of their sexy asses. Do you think the girls will dare to remove their bikini bottoms? You never know, sometimes the crowd will encourage the ladies to do so, it depends how daring they are feeling. The video of the full uncensored competition is available over on the superb UGotItFlauntIt website which can visited by clicking any of the three screenshots below.
Wet t-shirt contest - UGotItFlauntIt Girls strip topless during a wet t-shirt contest Three amateur girls with cute asses strip down to just their bikini bottoms in front of a crowd

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Catching Ice Cubes in her Bikini Bottoms – Luisa Zissman

Luisa Zissman is a busty girl from UK Big Brother and The Apprentice, fortunately for us when she went on her holidays there was a very kind photographer who took some hot and revealing photos of her on the beach in a bikini.  As she enjoyed the feel of the Sunshine on her smooth skin celebrity Luisa decided to play an exciting game which involved her pal throwing ice cubes for her to catch in her bikini bottoms.  This is an excellent idea for a game, especially as it means we get to see tan-lines and oops fun.  Let’s get to know Luisa’s body very well from all angles, and be sure to look closely and carefully as she catches ice cubes in her bikini bottoms.  To see more of her now on WeHatePorn click on the image below.

Bikini Bottom Oops Fun - Luisa Zissman
Luisa Zissman Bikini Bottom Oops

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U Got It Flaunt It – Shawna and Leigh

VIDEO: Shawna and Leigh were discovered working in Linekers in Tenerife.  They were both dared to come to the beach and pose, they eventually agreed to get their boobs out just for fun.  Let’s get to know them in this video, then we’ll be showing you a lot more in future posts on WeHatePorn.  To watch the video now just click on the two Handbra Girls below

UGotItFlauntIt Girls
Shawna and Leigh on UGotItFlauntIt
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VIDEO: Bikini Oops on Live TV – ENF

VIDEO: This is the advantage of a live tv show; no time to edit out any Sexy Oops Moments that might occur. The host tells the model on the left to keep her legs closed as it’s live tv, but the model says “It doesn’t matter if the viewers see up my skirt as I’m wearing bikini bottoms” she then lifts up her skirt to prove she’s wearing a bikini while to her embarrassment her bikini bottoms start to fall down. ENF Classic!!

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Sexy Candid Moments – Dancing, Wrestling and Cameltoe Oops

A collection of Sexy Candid Moments including Oops Bikini Cameltoe, Dancing in the Club and Bikini Wrestling